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Africa » Algeria February 4th 2012

We have arrived back in Queenstown and are now planning to stay here for around a month or so. Queenstown is really nice with lots going on and good nightlife! There is a massive lake in the middle which is freezing but nice when its really hot. I have been offered a job in a call centre but am not sure if i want to be stuck inside all day so currently going round all bars/restaurants handing in CV's! Weather is pretty hot but very windy!... read more

Africa » Algeria February 4th 2012

As you can probs tell my camera skills arnt the best, luckily henry is really into photoagraphy so i have my own personal cameraman to take the good pics for me!... read more
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Africa » Algeria » East » Batna November 7th 2011

Just in case you were wondering, our blog is at read more

Africa » Algeria » South » Ghardaia May 14th 2011

I know I never want to leave when we are travelling, but I don't think any of us wanted to leave the Sahara or Algeria. Sure the red grit in your teeth was a little tiresome, but we fell in love with this part of the world. Maybe the universe could feel our sadness to leave and worked to make it difficult...literally! We raced to the airport. Told our guides goodbye. Went through security and heard the whispers of foreign chatter that periodically included "Americans." Yeah, we did not move through this part of the world without being noticed and quickly realized that the community was aware there were Americans visiting. At the security check points in the airport, the high ranking security guard literally grabbed my arm and pulled us through security without having to ... read more
Another one kicks the bucket...
Grain storage in the Red Oasis
Responsible shopping

Africa » Algeria » South » Béchar May 14th 2011

We jumped in the Land Cruiser and headed south through the desert and sand dunes to Timimoun. We travelled over 350 miles, but the change in scenery and culture would make you think we travelled to another country. The architecture looked nothing like Ghardaia or anywhere else we have been in Algeria. The dress was very different and did not seem to be nearly as conservative. The women do not fully cover and there certainly are not any "ghosts." The residents of Timimoun are Berbers and many have much darker skin (look more sub-Saharan). Not surprisingly, we did not run into any tourists and being an American seems to make us celebrities. We passed through several checkpoints along our journey to Timimoun, but after we passed through one checkpoint we were informed we could only continue ... read more
Typcial scene in Timimoun
Sand dunes in the Sahara
Lobby of Guesthouse

Africa » Algeria » South » Ghardaia May 13th 2011

The name Ghardaia may sound familiar to those of you who have been hassled to look interested while I show you pictures of my newest baby calf. Her grandma is named Sahara, her mom is Sub-Sahara and my new little princess is Gharadaia. As you may have guessed, she was given this name because of our excitement over traveling to this new locale approximately 500 miles south of Algiers in the heart of Algeria. What we did not know is that we would also be traveling into the heart of another world. We travelled several hours south of Algiers, but we did not even make it into the southern part of the country. Not commonly known, Algeria is a huge country--about twice the size of Texas. This lends room for a vast variety of geography and ... read more
Ladies in White
Ghardaia's gold: water well partnered with a palm tree
Rug Shopping in Ghardaia

Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers » Ain Benian May 12th 2011

We are still having many technical difficulties and Intenet struggles, but we are attempting to send out some photos from our last entery. I am not sure which is more frustrating, the lack of reliable Internet services or getting excited about finally accessing Internet only to find the keyboards are so different that typing consists only of hunting and pecking! Hope this works...hope all is well with you... ... read more
Power Brokers
The Dining Room at the St. George
The bar at the St. George

Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers May 12th 2011

Mark it off the bucketlist...We ventured into the Casbah and wandered the winding alleyways. We chatted with the locals (well, probably more just appreciated their hospitality since there was not a soul who spoke English). We explored some of the buildings and participated in the holy service (yes, I wore a head scarf). And even had lunch on the Mediterranean (if pushing fish heads around on your plate to make it look like you ate lunch counts as "having lunch"). The young boy in the one room school house would have been proud. He could have imagined the battles being fought in the Algerian Revolution, the camels hauling merchandise from the spice routes and the intrique of spies. Not much has changed among the cobblestone walkways and narrow passages. Residents still live in small quarters stacked ... read more
Casbah's version of the community watering hole
Don't get lost...
Mediteranean views under the hot African sun

Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers April 19th 2011

They say just hearing a song can transport you to another time, another place...That lyrics can evoke emotions or memories...A tune can transport you... Well, leave it to some straight-shooting, no nonsense Midwesterners to take this sentiment literally! It never fails. Whenever we tell someone we are going to Algeria and Tunisia we get "the look." The look is part "why would you go there? I expected you to holiday in the Carribean;" part "are those real places? Am I being punked?" and part "it can't be safe. I hope I don't see you in the news." Inevitably, "the look" is accompanied with a big, fat "why?" as though we are like Magellan heading to a never-explored land. Even though it is a common response to most of the trips we plan, I still get a ... read more

Africa » Algeria » East March 19th 2011

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