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Africa » Cameroon December 9th 2005

Want to see exactly where we're going? Visit these URLs: I've finished all my packing. Let's hope my husband and kids actually pack their own clothes. Otherwise we'll have to shop upon arrival. I can't wait. I'm almost giddy. I always thought we'd live most of our married life in Cameroon but it didn't work out that way. It was a good thing in many ways but I am eager to see how things have changed, or stayed the same. If things are as I remember them or if the lenses of my youth are different than the bifocals of middle age. This time, however, I'm not sewing extra pockets into all my skirts. I did that the first time so that I could carefully slip food items I didn't like off my plate ... read more

Africa » Cameroon November 28th 2005

It's almost here! I am truly getting excited. Spent part of Thanksgiving Break packing suitcases. I packed eight -- full of things we are taking: clothing, educational toys, art supplies, non-prescription medical supplies, and more. Oh, and then there were the 25 boxes of macaroni and cheese or "American Facilities" as the cousins called last time Joe and the boys took mac and cheese. The mac and cheese is partly for the kids there and partly for when we (especially the kids) just need something bland and familiar. We are also taking instant oatmeal and granola bars. Food in Cameroon is very different than here. I'll describe it as we go along. In a week we'll pack our personal suitcases...... read more

Africa » Cameroon November 19th 2005

Well, I just spent 45 minutes typing an updated entry and somehow managed to delete it... Oh, the joys of technology. Now, just watch, I didn't lose it and it'll appear right before this message when I recheck tomorrow. This time, you get the abbreviated version. We now have updated passports and visas. I couldn't believe that each visa cost $150! Wow. When you think of taking a trip, you just can't know all the incidental fees. Then, there were all the shots and meds we had to get. My family was covered by Kaiser and so it cost very little but my parents had to pay about $1000 for their shots. Ruth and I had the most to get as our shots were out of date. We had two kinds of hepatitis shots, meningococcal shot, ... read more

Africa » Cameroon October 1st 2005

Today we renewed our two younger children's passports. I slipped out during lunch at school (I'm a teacher) assuring my principal I'd be back in time to teach my 7th graders. I headed to the local city hall, a ten minute drive away. Due to torrential rains, the first in months, it took me 55 minutes to get there. My husband had the day off and so he took the kids from school and met me there. We thought it would be a short wait, sign the docs, and take off. The deal is that the passport office is only open from 12:30 to 4 pm. What kind of hours are those? Virtually everyone must take off work or school to make it at that time. Joe arrived at 12:45 and got number 10. An hour ... read more

Africa » Cameroon September 20th 2005

Eighty-three days sounds like a long time but it's less than three months until we leave for Cameroon, West Africa. There are tons of details to take care of before then: renewing passports, applying for visas, getting appropriate immunizations and last, but not least by any measure, packing. This is the story: As a 20 year old college graduate, I went to Cameroon to teach in 1980. I taught lit, math, and typing at Saker Baptist College. While there I met a young man (dressed in an orange polyester western leisure suit, with white cowboy boots, and sporting a Jackson Five 'fro -- but that's another story) who impressed me. After my two year tour, I returned to the US. Two years later, Joseph came to the US to finish his studies. We had kept in ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala May 25th 2005

Que pena los tenia algo descuidados, pero he estado un poco ocupado terminando un proyecto, bueno hace 2 semana estuve en las playas de Camerún en lugar especial llamado Limbe, la playa es bonita pero nada que envidiarle a las playas colombianas, aquí venden toda clase de comidas de mar, esta vez tuve la oportunidad de comerme un gran cangrejo por solo $1000 pesos colombianos muy rico, desde esta playa tu puedes ir a Nigeria a través de bote y solo te toma 3 horas yo no lo pude hacer por cuestiones de visa pero los camerunenses no necesitan, otra cosa que quería comentarles y que es muy tradicional en Camerún es el consumo de ciertas semillas, y que yo las he probado y son 100 % efectivas, bueno son 3 semillas una semilla se llama ... read more

Africa » Cameroon May 13th 2005

I've noticed, that a negative strap line seems to get more visits to my blogs! Give the punters what they want! Whilst I've been here in Cameroon, the student protests have been a major news story. University students have been protesting about increases in student fees and inadequate facilities, including a lack of toilets. On April 27th the military and riot police invaded the campus of Buea University. They shot dead 2 unarmed students. The government has promised an inquiry. There's more coverage of this story at: and at Cameroon, as a tourist destination has it all. Beach resorts, rain forests teeming with wildlife including lions, traditional villages clinging to rocky cliffs, and the regions tallest mountain. Poverty But, I wasn't in the country in the tourist season. I was here during the rain ... read more
View from the village of Rhumsiki, Cameroon

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala April 25th 2005

Hola otra semana mas!!!! y mas experiencias, esta semana estuve en un evento muy bonito la inauguración de una iglesia católica, y cuando digo inauguración es inauguración, todo empezó el viernes por la noche con un gran concierto en la iglesia con toda clase de música, música religiosa, clásica, opera, rock, cantos gregorianos, todo muy bonito uno de los mejores actos que he asistido, unas voces preciosas nada que envidiarle a los famosos tenores aquí hay mucho talento. Pude escuchar canciones en ingles, francés y algunos dialectos propios de ellos, el sábado estuve en el gran evento que fue la inauguración oficial asistió un Cardenal su nombre es Christian Lumi, solo 3 africanos estuvieron postulados a papa entre ellos este personaje, todo estuvo a la altura muchas personas compraron su vestido para la ocasión y no ... read more
Que alegria como le cantan y bailan a Dios

Africa » Cameroon » West » Buea March 28th 2005

Hola Discúlpeme todos por no haberles escrito antes la semana pasada estuve muy ocupado con mi trabajo y preparando un evento que es el tema de mi experiencia de esta semana: bueno estuve en un congreso que se llama NLDs (National Leadership Development Seminar) seminario nacional de desarrollo de liderazgo, este evento fue realizado en Bue una ciudad anglofonona, este evento se realizo por 3 días, fue buenísimos, conocí mucha gente de Camerún y de otras partes del mundo, por fin pude hablar un poco de espanol que por cierto ya me estaba dando dificultad hablarlo, conoci personas de Suecia(Sweden), Suiza(Switzerland) Japon(Japan), Holanda(Holland), Espana(Spain), The cook Islands (la verdad no conocía este país, para mi este pais si queda al otro lado del mundo queda mas lejos que Australia, estas islas son preciosas yo vi las ... read more
Todos los extranjeros
Floure y yo
Baile de Yaounde

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala February 24th 2005

Bueno esta semana quiero hacer un paréntesis, pues paso algo muy difícil para mi familia y para mi, cuando yo estaba dispuesto ha hacer este viaje, trate de estar lo mejor preparado posible, ahorre plata para pagar mis tiquetes, estudie idiomas, me prepare profesionalmente para cumplir con las exigencias de mi trabajo, me prepare también sicológicamente para estar lejos de los que quiero, pero me falto una cosa, prepararme para los designios de Dios, esta semana tristemente para mi y felicidad para ella, mi abuela falleció, es algo que todos sabemos que va pasar algún día pero para lo cual nunca estaremos preparados ni listos a aceptar, más aun cuando ese ser querido para nosotros fue tan maravilloso y especial, por eso les digo a todos disfruten sus seres queridos ahora que los tienen cerca porque ... read more
Haciendo la fila para la comida
Comida Funeral
Comida casa del jefe

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