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September 29th 2009
Published: November 10th 2017
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Geo: -17.8573, 25.8429

Irony is the only word I can think of.. when in the Okavango Delta there was too much water around thus the animals were dispersed.. arrive at the Falls and the water levels were down and the falls were not at their best.. never mind Africa is all about timing.. with reduced water levels the Zam side is not as exciting as the Zim side.. we discovered this after parting with $20USD to enter and then a long hot walk to see some distant mist.. the area is definitely worth a look however we did not have it in us to walk back and get the temporary Zam exit permit and the Zim entry to look at the Zim side.. sometimes the African heat just sucks it out of you.. back to the Waterfront Camp for a swim and a beer.

Lisa recons my increase in beer consumption is alarming.. I just blame it on the heat. Beer is cheap and it is good to help one recover from exertion.. also the cigarettes are cheap.. yep I get it in the neck all the time she even recons it causes an increase in flatulence.. all sound like bull to me! (1 packet of 20 cigarettes = $ 0.50USD 1 beer 400ml =$ 1.50USD)

The next morning started off nice and calmly..
next to us was a group doing an overland tour in one of those big truck
things.. I notice the monkeys had moved in to see what they could scrounge ..
then I heard a scream one of the girls who had inadvertently smiled at a monkey
(baring your teeth is viewed as aggressive behaviour) who had a baby clinging
to her back.. the crazy monkey thought the girl was a threat and charged.. I
shouted run and sprang into action heading between the monkey and the girl who
by now was screaming again.. 2 other monkeys joined in on the fun and they
flanked me.. I grabbed both of my shoes and started swinging careful not to
show teeth however I did lock eye contact.. no worries I had saved the girl (gosh
does he have tickets or what) and was
now about to be attacked by 3 of the dam things.. I shouted to Lisa to get me
something big to swing and the umbrella promptly arrived.. so there I was no
shoe's and an umbrella and 3 upset monkeys.. hollering like a crazy man they
headed off up the nearest tree..


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