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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi April 17th 2006

Hi guys last time i left you i had just come across the salar and was heading to potosi. (Of course most of you will know that this is being written well behind schedule and i have spent 6 weeks in the jungle with a big cat since then, however suspend your disbelief and read on. Death defying jaguar stories will follow at some point!!!) The journey to potosi must have been one of the worst bus trips of my life, having been treated to the superb buses of Argentina and the reasonable buses of patagonia and chile i was now heading for the bus graveyard that is bolivia. The 5 hour bus journey took 7 and a half due to the fact that all buses in bolivia inevitably break down. It was all above 4000m, ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz April 17th 2006

(petrea, check your email) Justin here. Well, today was an interesting mix of half-asleep traveling and sightseeing in La Paz. We woke up at 4:30 after about three hours of sleep, packed up our stuff, and took a taxi to the airport. I slept on and off most of the time, so I´m not altogether sure what happened, but we got there fine and on schedule. We got our tickets, went through security, and headed toward our gate - but when we got there, we learned that they had changed the gates for our plane, so we walked pretty much all the way back to where we started and then waited there for a few minutes. We boarded the plane okay, and everything was fine. The flight was about 5 hours, but we stopped twice along ... read more

So our band of merry travellers set off from San Pedro, gaining altitude quick, as we ascended the altiplano, from 2600m to 3500m above sea level. Already the altitude was starting to take effect, but we were unfazed, chewing on mouthfulls of cocoa leaves (the only cure for altitude sickness available) and drinking mate, an Argentinian herbal tea. The panoramic vista was unbelievable, as the air is so clear, you feel like you´re looking at a massive painting, as you can easily see the detail miles away. Passing the towering volcanoes, one of which erupted a year ago, we ascended to 4000m and passed Laguna Verde, a clear, white mineral lagoon with pink flamingoes serenely eating in the shallows and llamas grazing at it´s shores. Obviously tough buggers, given that it was about 3 degrees during ... read more
The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon
A dip in some thermal springs

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana April 16th 2006

Copacabana has been a festive town, music pumping in the streets everywhere we go. The Lake Titicaca Trout has been delicious, I can´t get enough of it. Last few hours in Bolivia, will be boarding a bus to Puno, Peru soon. From there, we´ll take a 2 hour tour to the Uros Islands and then head off to Cuzco on an overnight bus. Change in plans, we will actually fly to Lima from Cuzco and then take a bus to Huacachina from Lima. Our trip is fast coming to an end... in 1 week we will be hiking the Inka Trail... Oh yeah, Brian is feeling better now.... read more

Greeting folks! Long time no talk... so much has happened in the last few weeks... but even more so, so much has changed geographically! I knew south america was diverse geographically, but holy catnip batman! Three countreis in an hour, crazy aussie gals, my first steak, hours and hours of salt flats which look like frozen ponds... all in this issue of deep thoughts with jeff peters... so i get to pick up from where amanda left off in la paz... yes it was the world{s hghest capital ( though we all know smiths falls is the "highest" town!),,, its quite a a view looking down into the city from above.. white capped mountains in the distance... homes built into the hillside... the city itself... well dirt cheap for sure... but also dirty dirty... amanda and ... read more
La paz from above
sunset over the desert
I didnt sleep for a month after this!


Do das mit dr Besichtigung vomene Observatorium jo leider nid klappt hett, han ich mich entschiede, zämme mit minere momentane Reisegruppe witerzgo uf e dreitägigi Jeep Tour nach Bolivie durch d Atacama Wüeschti und dr Salar de Uyuni - dr bekannti Salzsee uf 3700m im Südweschte vo Bolivie. Am Donnschtig am 13. April am Morge am 8i sind mir miteme Micro (Kleibus) vo San Pedro abgfahre und in rund einehalb Stunde vo 2500m uf 4800m ufs Altiplano gfahre, wos an dr bolivische Gränze nach ere für Südamerika sehr legere Passkontrolle es letschts chilenischs Zmoorge gäh het - was uns ab sofort in Bolivie an Aesse erwarte duet, dass hett niemer vo uns gwüsst; mir händ alli 7 zum erschte Mol e Fuess in das Land gsetzt. Noch em Ässe sind 2 Toyota Landcruiser Jeeps mit unserem ... read more
Die Geysire
Das Lama

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Copacabana April 15th 2006

Arrived in Copacabana yesterday, saw the Good Friday celebration. This small town is PACKED with pilgrims. Quite a site. Lake Titicaca is amazing, and the whole town is just very relaxing. Went on the Isla del Sol tour today, it was a 4 hour hike. Beautiful landscape, mountain dotted with little farms, herds of sheep and llamas, and the snow covered mountain top. The hike was quite brutal. Brian has not quite recovered from the diarrhea and the Death Road experience, so we basically rested every 15 minutes, which is great beucase it gave me some time to take pictures. Titi means Puma, and Caca means rock. So the it´s really The Lake of the Puma Rock. hehehe... The ferry ride to and from the island was quite relaxing, though it got quite cold in ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni April 15th 2006

Less than 36 hours in Bolivia and already a victim of the dreaded Bolivian Belly...hardly an auspicious sign the night before a 4 day trip around the salty lakes! Duly medicated up the next morning, we set off with our new Irish and English friends. The 6th member of our group had decided to pursue his romantic dream of life a la Butch Cassidy and went horse riding instead, but to be honest, it was probably a good thing, as it would have been a tad cramped with 6 people inside the jeep. Day one consisted of driving through lots of dramatic scenery as we headed south west from Tupiza. There was excitement at our first views of llamas, although they proved to be rather elusive when trying to capture their comical faces on camera, complete ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz April 14th 2006

I´ve been resting up since I got back from Uyuni yesterday. Reading a little, and just enjoying the weather. Brian went on the Death Road today, I hope he makes it back in one piece. Tomorrow morning we will head out to Copacabana. It will be Good Friday when we get there, and there should be some kind of pilgrimage festival. Supposedly Virgin Mary was spotted there, and that´s why people make pilgrimage there every year on Easter weekend. There will be a candlelight march up some sort of hill... should be exciting, we´ll see. After will head to Puno and then Cuzco. Probably won´t have internet for the next couple of days. Will write in Cuzco.... read more

South America » Bolivia April 14th 2006

'I've just seen a man wanking off a donkey into a cup over there! AND THEN ANOTHER MAN DRANK FROM THE CUP!', exclaimed the Irish man with a frantic expression. I went to investigate... I was really looking forward to Bolivia during my last couple of weeks in Peru - so much to see and do, and further away from the track beaten by other travellers (although increasingly on the backpacker circuit, 'cos it's cheap). La Paz first, and a somewhat foreboding city. You pick up horror stories about Bolivia while travelling, ranging from elaborate wallet snatching to tourist kidnapping. The city does seem somewhat sinister, especially at night: here the shoeshine boys aren't boys, but teenagers in hoodies and baseball caps. Nevertheless, the real highlight of the city is the streetlife. The enormous markets are ... read more
The world's most dangerous road
Meeting the devil underground
The worst toilet in Bolivia

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