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Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Giza » Mohandessin January 26th 2012

I woke up today later than planned as I hadn't had the best sleep the night before with demonstrations continuing on Tahrir Square well into the night. At breakfast I got talking to a doctor about the same age as me from Alexandria who was down for the Anniversary the day before. However, he said he wasn't there to celebrate, but to ensure that revolution was enforced. His attitude was different to the general atmosphere the day before, but he was certainly representative of what some people felt about the anniversary. I got a bus from near Tahrir out to Giza this time for the Pyramids. As we got close an Egyptian guy helped me to get off at the right spot. I was pretty ignorant to him after the day before, expecting him to try ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo » Nasr City January 25th 2012

No one really knew what was going to happen. Were the military going to unleash a violent force crushing the revolutionists? or was it going to be a day of celebration? Were the Muslim Brotherhood and Liberals going to clash in the streets? or were they going to unite, forcing an end to emergency controls? As the people of Egypt prepared for another standoff with their military dictatorship, many feared for the worst as unprecedented numbers gathered in Tahrir Square, demonstrating, sending shock waves around the world. "CAIRO - Tens of thousands of Egyptians rallied Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of the country's 2011 uprising, with liberals and Islamists gathering on different sides of Cairo's Tahrir Square in a reflection of the deep political divides that emerged in the year since the downfall of longtime ... read more
Marching Towards Tahrir Square

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo January 25th 2012

I was woken up fairly early to the sound of loudspeakers coming from Tahrir Square. Today was the one year Anniversary of when the Revolution began in Egypt, which ended Mubarak's rule. Nobody was sure what would happen today as the military have remained in power despite elections being held and promises that power would be handed over. I left the hostel and walked around the streets around Tahrir Square. There was more of a festive atmosphere than anything else, although I did come across one or two marches with people holding pictures of people who had died. Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, it was easy to forget that today was also the anniversary of the deaths of many people's loved ones. Having spent some time seeing what was going on, I decided to head out to ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo » Mohandessen January 24th 2012

Having finally managed to pull myself away from Dahab, I got the nightbus with Josh who I had met at Penguin. The fact he has lived in Cairo definitely took the edge off arriving into this city of chaos after a nightbus from Dahab, which seemed like a dream after a few hours. I checked into the Canadian Hostel, which is just off Tahrir Square. We went for a look around Tahrir square, got some breakfast and then met up for coffee with one of Josh's mates. Later, I walked out to Islamic Cairo and checked out Khan El Khalili. Walking through Cairo is an adventure in itself. Crossing the street is taking your life in your hands, but I've become quite adept at using other people as buffers. Another thing about walking around Cairo is ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo January 13th 2012

I hoped today was not going to be a repeat of yesterday. I again, arranged things with Tareq, this time to visit the Egyptian Museum. We hoped that the entrance fee was the only thing we were going to have to pay Tareq came to get me from my hostel at midday. We set for a walking journey across the city. The museum was no more than a ten minute walk away, and crossing the streets and dodging the traffic proved to be fun. We got to the entrance of the museum, and prepared ourselves for any suspicious movement. Needless to say, there were indeed people approaching us, offering to be our tour guides. Our tactic; ignore. Simply ignore them. Don’t even say “no”, as that can bring the opportunity for them to harass you. Just ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo January 13th 2012

This is an update for everyone about what I've done since the group meeting in Cairo on the 31st. People: My group consists of 1 Kiwi, 10 Aussies, and 3 Canadians (including myself). Our tour leader is also an Aussie and the driver is South African. I'm the second youngest person on the tour and the rest are 30-60ish. It's a really great group and we all get along well. Activities: Pyramids first, then the Sphinx. The pyramids are much larger than I thought they'd be for some reason. Got a lot of photos which I will hopefully be able to post soon. Every scenic National Geographic shot you see of them never seems to include the dozen Egyptians trying to sell you tacky stone pyramids or plastic statues. The best one I saw was a ... read more
Sphinx & Pyramid
Typical Oasis Town Street

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Giza January 12th 2012

Today made for an interesting day. Tareq and I had planned to visit one of the world’s greatest wonders – the Pyramids. The original plan was for him to come to the hostel, and both head there together, but since he lived quite close to the Pyramids, we agreed to meet there instead. I got a transfer driver from the hostel to Giza, and it took nearly an hour to get through all the traffic. When I finally arrived, I headed towards the entrance, but not without being greeted by several street vendors offering to guide me, give me camel or horse rides through the site. I told them I was waiting for a friend. One of the tour guides supposedly assigned to me, or you could say self-assigned, waited with me. I told him I ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt January 11th 2012

I have long been fascinated by Egypt- ever since I was 13 and learnt about hieroglyphics and the Rosetta stone. I therefore made sure we got to visit this history rich country while we were in the UK, with the Xmas/ New Year break seeming a good time to go. The trip started well with an upgrade to premium economy on our British Airways flight on Christmas Eve. Once we cleared customs and located our driver, we were all keen to hit the road. However, our driver really wanted some ‘top quality’ vodka from duty free, so nominated one of our fellow travelers to head back into customs, and gave him a hand full of Egyptian pounds. Okay, take two: Passengers check, Bags check, Vodka double check. The trip to the hotel gave us our first ... read more
Abu Simbel
Our Felucca boat
Edfu Temple

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo January 11th 2012

So it's time to hit the road again after a short break from travelling. I have been to Slovenia, Serbia and Greece just to stop by some of my good friends. After a little over a month, it was time to get into my travel shoes. My next destination was Egypt. Completely foreign land to me, and for the first time, I would be setting foot on the African continent. That makes five continents in total that I have been to. Egypt was going to be one of a kind. As soon as I landed, I knew I was already in a different world. I flew in from Athens today, and first things first, I had to buy my entry visa from the checkpoint before passport control. The visa and the stamp made a very good ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Giza » Mohandessin January 10th 2012

Sorry for the delay, but the interent is not a accessible as I would have thought. Well better late than never. I'll try and keep the entries as brief as possible so as not to bore the pants off anyone. As always if you do not want to get update for the blog just remove your name from the list, I won't be offended. The flight to London went off without a hitch. Since it was a one day layover we didn't even leave to airport to find a hotel, we stayed at the capsule hotel in Gatwick. Twenty meters square and cute as a button. I did decide to go out for a swift pint and ended up on a pub crawl of Westminster. The next day was Athens and sightseening on the Acropolis. It ... read more
Gatwick hotel
London on a pub crawl.
View from our hotel.

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