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Africa » Algeria » East » Batna January 11th 2011

Hi all im going to attempt doing a travel blog to keep you all updated on my adventure, this website confuses the hell out of me so im doing a tester for now hopefully it works.... just ignore the country etc that i entered just a test run... Dont really have anything to blog as of yet as it is my first day away and all I have done today is sleep each and facebook, but tomorrow I start my adventure to Miami and as soon as I have some interesting storeys ill keep you posted .... hope all is well with everyone talk soon xxx Here are some pics of LA and my hotel x... read more
Hollywood Sign
Hotel Pool
Beverly Garland Holiday Inn

Africa » Algeria » South » Tamanrasset September 13th 2010

trip to the heart of the sahara... read more

Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers September 11th 2010

The flights from Kuwait were pleasant enough which is just as well ,since we went via Dubai and Tunis.After an overnight in Tunis and a close body search at the airport on departure, Philip's Tunisian money was confiscated. Those Dinars were only returned after some smart talking-no mean feat considering the conversation was in french. Pulled aside on arrival in Algiers,the luggage was singled out for close attention-the xray seeing something suspicious. Minus one pair of binoculars and a GPS we left the airport with a piece of paper to collect them on return. Then there came the tussle with the taxi drivers-No amount of haggle made a difference- Just a shrug of the Ramadan weary shoulders. What a beautiful place is Algiers-perched on the side of hills with roads winding down to the port and ... read more
Algiers Kasbah
Algiers George Hotel
Algiers Ike's Room

Africa » Algeria » East » Constantine May 5th 2009

Constantine is the capital of Constantine Province in north-eastern Algeria. Slightly inland, it is about 80 kilometers from the Mediterranean coast. Regarded as the capital of eastern Algeria and the centre of its region making it the third largest city in the country after Algiers and Oran. The city is framed by a deep ravine and has a dramatic appearance. The city is very picturesque with a number of bridges and a viaduct crossing the ravine... ... read more

Africa » Algeria » East August 9th 2008

Whew. I dont have time for another long entry, as Im at the cybercafe with this other girl and I dont know how long she wants to stay. And THIS is the great thing and the problem about Algeria. Backtrack: So I spent a great and relaxing day in Tipaza before heading back to Algiers, hurtling in a bus in the 35+ degree heat and again having barely the foggiest clue as to what was happening. Im getting quite used to the feeling- in fact, Im quite thrown when I do know whats going on... I finally get to Madame Ranis house- seriously, a formidable woman. I was left with the strange impression that she could have been the head honcho mistress in a brothel in the olden days. Which, of course, I would never tell ... read more

Africa » Algeria August 3rd 2008

I JUST SPENT THE LAST HALF AN HOUR TO THREE QUARTERS OF AN HOUR WRITING AN ELABORATE POST THAT GOT DELETED. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. seriously. I remember even thinking to myself about how proud I was of my wit. and it was detailed. and it described my entire time in Algeria thus far and I was ALMOST FINISHED. I hoped against all hope that the site would have saved it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. seriously, I am far too distraught to try and recreate another masterpiece. merde merde merde merde. all I can say is that, other than being devoured alive by mosquitoes and bedbugs (and if you think Im joking I have photographic evidence. Im covered) and this recent mishap, I am having the most unbelievably amazing time. I am meeting the most genuinely open and warm people of my ... read more

Africa » Algeria August 3rd 2008

It is with sheer frustration that I RESTART this freaking entry. When I havent posted for a couple of days, feel free to assume that Ive had all my money stolen, that Ive been kidnapped, or that Ive been a victim of a terrorist bombing. Seriously, Im joking. It is much safer to assume that Im having a ridiculously wild time. And Algeria is that: a wild ride of epic proportions. That really quite unfortunatly, suffers from one of the worst raps out of any country in this big old world of ours. But Ill get to that. (obviously, unless the internet cuts out again) Nador, Morocco to Almeria, Spain to Ghazaouet, Algeria in the space of 24 hours. That seems like a lifetime away, but here goes: I remember thinking to myself: one persons free ... read more

Africa » Algeria » South » Tamanrasset February 2nd 2008

Here are a few photos taken on a two week trip to the south of Algeria in October 2007. It was a loop from Tamanrasset over to Djanet and back. It's a well tried route and not terribly testing. There were six of us in the group. Four of us had met in Algeria in 2001 and just wanted to look a little more at a region we love. This was my fourth trip to Algeria. Besides which we had made some firm friends in Tamanrasset and wanted to see them again.... read more
Djanet - going norh

Africa » Algeria » South » Tamanrasset November 7th 2007

Top of the morning to you! Im enjoying having a blog again and feeling like I can have some sort of connection with people who matter in my life. Firstly, emiliano sent me a really fantastic essay by Orhan Pamuk (it was actually an acceptance speech for the nobel prize) that Id like to sent on. the link is... I added some people to the mailing list, so if you are reading my blog for the first time, I urge you to go back and read my last entry, entitled "a personal essay on Delhi". I consider that piece to be the first thing I have ever written. After laboring through the project (and I don't consider it yet close to the finished product), I now see just how different writing is from all other ... read more

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