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December 2nd 2008
Published: July 28th 2011
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Well I've finally made it to Egypt after a long ass flight and realizing I forgot all my makeup and hair supplies... (any girls worst nightmare) oh well.... this is my face... deal with it.

So far it has been very chaotic. I asked Abdo how far it is from the Airport to the hotel and he told me about 20 minutes. The reason I was asking this is because I had to pee, but the airport was insanely busy so I thought I could definitely wait to get to the hotel. Anyways... 3 HOURS LATER.... STUCK IN TRAFFIC ON A BRIDGE IN THE MIDDLE OF CAIRO RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC. There is no where to go... we are trapped and I am about to pee my pants. I tried crying, in hopes of converting some of the pee into tears - didn't work. What a lovely situation that was, sitting in a car with 2 guys and a girl I just met and my only option is to pee my pants. Anyways just as I was about to completely traum my life, the car rolled forward about 20 feet and to the right there was a broken down abandoned stairwell. A gift from GOD.

The traffic here is out of control. There are no lights and no lanes and its rude to drive with your headlights on at night. For anyone who has driven with Tito, it is not surprising to hear that we have already almost died three times.

Its been about 26 hours now since I left Canada! GOOD NIGHT WORLD.


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