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September 27th 2009
Published: November 10th 2017
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Geo: -17.8117, 25.2031

We awoke in the Kwai camp to another thunderstorm. I just got the tent down and it pored with rain, nice one.

During the night were awoken from a peaceful slumber by the sounds of Elephants eating very close.. as there was distant lightning i decided to keep my eyes open and wait for a flash to see where it was.. good grief less than 20mtrs away.. Lisa asked what did you see, i carefully replied 'not much i think it is not close to us at all'.. closing my eye i returned to sleep.. The Leopard also visited during the night however it just passed through.

Anyway.. the rain came in not enough to effect the river levels just enough to moisten the mud and make the sand very tractable.. excellent..

We jump started the Swiss couple and headed to the Gate to be released.. As luck would have it a safari group were heading out towards Savuti.. excellent we could tag along so they could show us which track we needed to follow.. The chap in charge of the group was not really happy however as lock would have it their 2nd vehicle suffered engine trouble not long after the 1st river crossing.. again the WD40 came to the rescue.. now i had earned enough browny points to be accepted by the safari boss man (his name is Inspector) i even got the secret African handshake.. all was good again..

Nearly buggered a river crossing went too far right found some soft stuff sunk to about 300mm below the driver window in the water.. quick grab reverse.. give it a squirt.. popped onto the sand.. grabbed 2nd low range.. give it some gas and popped out nicely the viewing gallery were impressed and i am sure there are some photo's of Lisa and Me looking somewhat concerned.

Now wet sand is a pleasure and we had it all the way to Savuti.. then the deep soft sand started one hundred and twenty seven kilometers of the stuff.. a sight exaggeration between the soft stuff and slightly harder stuff with corrugations..

We saw many Elephants with one pod of 27.. we even saw a leopard very rare. It is a funny thing if your a 10 sends slower or faster you would not know the animals had passed.. it really is a game of luck as to what you see.

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30th September 2009

You Guys are nuts You've been gone for what? 1 Month, walked with lion cubs (and we are insanely jealous), slept with rhinos leopards etc and saved so many fellow travellers it's a bit of an epic.How far do you have to go? You've been the
re for 1 months and gone about 1/6 of the way. (How many K's have you done?)I'm sorry my engineer brain cannot cope with the fact it's going to take you another 5 months to get where your going.Sean
30th September 2009

Brilliant pic !! Gotta luv those Eagles :-)
30th September 2009

Totally wildddddddd !! Is that Darren with his mouth open on the left ??? hehe

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