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Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers July 18th 2007

Tombés pour elle, l'Algérie Première expérience de voyage inchallah, nous débarquons dans la cohue du port d'Alger, pas un dinar en poche, à peine quelques centimes retrouvés en fond de sac et impossible d'utiliser nos cartes bancaires ... pas de panique c'est qu'on est débutants. Et pour se faire une expérience inch'Allah il n'est pas de pays plus propice que l'Algérie. Les voyageurs français ne courent pas les rues des quartier algérois d'el-Harrach ou d'Hussein-Dey et pourtant, on se sent attendus par un peuple d'inconnus qui ne veut que nous offrir le meilleur d'eux même, leur fierté, leur patriotisme, leur force et leur piété. Avec Alger, nous n'oublieront pas Fatih l'étudiant, premier contact inch'Allah, sa mère Farida et Hamza leur jeune voisin; nous nous souviendrons des parties de foot sur le vieux terrain du quartier de ... read more
Sortie Cheitabi

Africa » Algeria May 27th 2006

This is regards to my friends question. Lets start here, I think I am the only blond here in Sidi Bel Abbes. Many girls have highlights but no is as bleach blond as I. Second, I just wear my American clothes. Almost all women wear a over dress and more than half cover their hair. Even beyond that many cover their faces so only their eyes show and a few covereverything even their hands. So yes, I stick out and get many a stares. The food is ok, we have pastry and green tea for breakfast, salad, olives, fanta soda and lots of french bread. Then about 3 or 4 o clock we have more tea or coffee and cookies and pasteries.Dinner is served around 8-9 and we have haraia soup, salad, olives, cous cous, fish, ... read more
dinner 1
dinner 2

Africa » Algeria May 27th 2006

Here are some more pix of down town Sidi Bel Abbes. ... read more
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Africa » Algeria May 24th 2006

Driving here is crazy. First of all there are only a few stop lights and no lines. On the road are cars? buses, trucks, motorpeds, bicycles, pedestrians, people pushing carts and donkeys pulling carts. Next, no one stays on one side, there is kinda three lanes. the cars swerve in and out and around. To turn you just go, and the oncomming cars slows down. The children traveling in the cars do not use seatbelts or carseats, they just stand in the middle. There are like eight people packed in one tiny car! The people crossing the street cross wherever they want and actually they just walk on the street. ok for now, bye... read more

Africa » Algeria May 21st 2006

Here are some more pix of the city. Also Amina in a traditional costume. It is called a shedda. we are all fine. much love to all ... read more
city pix
city pix
city pix

Africa » Algeria May 21st 2006

Our trip to the mountain was very nice. it is call attouche tessala mountain. You can see it froma distance from town. The road up is very windy and a few times we had to stop to let the cows and sheep pass. On the very top is a hospital and a building that the romans built. There is a source for fresh natural spring water. It was a nice cool day. ... read more
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ahmed in a tree
amina and a grasshopper

Africa » Algeria May 19th 2006

yesterday was a big shopping day? I got some algerian clothes so now people will stop staring at me. Dresses for 8 bucks, and lots of gifts for everyone, let me know what u want. It has been pretty hot, today we are going to the mountain. Good thing I lived in the cabin for a year, cause it is pretty much the same thing, fetching water from rerserve buckets to wash and pour down the toilet. yesterday was a soccer game. sidi bel abbes (our city) the game was free and they won. The town went crazy!!!!!! People were piled on cars driving around, waving flages,drumming, fireworks, blocking the road.....insane I have to carry my one toilet paper and bags with me for tyhe toilet and i used the turk for the first time, ... read more

Africa » Algeria May 17th 2006

Hey everyone, we arrived on sunday and all is good. The keyboard is different so excuse any mistakes. yesterday i was so excieted when the water came on at 7 pm. It is only on in the morning and the nite. Then Ahmeds sister tught me how to wash clothes in the huge bucket, rinced in another and wrung out? then hung over railing outside. the toillet..... in our apt. we have a ;normal; one, at first it had no lid....thats how they ues them,but ahmed bought me a lid. everwhere is mainly the turks style, u stand on the raised feet area and then squat I did not attempt that yet!!! Public toilets have no lids and the ones i tried were gross. no ones uses toilet paper, only water to rinse. the sewer...ha ha ... read more
view from apt
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Africa » Algeria November 22nd 1983

This morning we went for a walk through the date groves, plucking off fresh dates and eating them. Then it was time to pack up to catch the bus to El Oued, but the bus was delayed two hours, so we went and had lunch, but the restaurant was dirty and full of flies. The bus trip was only an hour and we passed more scenery of sand dunes, date groves and mud hut villages. At El Oued, we went to our hotel "Hotel Souf" which was a beautiful building of arches and rooms all around a swimming pool and carefully tended gardens. We had a really nice dinner in the restaurant and they made such a delicious creme caramel that I had two portions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 21st November Today we went to Biskra and swam in ... read more

Africa » Algeria November 18th 1983

After breakfast, we found Nasser sitting in the hotel lobby. When he saw us he jumped up and asked if he could take us on a tour of Tourgourt. He said he had come to visit his family who lived in a nearby oasis called Temancine. So first, he took us to the market place and showed us around. I took a photo of a camel herder and afterwards the herder asked for a photo payment and started arguing with Nasser and Habib while a huge crowd gathered around. Nasser ended up giving him 3 dinars. Then Nasser invited us to go to his village, and what a treat we were in for. We drove for about 10 minutes by taxi through an ocean of golden sand dunes, and there was an oasis on the horizon; ... read more
Temancine "street"
Temancine "Palace"
Temancine markets

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