A better day but still no progress.

Published: July 30th 2009
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Hello to all. Note ,=m q=a z=w
I have been able to find a different keyboard but this one is not ,uch better.
qnyzqy not using qny punctuqtion.
I am amawed to have internet aaccess here. Also so,e electricity.
I have read some messqges. Tried e ,ail but could not get in.
Cath you just keep on prayng God he will deliver us. Thank you.
Jesus is just allright zith me Jesus is just allright oh yeqh....
Not for nothing could really use a big fat Doobie Brother right now.
C my Brother I have received your technologically i,pared script. I Love you.
A, hopefull once again for Tomorroz to have the passport.
Also waiting for docu,ents fro, Ka,ina DRC and Pqpq Nicode,e.
They are also theoretically arriving tomorroz.
Zhen I get home I zill extract the zord to,orroz from every dictionary I see.
Baby and I and everyone battling colds. Drinking water like ,ad.
Fifty cents per 12 ounce bottle.
I am teaching good songs to the Maloba family.
Youve got a friend.
Row row roz your boat.
The greatest Love of all.
I believe the children are our future teach them zell and let them lead the way.
What you wont do for love.
Tempted to break into the Yelloz brick road but ,ight lose translation.

OK signing off for noz.

Please tell Mom I am fine and in good hands.

Hello LSUMC.
Hello CVS Caremark
Hello Pittsburgh.
Hello Mitch.
Hello Trinity UMC.
I Love you ALL.
See you soon.

Peace and love. Keith.

I Love You Rachel. Our daughter is absolutely gorgeous. Like her mama.

Over and out.


30th July 2009

Keith, you absolutely amaze me!
After reading Rachel's email to me today, and reading this blog entry, I'm even more proud that you're my brother. I got to thinking that if Dad were alive, he would be proud of you also for going through what you've gone through for this little girl to become a part of our wonderful family. Loves ya, little brother :)

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