Very proud of President Obama.

Published: July 31st 2009
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Dear family and friends.
I saw CNN this morning which showed Pres Obama having a beer summit with the Harvard professor and the policeman.
I took the opportunity to explain to my audience what was happening.
Every here is quite impressed with Pres Obama. America can be quite proud of our President. I am.
No matter Dem or Repub please know that the beer summit was felt all around the world.
I have been explaining how the US had its own serious race issues not that long ago.
Everyone hangs on my every word.
This is not like America. That is quite clear.
Be proud of our country no matter what position you may find yourself.

If someone wants to forward this to the White House that is ok with me.

OK so I am still healthy.
Dr Luther is our resident Doctor. He is the brother of Pastor Maloba.
He is the Uncle of Douce.

Hey Trinity UMC. I was invited and attended the Graduation celebration of Douce today.
I was quite honored to be invited and would not have missed it for the world.
We can be quite proud of her.

The cyber cafe I am in is located about a ten minute walk from house Maloba.
She and Luther are here with me now.
Luther speaks pretty good English.

This key board stinks just like all the others but I am getting used to it.

Still no passport but am hopeful for tomorrow. Saturday.
Was good to have spoken with Guy Mande yesterday. He once again renwed my hope.

Linda Kent I am happy for you whatever your joyous news may be. Thank you for your messages.
To everyone else thank you for following along on the magical tour.

It is a hoot to hear Row your boat coming down the hallway at any given moment.
Tonight will be teaching Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Should be fun.

I am unable to access my yahoo email account since last Saturday. But keep writing and I will get in eventually.
OK gonna sign off now.
Each minute costs 30 Congolese Francs which = approx ten cents.
Nevertheless money does not grow on trees you know.

Big hugs and kisses to all. I Love You All.
Mitch your little sister is super cool.
Peace and Love to all yall.

I Love You Rachel. Over and out. Keith.


31st July 2009

Email to the President
Hey, I googled his email address and apparently we can email him at Now, if only I can figure out how to send your blog to him???? Apparently, it's not direct to President Obama, but he and/or his staff reads them and may or may not answer them. I'll keep trying. Love ya, Cathy
1st August 2009

Rachel is strong
Hey Keith, I wanted to let you know the night before last, I was with Rachel at a meeting at church and she is looking good. She is so strong and I know you are so proud of her. And you are strong too! When I read your blog, I just want things to happen faster. You and Rachel are going through so much to bring Kamina home. But please know so many people are praying for you and want you and Kamina home with Rachel, soon. Always praying and praying for all of you for your safety, strength and peace. And praying for all hearts of the people you deal with to soften. And many candles burning every night for you. (And proud of President Obama as well. I'm sure the people you spoke with about him and our country will always remember your words.)
1st August 2009

He is the Blessing
Keith has been blessing people by the way he interacts with people of my country. The Story of Kamina his daughter has touched so many lives in the Congo. Rachel and Keith, you are wonderful people and a blessing to my country. Kieth has come face to face with some of the challenges that we are facing in terms of service delivery, well, we are still a post-conflict country and young democracy. let us take the opportunity through Keith's challenges to get with him Kamina to the US to always remember that the people of the DR Congo need to be capacitated in the area of good governance, as a Minister I strongly beleive that the Church has a role to play in helping the DR Congo to improve its governance. one of my friends, who is also a Minister has been appointed as the first magistrate in the country. He has been given the task to fight against corruption in public serivices. The goverment is working on what it calls "Zero Tolerance", a way to fights against corruption in the public services. For instance getting a passport still an issue and I appeal our goverment to look into it, I dont undertand why Kinshasa should centralize the passport application process, we are 65,000,000 people, there has to be an improvement on this area, I appeal to our Minister of Foreign Affairs to work on this issue, things are not efficient at all. Once Again I thank all of you for supporting and praying for Keith and Rachel, they are giving life to our community, our country and our continent. He will be back home with Kamina very soon
4th August 2009

I have called in higher forces
I just wanted to drop in one note to tell you that JP, Piper, and I are praying every day for you and Kamina's safe return. I have been emailing Rachel since I know you have limited time to read our comments but I have told her that I am now asking Abigail to help out too. I know with my angel, your little angel, and with God we can move any obsticles that stands in your way. You will both be home safe and sound very soon- just keep your mind in that one direction and so it will be!!! We love you and miss you, and we cant wait to meet our newest friend- Kamina. Give her a big kiss from Piper and me!!!!!

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