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Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé December 16th 2007

Leaving Douala The day started early, at 06:00, since the bus to Yaoundé, the capital, was leaving at 07:00. My brother went to Zépol, a sort of bakery where they have all sorts of croissants, pizzas and other edibles. There are several express services between Douala and Yaounde, and they do a non stop trip. This offers extra security for your luggage, since they do not open the lower compartments before arrival in Yaoundé. The busses are quite comfy, with airconditioning. We had chosen "LeCar" for this particular voyage. The ticket was 6000FCFA. After arguing with the loaders as to how much extra we should pay for the luggage, we boarded and off we went. The trip takes around 3 hours, at break-neck speed. You will no doubt see some spectacular overtakes and driving. They are ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala June 6th 2007

We arrived in Cameroon on the worst roads I've ever experienced. Crossing the border from Nigeria on a Thursday morning, it was Saturday before we arrived in the city of Douala - a grand total of 400km in 2 and a half days! The dirt roads here are rendered impassable at times in the rainy season and one local described them to us as bad "beyond human comprehension" - he hit the nail on the head there! Miraculously, we only got bogged in the gluey mud once, when knee deep in slime, the truck had to be dug out and crumbled termite mounds used for traction (now there’s an interesting, and useless, tip for you!). Our base in Cameroon was the city of Douala, the largest city in Cameroon (though not the capital, which is Yaoundé). ... read more
Bubble wrap shoes
Yum Yum

Africa » Cameroon » West » Mount Cameroon May 26th 2007

For a few weeks, climbing Mount Cameroon was the only thing I really wanted to do before leaving Africa. True there were other little trips and activities in Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin and Togo, but none excited me like the prospect of climbing West Africa’s highest mountain. Another reason it was important is because the trek was a present from my granddad. Sadly I never got the chance to meet my granddad but my mum received compensation from British Coal for the sickness that he endured after a lifetime working as a driller down the pit. Mum decided to split the money between my sister and me, so not being a materialistic person I couldn’t think of a better way of spending my share than on an experience like this. Now I would just have to ... read more
Mount Etinde (right) with Mt Cameroon beyond
Summit of Mount Cameroon
Contemplating The Descent

Africa » Cameroon » West » Bafoussam April 5th 2007

Meals! Africa » Cameroon » Bafoussam By Lucky Traveller April 5th 2007 Sylvain KamdemHeya everyone, These are the photos of a few of the meals you will likely come accross should you come to Cameroon one of these days. I am not especially good at cooking nor interested in culinary art. So none of these were prepared by me. I just came to eat them by chance over the course of my stay in Cameroon. Obviously I forgot to snap many other meals I came across, But I think these are quite representative of what awaits a visitor here as regards food.... read more
tomato sauce!
mixture of ground potatoes and black beans
pepper soup and ripe plantains

Africa » Cameroon » West » Bafoussam March 31st 2007

Today, There is an annual pilgrimage being held at Doumelong. We are going there Christelle and I. Doumelong is a small borough not far from Bafoussam off the main road that links Bafoussam and Bamenda. More exactly, it is near the "Chefferie Bamougoum"(Bamougoum traditional Kingdom). The road that gets there is tarred up to a certain point after which you encounter a tough and rough dusty track. The pilgrimage is the initiative of Bafoussam diocese (Catholic church). It happens only once per year and attracts large crowds of people. I don't know the exact distance from Bafoussam to Doumelong. From "marche B" where we hopped onto the bike(see below) it is perhaps 10 or 12 kms up to Doumelong or even more. 7h30 We left home early morning and stopped a taxi that dropped us ... read more
"Marche B" neighborhood, Bafoussam
"Marche B" area
On the Bike

Africa » Cameroon » West » Bafoussam March 30th 2007

Over the last days. I routinely went downtown to mooch about the market area. It has also rained considerably which definitely suppressed the annoying dust. Tomorrow Christelle (my younger sister) and I will go to Doumelong to attend a pilgrimage there. I plan to make good coverage of that event. Stick around... ... read more
Banengo street, Bafoussam
Marche A, Bafoussam
Main entrance to "Marche A"

Africa » Cameroon » West » Bandjoun March 24th 2007

Heya everyone, This is just to have you view some pictures of Bandjoun taken on this day. I went there with the parents. Bandjoun is heading the administrative division of Koung-Khi in the west province of Cameroon. We went there to visit the market. By Cameroon standards, Bandjoun is a fairly well constructed city at the divisional level. There is a small "Institute of Technology" (IUT Fotso Victor de Bandjoun) there. The bulk of the population here live off land farming and agricultural products here are comparatively cheaper than in Bafoussam which is slighlty industrialized. The town of Bandjoun is very close to Bafoussam (just some 10 kms away or so) Most people (especially the elderly) here would talk to you in the local dialect (the Bandjoun dialect). Nonetheless it is a nice spot to ... read more
Inside Bandjoun market
Pork meat seller
Another pork meat seller

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala March 20th 2007

Today, parents are going to Douala to purchase some items. I am going with them. The distance from Bafoussam to Douala is exactly 243 kms, It however takes more time get to Douala than to go to Yaounde (287 kms away) because the road to Douala is poorly maintained and requires drivers to move slowly. It takes usually at least 4 hours and a half to cover the 243 kms, sometimes even 5 hours! Notice that this is also due to the many boroughs encountered along and the resulting humps on the road near agglomerations. Douala is in the littoral province of cameroon. It borders the sea and is the economic capital of the country were most companies are headquartered. These days, many streets in the city are undergoing reconstruction. It generates a lot of ... read more
Akwa neighborhood
Orange Building Akwa.
candlelit hotel room at "rue des palmiers"

Africa » Cameroon » West » Bafoussam March 18th 2007

I arrived in Bafoussam around 12h30pm after a comfortable trip (contrary to the going trip that was very bad). I had rested slightly in the afternoon and went to visit an old friend of mine, christian who lives near "carrefour de la caisse" at Tamdja. It is sunday so I managed to leave his place early to attend the evening mass that begins at 6pm. The service ended late that night. 19 march Today morning, I am going to "quartier Nylon" in order to get some vaccination against yellow fever. Some countries (among which Cameroon) require you to have the international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever to enter their territory. I did not have it when I came, so the people at the airport created some trouble to me at Douala 2 weeks ago. ... read more
Carrefour de la caisse
A street in "Tamdja"
Car wash in "quartier Nylon"

Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé March 14th 2007

march 14th I am leaving for Ongola (joke) today. Ongola is the former name of the city of Yaounde, the actual capital of Cameroon. It is a very admisnistrative town. the trip from Bafoussam to there fetches between 3 and a half to 4 hours by bus over a relatively good road of 287 kms (I calculated that distance). Yaounde is in the center of the country heading the ''province du centre" (Centre province), which is a landlocked province within the country. The Bus arrived at destination (Tongolo - Etoudi) at around 1pm. Yaounde is a hot place with much humidity in the air. A taxi was stopped to cover the remaining distance to home (I have family in Yaounde also). The rest of the afternoon and evening was allocated to a deep rest. march ... read more
Essos area
Ahmadou Ahijo omnisport stadium
Training Spot in front of Ahmadou Ahijo stadium

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