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Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane August 28th 2019

Sad to say it's our last day in Kasane, travelling to Namibia tomorrow morning for the next leg of the adventure, but what a last day it was. We headed into the reserve at around 8 hving heard so much about it but not knowlking what to really expect. Got to the gate and sorted the day permits out and got ready to go in and noticed all these people letting their tyres down. Normal behaviour when driving in sand but why would they do it here I thought, we'd find out later. The first 10km was pretty uneventful with a few sightings of Impala, some beautiful brds and a few Baboons. Once we got to the river trail though it all changed. Rafts of Bufallo all over the river banks, Impala and Water Buck everywhere. ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane August 26th 2019

Day 3 started with a cheekly little lie in until 5. Away from Palapye by 5:45 and heading north again, this time to our final destination in Botswana, Kasane. Leaving early gave us an opportunity to see another amazing sunrise and within a couple of hours we were tucking into a Wimpy breakfast in Francistown. After Francistown the landscape became more and more African with endless grassy savanahs either side, absolutely stunning. The traffic was extremely light with the majority of other traffic being intermittent lorries heading south presumably back to Gaberone and South Africa. Reaching Nata after about 4 hours we stopped for fuel and a wee in probably the least disirable toilets you've ever seen, fortunately though Reet had bought wet wipes, a flannel and soap. After Nata the A3 trurns west and we ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane November 19th 2015

When I returned to civilization the next day I was refreshed and ready for the next adventure, which would show itself sooner than later… I enquired at the reception as to whether or not there officially was a night bus to Livingstone in Zambia because I got conflicting info between a guide book and the other reception lady. I got confirmation that there was a bus that left at 9:30 straight to the border town of Kasane. I got another surprise when I asked if a refund on my already paid for night was possible and they said yes! Woa! That’s the first time in many months and many places that a refund or giving any amount of money back was even in the cards. So I got my money back and had about ... read more
tastes exactly like it says...musky

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane August 26th 2012

So we had a 2 nite sleep, a day to rest well sort of. We woke up and decided to visit Chobe National Park. It is dry, like desert dry and super hot (24 degrees at 9:30). So we decided to drive along the water front where it is greener and way more animals. We saw huge herds of buffalo and elephant, a few kudu, impala and 1 crazy zebra. we had brunch at the Sedudu picnic site. Nana you were missed here, it was a magnificent spot on the river. After lunch we headed back the the campsite to swim and do some washing. At 3 pm we boarded a cruising boat for a guided trip down the Chobe river. Despite the size of the boat we got extraordinarily close to elephant, hippo, buffalo and ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane August 25th 2012

After a interesting night in the bush in terms of animals, we were all up early because we had a long drive ahead of us. After a quick and simple breakfast, we packet up and left in the direction of Kasane. The road was extremely difficult due to the sand being so soft and deep but it was still an awesome experience with minimal problems except for the fact that we got stuck but we were on our way again in very little time. The parks here are extremely over priced but it is still good value for money in terms of animals to be seen.We had seen quite a large amount of animals like herds of Elephant, a few Giraffe and some lonely looking Kudu that all looked very desprate for water. We arrived at ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane August 30th 2011

M – Next stop Chobe National Park! Chobe is known for its elephants. Indeed there are estimated to be 120,000 elephants in Chobe. If you have read Kate’s blog on Etosha then you know that this isn’t exactly a selling point in Chobe’s favour for her! Hence we decided to take our friends advice and, rather than undertake a land safari, base ourselves on the river at Kasane enjoy the park from the water. The river in question is the Zambezi which after it passes through Kasane continues a 100km or so to form Victoria Falls (my next blog). Kasane is a lively African town with pretty good facilities (bars, restaurants and supermarkets) and is well worth a stopover. As such we used it as our base for Chobe and a day trip to Vic Falls. ... read more
It took a long time to wipe the smile off my face after the Sunset River Cruise
A family of Elephants put on a bit of a song and dance for us
A herd contemplating crossing the river

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane July 14th 2011

While the promise of a connecting bus to Kasane kept going through my mind, I sat in the dirt at the side of the road wondering where it all went wrong. Being stranded in a desert town 350Km from the boarder was not how I had planned on spending the day. But neither was rescuing a 600 litre fuel tank while hitchhiking across the Kalahari in a 28 tonne truck bound for the Congo! After getting up a 4.30am and packing my tent in the dark, I left the Ovakango Delta heading towards Nata while expecting to get a connecting bus to Kasane. Having done this route in reverse a week before, I felt relaxed, expecting an easy day travelling. I should have known better, after all, this is Africa. On arriving in Nata, the bus ... read more
Truck Driver -Chris
The 28 Tonne, 24 Metre, 1000 Litre Truck
The 600 Litre Fuel Tank

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane May 26th 2011

Visited Victoria Falls yesterday, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It should be on everyone's bucket list. The Zambesi River is in full flood and the first thing that gets you is the roar of the water. The scene is really spectacular with water vapor rising high in the air. We were wearing our $5 ponchos for the first time feeling like two Clint Eastwoods. We still got wet but it was worth it. The far side of the falls is Zambia but we saw it from the Zimbabwe side. I will never forget it. We then went to the Victoria Falls Hotel which is another must. It is one of those African movie type of colonial hotels with ceiling fans, antelope heads on the walls and paintings of British monarchs on the ... read more
Victoria Falls
Zambesi River and railway bridge from back of Victoria Falls Hotel

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane October 18th 2010

Victoria Falls to Kasane We lounged around camp the next day, getting ready for departure. We were amazed at the banking system in Zimbabwe. Fully expecting to do all transactions in cash (US$), because Zim's economy has crashed and there is no currency, we brought enough cash with us. However, this trip is costing more than we expected, and Richard likes to have a lot of cash in hand.  We were told that the ATM's were dispensing US$ and if you had the right card, you could get cash. So off we went, and much to our amazement, out came US$ by just using our bankcard! Gotta love Zimbabwe. They have figured out how to keep the tourist industry going. Nowhere else in Africa can you do this - the ATM's in other countries all dispense ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane February 20th 2010

We are still adjusting to the time change. After not sleeping the night we got up for a 6 am start to do the border crossing from Botswana to Namibia via ferry. Chris, a local and the great guide, assisted us in getting to our border crossing and picked up. Along the way we enjoyed the country side with many neighboring villages. At one point we saw a family of 15 baboons on the road (the animals lay on the road here as the asphalt keeps them warm here). Just two minutes later we spotted a cyclist...Chris told us either the baboons would flee or attack. The border crossing was interesting. I think there were 5 other white people there. They have been working in Livingstone building another orphanage with a local church. There people that ... read more
pic 2
pic 3

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