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May 19th 2006
Published: May 19th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

yesterday was a big shopping day? I got some algerian clothes so now people will stop staring at me. Dresses for 8 bucks, and lots of gifts for everyone, let me know what u want.

It has been pretty hot, today we are going to the mountain.
Good thing I lived in the cabin for a year, cause it is pretty much the same thing, fetching water from rerserve buckets to wash and pour down the toilet.
yesterday was a soccer game. sidi bel abbes (our city) the game was free and they won. The town went crazy!!!!!! People were piled on cars driving around, waving flages,drumming, fireworks, blocking the road.....insane

I have to carry my one toilet paper and bags with me for tyhe toilet and i used the turk for the first time, and last!!
I will post more pix next time


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