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We have been trekking in the cordillera real for 4 days and it was stunning. We travelled in a car for about 4 hours out of La Paz and stopped at a tiny mud house and were told that we would have to camp there, we wouldn't be walking today, we would have to walk longer the 2nd day to make up time. The reason we couldnt start, was that our guide couldn't find any donkeys to rent- the donkeys were needed to carry our tents,all the food and cooking equipment. So we waited for them to arrive, thinking better to wait than struggle on with the stuff. It was just gone lunchtime and there was nothing to do, it was freezing too. Having never waited for donkeys before, we didn't know what to do with ... read more
lo and mie crossing the freezing river

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro March 28th 2006

I survived the 3650m descent, 64km down the world´s most dangerous road! We started on bitumen at 4760m in the freezing cold, and ended up in the tropics at 1100m... A fabulous ride, leaving our arms sore from bumping down the rocky road! We were lucky there were hardly any trucks to contend with, however, as there had been a landslide over part of the road (we made our way over the rocks carrying our bikes..). The day ended with a shower and lunch in a hotel overlooking the gorgeous valley and the hair-raising road we had ridden down... (Actually, it ended with me -who had been chatting to a lovely English girl Ruth the whole way home, exchanging travel stories - suddenly realising I was exhausted, but anyway being talked into going to buy and ... read more
At the top of the WMDR (World's Most Dangerous Road)
Looking back on the WMDR
Women carry their wares on their back in brightly coloured cloths

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre March 27th 2006

I woke up on what was to be my last two days in Bolivia so looking forward to returning to La Paz so I could spend an entire day shopping for gifts for family and a charango for my cabin upstate, which has a small collection of unusual instruments. La Paz, in my not so extensive experience, is definitely the place to do your shopping. It was going to be a good day, as we were going by, get this, PLANE to La Paz. Not bus, not train, not car.Oddly, and at the time I thought luckily, today was the first cloudy day we had had. Completely overcast, but not raining. I figured as good a day to travel elsewhere as any. Aero Sur was our choice of airlines for the day, as it was really ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz March 27th 2006

After I got back from Lake Titicaca I hung out in La Paz waiting for the approval to come from Santiago for my student visa. For a while. I had already gotten the approval in Bruxelles but skipped out because of maddening Belgian bureaucracy (19 days of waiting then Oh, sorry, no appointments for another 2 weeks. I left the next day from grey belgian 5-hour day winter for Peru. Call me crazy), so I applied for my visa after Izzy left, thinking it would be a fast approval. Nope... The thing about Chile is that they actually do things that first-world countries do except with third-world efficiency. Well. That was my impression from the consulate. After 2 months of being a gringo in south america, I was annoyed when the entire consular system of Chile ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque March 26th 2006

After arriving well early in Rurrenabaque ("Rurre" to the locals), we found ourselves a place to sleep and after a hearty breakfast we spent the rest of the morning in bed trying to recover from the journey in that meat grinder we mistook for a bus (see previous blog). In the afternoon we went out looking for an agency to take us on our next adventure. There are plenty of agencies to choose from, and they offer pretty much the same services and charge more or less the same price. The most popular trips entail spending 2 or 3 days either in The Jungle or in Las Pampas (literally The Flatlands). So our first challenge was deciding on which type of tour to go for. Las Pampas was described as a pleasant journey down the river ... read more
Squirrel Monkey - Mono Ardilla o Titi
Piranha fishing / Pescando pirañas
Sunrise in Las Pampas - Amanecer en Las Pampas


South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre March 26th 2006

4:30am Mark, of course, came in an hour later, and noticing that his bed (we had separate singles, which was what was available, so we were told until we found that Aaron had an absolute palace with a double and single bed in it - methinks some funny business just went on en espanol!) was covered in his crap, decided to pancake me on my little single bed and tell me that he was sleeping there. I pushed his drunk butt onto the floor. He then turned on the light ARGH! Blind!, and threw the Ritz crackers I was trying to feed him (so he wouldn’t be a puddle in the morning) onto the floor. Then all went dark again. 8:30am Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Imagine my smugness when I thought about what a good ... read more

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile We caught a Pullman del Sur bus from Santiago to Calama (20hrs overnight) for $30000p each for Salon Cama, downstairs on the bus, very comfortable. In Calama, we caught a TurBus bus to San Pedro de Atacama (fairly regular, about 1 hr trip, $1300p). The Atacama desert was extremely barren in places along the bus trip, sometimes absolutely nothing resembling life at all. San Pedro (2400m) is a nice little village in an oasis with adobe buildings everywhere. It has all the amenities a tourist could want but that also means the place is crawling with tourist. Still a very nice place to hang out for a few days, particularly if you are acclimitizing before heading up even higher. We did a good tour of the Valley of the Moon and ... read more
Bolivian customs office
Hot springs
Hotel Colorada (4300m)

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz March 24th 2006

Feeling a little less than 100% after yet another bout of food poisoning. It´s raining out and there´s not a whole lot to do except read my Harry Potter book and update my Travelblog. Have finally gotten the official Death Road photos onto the computer. Ignore how bad I look - I was recuperating from my first dose of food poisoning at the time.... read more
don´t we all look happy?
the view at the start (before it gets scary)
the view at the start (before it gets scary)

Hello Lo and I have been eaten alive by the insects in the jungle. We have had a 4 day adventure trekking in the jungle. It has been challenging and fun. I dont think we realised what we were letting ourselves in for. We started out backpacks full of essentials and jungle wear. We set off in a jeep, 2 french people, a danish girl (Mie, who we met in Arg and will be travelling with for a bit) and us two - off into the middle of the jungle. It took the flys about 3 seconds to smell the european blood, and about 3 more for them to tuck in. We were all rushing for the DEET, but not fast enough- we were covered. We walked through the jungle with our backpacks, it was really ... read more
Looking at a waterfall
lo crossing the water

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz March 23rd 2006

Wow! What an amazing city tucked in the valley between snowcapped mountains! I landed in La Paz Sunday afternoon, a little worried how the 3600 odd meter altitude would affect me, especially after my night out in Santiago trying the specialty, Pisco Sour (The airport bus came to pick me up at 4am, so there was no use in sleeping... I did that on my baggage trolley at the airport waiting for customs!!)... I did, by the way, manage a pretty decent tourist whirl around Santiago on Saturday - made it up to Cerro San Cristobal for a view over la Paz (with a Maria statue similar to the Christ in Rio), munched on some seafood in the Central Market, and visited a couple of interesting museums... Back to La Paz. Galia´s parents met us (I ... read more

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