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Africa » Cameroon » West » Bafoussam March 13th 2007

That's it. We are back in Bafoussam, but tomorrow am leaving for Yaounde. Will be right back...... read more
towards the city hall of Bafoussam
Another Bafoussam
Bafoussam's traditional kingdom's monument

Africa » Cameroon » West » Bamenda March 11th 2007

Today I am going to Bamenda with my younger brother guy. We will be visiting the city and also pay a visit to my brother-in-law who resides there.. 14h30 We took a taxi to auberge roundabout. just as we are arriving at destination, the first downpour of this raining season is flowing over Bafoussam. This is an unfortunate event for our plans as we intend to take a Bus bound for Bamenda. When it rains it gets difficult to do anything as everybody scampers for a shelter. We have to wait for some 1 hour until the rain eases a little. Eventually, we got picked up by a small bus that took another hour to fill up. The driver wouldn't move unless the car is full up to the door. Travelling can be very uncomfortable ... read more
Arrival point in Bamenda
Finance junction
welcome to Bamenda

Africa » Cameroon » West » Bafoussam March 10th 2007

I have been sleeping over the last 2 days. THe mood is good. Today going out to discover the city with "guy" my younger brother. We are going downtown on foot which allows for better sight seeing. anyway Bafoussam ain't that much a large city and some exercise will do me a lot of good. My first impression is that the place has not change much. The same old (potholed) and dusty streets. At the cybercafe, I could barely check my emails. the connection was too slow to run travelblog. I also ran accross franky, an old acquaintance, at the cybercafe. It is the guy (not "guy", my younger brother) bent over a computer on the first picture of this blog. After a friendly chat over meeting after years, we sat by each other and ... read more
Two kids
Center of Bafoussam
Montee UCCAO (UCCAO avenue)

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala March 7th 2007

Douala 17h30 Eventually arrived in Cameroon late that wednesday evening. It took very long to complete the entry procedures. I had a very warm welcome from the family/relatives. It is so nice to be back. The place has not change much. Douala is a as hot as ever, and very humid. Upon arrival, we are heading straight to the hotel because my hometown is not Douala. Tonight I will hopefully have a deep rest after the lenthy trip We left the luggages at a hotel in akwa neighborhood named "Procure des missions". Well It is not actually a hotel. It is a place primarily intended to host missionaries and other religiously connected people. But they also have rooms to let to general people. The atmosphere there is very good. There is church service conducted by ... read more
Douala Airport
Welcoming Douala
Bonaberi (Douala)

Africa » Cameroon February 24th 2007

Had a hectic couple of weeks planning my escape so missed out on a few updates, so here’s what I did during my final days in West Africa... Having survived Nigeria and its dubious reputation we decided to visit at least one sight before we left. We drove up to the Afi Mountain Drill Ranch, sister project to the sanctuary we’d visited in Calabar a few days earlier. The Ranch has been set up by an American couple to protect and rehabilitate orphaned Chimpanzees and the extremely endangered Drill monkey, which only lives in a small area on the Nigeria/Cameroon border. To reach the Ranch we had to lug all our stuff a kilometre or so down a dirt track. Not a problem, we can survive without the safety blanket of our truck…can’t we?! While cook ... read more
Cameroon potholes
Drill monkeys
Afi chimp

Africa » Cameroon February 22nd 2007

Hi everyone, Just to let you know I'm jumping ship. Leaving the truck and flying to Joburg on Sunday. All is good and I'm happy, just bored of long driving days and delays and no personal space. Looking forward to doing some independent travelling, seeing South Africa, having a change of scene and the luxuries of a bed, bath and washing machine (thank you Jim and Janine)! Will update you on last few weeks and safe arrival in SA sometime next week when I've recovered from culture shock! Fxx... read more
Now I have braids
Now I have an afro!
Yeay, no more sitting for hours on a cramped truck!

Africa » Cameroon February 4th 2007

Hi All This will be my blog site while in Africa. The flight over Click on the flight map to see my route to Cameroon The Grant Title: The Documentation and Preservation of Western Beboid Languages of Cameroon (Mundabli, Fang , Koshin, Abar, and Mbu’) This project will document the endangered Western Beboid languages (Bantoid:Benue-Congo:Niger-Congo) spoken Northwest Province of Cameroon. It will result in (i) the creation of primary documentary resources of these languages in the form of audio and video recordings, (ii) the creation of descriptive materials on the languages in the form of annotated recordings and information on their grammar, (iii) the construction of a comparative database based on the collected data, and (iv) recommendations for tool design for field linguistics, with a ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » West » Limbe January 30th 2007

Hola espannnnia Lo primero agradeceros vuestros mensajes de apoyo. me encanta leerlos y aunque no pueda contestar a todos me acuerdo de todos y cada uno de vosotros, lo juro! Han sido unos dias moviditos desde que me conecte en lome. muchos km y muchas cosas que contar. Gabriela os podra contar con detalle y mejor verbo algunas de ellas en persona. aqui os resumo alguna: 1.dos burros dos pluto o "lanavarra" -como algunos la conocen- ha pasado unos dias dificiles...una semana antes de la llegada de gabi, en pleno desierto, el brazo basculante partio. No podia mover la moto del sitio asi que regresamos al pueblo anterior en busca de nuestro amigo garibaldi para que nos sacara del atolladero. cuanto pesa la moto? 250 kilos. pas de probleme, dos burros. y esa es la historia ... read more
recogiendo campamento
duchita en el pozo

Africa » Cameroon September 30th 2006

Through the glass ceiling the night sky was reflected in the main pool of the closed public swimming pool facility. It must have been after midnight and I stood at the end of the 50 metres long pool, watching the stars in the dark calm water when I suddenly felt a disturbing presence of something. I felt like I was being watched. To chase my fear away, I gave the room a quick glace, expecting that relieving feeling of being silly, that I always get when I realize that I'm only being paranoid. Instead I froze. At the other end of the pool I could see the shape of a man. He wore a dark blue cloak of unknown material and of no importance since all my gathered attention narrowed down to his right hand. Like ... read more
The woman with the white umbrella
Porcelaine flower
The Race of Hope

Africa » Cameroon September 25th 2006

Getting to Cameroon by land from Nigeria durng the rainy season has not been easy or smart. It would have been much better to take a boat, but it's an adventure right? More adventure than I can stomach actually. I have never seen a road in all of my life and travels that even comes close to being one third as bad as the road I just travelled. It's absolutely incredible. The worst section is seven miles long and has to be walked, because no four wheel drive vehicle on earth could cross it. At points it looks more like a canyon, with abandoned trucks at the bottom, at other points a living river of mud. It's nearly impossible to travel it by foot, often the mud is hip deep, and some sections would just ... read more

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