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October 20th 2006
Published: October 29th 2006
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Ah paradise!
Back once again to Pointe Noire in the Congo staying at exactly the same safehouse/hotel as I was the last time I ventured here. Not much has changed in a few months besides the food which seems to have gotten much better. Maybe all the meat I was eating was tasty because it was freshly killed? Or maybe it was because it wasn't loaded with chemicals. Bah, either way the grub was good, and the fruits are still fantastic. Head down any street in the city and you will come across some vender hawking their wares. There were these tiny ugly round greenish orange things that when bitten into would blow up in a juicy waterfall, oh man were they good.

This time around though I had a few troubles along the way. Chief of which was the government seemed to have misplaced my passport. Unhuh. Well that kinda sucked. I did manage to get it back a couple days before I flew out, but still the thought of not having a passport was kinda streesful.

Speaking of being stressful, the local Air France office butchered my flight out so I missed my orignal flight. I won't go into
Beach guards?Beach guards?Beach guards?

Some off duty cops maybe?
details, but they wanted more money, like under the table money to fix it. Bah!

So in my haze of missed planes and lost things, I decided to make the most of my time and really go exploring. I hoofed it down the local beach almost everyday, and besides the minor pollution such as tires, cans, bags, and human poo, the beach was fantastic. Palm trees swaying in the breeze, an awesome surf that made me wish I had a surfboard, and beautiful white sand that felt amazing between the toes. Oh and the water was soooo perfect, like bath water I tell ya. Here at the beach you could sit down on a sand dune and sip a local beer which after three bottles would give you a massive headache, or you could lie down and let the lovely equatorial sun work its wonders. I rarely got hasseled here as well, though occasionaly a guy would pester me well items. Such is life in West Africa. My only complaint about the whole beach was out at sea were old derelic remains of once oil producing platforms. They were an eyesore and I doubt the big conglomerates will be

Such a lonely palm tree.
removing them anytime soon.

Besides the beachs, I spent a good amount of time wandering downtown, buying trinkets and sampling the delightful foods. Granted there is only so much of the city you can see safely on your own in daylight. Once night rolls around the only options are the various clubs and bars. If you want a good time (read into that a little), it can be found in Pointe Noire. The clubs are hopping with good dancy music all night long, the booze is cheap, and the girls are gorgeous. I'll leave it at that. Yes I behaved, for once.

I never did get to travel much out beyond the city limits, where the vast jungles can be seen. Most cab drivers don't like taking expats on sightseeing tours it seems. The small areas I did see though were thick and almost impenetrable, so maybe I was better off not poking me head in.

Ah Point Noire is a good place to go, especially if you speak some french. It is alot like the other places I've been to in West Africa, though a tad bit cleaner. I feel safer as well walking around by

Just keeps going and going.
myself, which probably isn't recommened most of the time. Now the airport is, how do I say this nicely, a huge peice of shit. A barn with some unfinished walls and sand on the floor where cops shake you down for the last stray bits of local currency (cause there is a *rule* they say where you cannot take the money out of the country).

Now I'm back at home, relaxing and doing as little as possible till my next trip out. It is good to be home, and I can't wait till snow starts falling!

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Yes that is a tire.

One of the many chillout bars.

I miss the beach already.
Beach buyingBeach buying
Beach buying

Having a beer and browsing some merchandise.

Another random shot.
Beach trashBeach trash
Beach trash

Watch your step now.
Beach galsBeach gals
Beach gals

You can always find a party at night somewhere :)

14th January 2007

4th March 2007

good story...
5th March 2007

well work in pnr for almost 3 years the new air port is open now and is a lot better less probs with the police food is ok but all the bars sell the same fish or beef before it was nice to run out of town to point inda but now all the bars and cafe out that way a closed well not all but most the land has be sold to a oil company or let out to them hope to be back in pnr soon
9th October 2007
Hello, My husband is considering investment banking jobs in Nigeria to help them broker bond deals to fund infrastructure projects. But, I was thinking something a little tamer maybe like PNR? What is it like for American families there? Do you think they are looking for investment bankers? What type of work do you do. And, were you workingin PNR. I couldn\'t quite understand your reasons for being there. Thanks for answering in advance.
21st March 2009

Pointe Noire is a good place (in Africa that is)
You got it. A really nice place. In fact it was so great down there that when the airport police sayd I could not travel back to Norway unless I paid 100 usd. I saluted "Yess" You got a deal mr Police man. "I'll be at the beach or casino until you change your mind. Then he decided to let me go anyway. Well, good food, good beaches (if you watch your step) and friendly people is what you will find in Pointe Noire. On top of that they have a good hospital and a good food store. I will recomend the Safari Grill just across the Casino. Best restaurant in town.

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