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Africa » Angola » North » Luanda July 19th 2012

Thursday July 19 We left Matadi at 07:30 and wound our way up and around mountains to the Angolan border. Narrow streets meant we were quite close the morning hustle and bustle so the going was slow. Most of us were at the windows waving and taking photos of the houses that dotted the mountainside which was fine until we picked up speed and it became quite chilly. Road conditions were good until the final 10km when it switched back to unsealed roads and we bounced along; those who were lying down already adept at holding on and sleeping at the same time. We waited on the truck for DCR to clear us through and then for unknown reasons, we had to walk to Angola. Stopping to collect our passports from the policeman, we walked across ... read more
Baobab seed pod fight!
keeping warm around the fire
Luanda by day

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda April 12th 2012

Sights, Smells and Tastes Sights Smells Bad most of the time... Tastes img=http://i445.photobucket.c... read more

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda April 10th 2012

I was born in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. 5 hours Sydney to Perth, 10 hours Sydney to Johannesburg, 3 hours Johannesburg to LuandaWe were greeted at the airport by my Aunty, Uncle and 2 cousins. It was beautiful as I'd not seen my one and only (blood) Aunty since I was 3yrs old. Thankfully though, it was nothing too dramatic and emotional.Both my cousins studiously grabbed our luggage and we headed off. The drive to our hotel was about 45mins from the airport and the entire time I didn’t want to blink.What I saw was completely overwhelming although I’d seen it countless times.It was the exact scene from the movies which depict Africa.A storm of dust in a chaotic fallen city, uneven rubbish laden roads, women carrying goods on their heads with babies securely ... read more

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda April 10th 2012

So today we went for a drive with my Tio and Tia. There were 7 of us packed into a Landcruiser... Seat belts were not an option. The roads here are unbelievable. It's 4WDriving to the max. Lots of fun. We took a drive out to a waterfall in Mabubas that my Tio wanted to show us. On the way he asked if we wanted to eat at a restaurant or if we wanted to eat at the market. We thought let's be adventurous and eat at the market (experience some local cuisine). Ummmm.... well you see that monkey... that was enough to change our minds. We arrived at the waterfall and it was beautiful. There was a restaurant there where we ate some lunch. Daniel had cutlets which they cooked with Chorizo. Mum and I ... read more
My brother and I
The windscreen on the car

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda October 31st 2009

After a couple of days camping at a catholic mission school in Matardi,preparing and repairing for our race through Angola,we departed DRC via a remote border post to the north at Songololo. We camped the night in a quarry. The roads were terrible and we made slow progress until lunchtime on day 2 (of 5) the radiator was destroyed by the fan after a particularly deep hole. We limped into N'Zeto a small seaside town and spent the next 6 hours on the roadside getting the radiator repairs. When these proved to be ineffective we were allowed to stay in a construction compound 3 Kms out of town with fence and security. We ended up staying nights 2,3and 4 there before getting a proper repair done.Our unexpected stay in N'Zeto was interesting. It seems they backed ... read more

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda April 27th 2009

In 97 days I will be with you in Thailand. I try not to think about it but I am sooooo weak I can't go very long with out thinking about you and when I am going over to see you. I gota little meloncholy yesterday at Steve and Joyce's when I was playing cribbage with Ted and NOT you. When you left in January I thought it would be months before I would even hear anything from you. I thought for sure you would forget about me and I really thought our relationship would be over. Or at least we would have to start all over if or when you came back. But now it almost seems doable. I don't know why we have to be apart, but mine is not to reason why but ... read more
aaron lean
aaron screen

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda November 26th 2007

Just a typical Sunday bike ride....The rainy season has provided just enough moisture so far to firm up the sand (kind of) and make things look deliciously green making for some stunning photographs!... read more
Group on a Scenic Climb
Sue White with Beverly Trailing
Beverly on a tough climb

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda March 29th 2007

Next chapter on community Community I have heard the claim that all of the six billion plus people on this planet are connected by a mere six degrees. Valid or not, I think it is fair to say that in the present age we are closer to people from all over the globe than ever before. This metaphorical shrinking of the world has now made the creation of a global community possible and has changed the way people think about community the world over. It used to be that the definition of community was easily agreed upon as ones family members, friends and neighbors. However, as time has gone by a new definition is needed. To me, community is ones feeling of connection to others. As I mentioned in the introduction, a girl helping a woman ... read more

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda September 24th 2006

Well things have slowly been improving as I got back my luggage! Well half of it as a good chunk was stolen. Clothes, my gameboy, shampoo and other various knickknacks were pillfered at I'm assuming. Oh well, life goes on and at least my camera wasn't taken! Note to self: take electronics with you on the plane next adventure. So the job is/was boring. Just watching giant oil companies mess up the surrounding waters with pollution and trying my best to stay out of the lumbering machines way. The one good thing about being out about 10km offshore while working is I seem to attract a lot of dolphins and other cute critters of the sea. Almost everyday I would spot a bunch of dolphins playing about, or some whales slowly plodding along besides the boats. ... read more
View from a plane

Africa » Angola » North » Luanda August 28th 2006

A huge amount has happened since I left my little slice of paradise in Nova Scotia. Yup, one big giant wad of crap to be precise. Where to start, where to start…. Ok, first off some airport or airliner lost my luggage. Could be in Paris, or maybe it is somewhere in New York, but knowing my shitty luck it is probably on its way to Japan or something. So I arrive in the Congo again only this time I got nothing. Well, a couple of books, one change of clothes, and some gum. No toothpaste, clothes, gameboy, magazines, shampoo, and all the other important junk I need. So yup, there you go. First things first I guess. At first I spent a day in Paris trying to figure out if my bags are around, which ... read more

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