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September 24th 2006
Published: October 25th 2006
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Sailboat Sailboat Sailboat

Off the coast of Soyo was this sailboat.
Well things have slowly been improving as I got back my luggage! Well half of it as a good chunk was stolen. Clothes, my gameboy, shampoo and other various knickknacks were pillfered at I'm assuming. Oh well, life goes on and at least my camera wasn't taken! Note to self: take electronics with you on the plane next adventure.

So the job is/was boring. Just watching giant oil companies mess up the surrounding waters with pollution and trying my best to stay out of the lumbering machines way. The one good thing about being out about 10km offshore while working is I seem to attract a lot of dolphins and other cute critters of the sea. Almost everyday I would spot a bunch of dolphins playing about, or some whales slowly plodding along besides the boats. Oh how I wish to jump on their backs and have them take me to some far off place that doesn't involve work, stress and lost luggage.

Anyways, there isn't much to talk about since I'm stuck offshore. I made it ashore a couple of times near a place called Soyo which is right along the northern coastal border. I typical place in

Tons of dolphins!
Africa which civilization (read: oil giants) hasn't managed to mess the place up too badly yet. One thing I still cannot figure out in all my time in Africa is how those ladies can balance gigantic loads on their heads. Practice makes perfect I guess.

Anyways the next entry will be much more exciting I promise. I'm writing these from home actually and the last two weeks of my trip were bonkers.

Additional photos below
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Lots more dolphins! Everyday I would see packs of these.
View from a planeView from a plane
View from a plane

Random picture from a plane window.
View from a planeView from a plane
View from a plane

Some village in the Congo (I think).
Whale ahoy!Whale ahoy!
Whale ahoy!

No idea what kind this is, but a cooworker said lots of Pilot and Humpbacks were around the area.
Whales ahoy!Whales ahoy!
Whales ahoy!

More whales :)
Oil spillOil spill
Oil spill

Just a tiny spill of oil off the boat that extends way way way out into the ocean.

Sunrise off Angola.
Ugly thingsUgly things
Ugly things

Me next to an ugly platform.

Port of Pointe Noire, Congo

This was the pillow I slept on. How very awesome.

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