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Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo » Nasr City October 27th 2010

After two days in Alexandria getting used to Egyptian life, drinking tea, learning to like coffee, and eating a lot of falafel, we headed to Cairo. I'd become quite keen on Alexandria, and had heard mixed things about Cairo - 22 million people crammed together in a swirling mass of confusion - so was excited but slightly daunted by the prospect of heading there. After a three hour train ride, we checked into a hotel (Akram Inn) which is stated as being in a 'great location' in the guidebook. Which actually means it's on the third floor (without a lift), with views overlooking one of the busiest roundabouts in the city, possible the continent. As so began 6 days of car horns, screeching brakes, and revving engines, and lost sleep. It was actually a good location ... read more
Sunrise over Islamic Cairo

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo » Nasr City September 29th 2010

A girl from England travelled to Egypt and she spent the summer in Sharm El Shiek ,her name is Selena and she's telling her friend Chelsea. After the summer vacation, the two friends started talking about what they did in their summer and how they enjoyed it. Chelsea:so where did you go? Selena: well...that was amazing really , i travelled to Egypt, certainly the Red Sea. Chelsea: Oh, wow !.Egypt is a really amazing place especially the Red sea it has the best hotels and the best sea in the Middle East , i went there before. Selena:Yes, it's a great place i went to Sharm El Shiek and yes it's in the Costal strip in the Red Sea , Sharm el-Sheikh is sometimes called the "City of Peace", referring to the large number of international ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo » Nasr City September 23rd 2010

Hello everyone. We have been cruising down the Nile for 3 days and it has been amazing. Where to start. Dubai was different, all big buildings and big money. Also very crazy. Lots of development unfinished, mad taxi drivers and surrounded bt desert. We did the 4x4 desert tour and Badawin village dinner and entertainment. Also went up the Tall Tower. Couldn't even feel the elavator go up. Unfortunately it is very sandy and this creates a continual haze. Great experience. From here we flew to Cairo and met with our tour. The group is good fun, with a range of ages. Explored Cairo, went to Pyramids and Sphinx. Still womdering how it was all possible. Overnight train to Answan. 2 hr wait at the station which is considdered fairly normal....Egyptian time!! Viewed the High dam ... read more

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