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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires September 19th 2005

The rest of the week was pretty quiet, i suddenly became very tired all the time. Jo left on Thursday, but a new girl, Becky, arrived on Friday, only 18, and just out of school. Made an effort on Saturday to actually get out of the hostel. Me and Lisa went to take pics of the government buildings. The pink house, or 'Casa Rosada' is the government building, seen in the film 'Evita', when Madonna stands on the balcony and sings. Ive seen it loads, but have never actually taken any pics. We then walked up to see Congress, a very impressive building, and sat on the steps of a statue infront of it. Unfortunately the sun was out and the heat began to make the smell of tramp wee unbearable. Hell of a lot of ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires September 18th 2005

Primera Etapa Argentina Viernes 29 de julio Sevilla - Madrid - Buenos Aires Sobre las 10 de la mañana, recibí una llamada a mi móvil de Air Madrid para comunicarme que había problemas "técnicos", en otras palabras, Overbooking. Así que me acababa de mentalizar que en que iba a tener problemas en el aeropuerto. A las 16,30h. cogí el AVE con destino a Madrid. A las 19h. llegué a Atocha y rápidamente cogí el metro con dirección al Aeropuerto esperándome lo peor. Efectivamente, había una cola para factura mi vuelo que cualquiera con dos dedos de frente hubiera adivinado que hubieran hecho falta cinco Airbus 380 para meter a toda esa gente. Tras dos hora y media de espera en la cola me quedaba una pareja de madrileños entre el mostrador y yo, y justo cuando ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires September 15th 2005

For the first night in BA I tried staying in a back-packers at trendy Palermo but the shared dorm, snoring, cold showers and smoking got to me and so I moved into a hotel in the city. Found a nicer hostel in a few days later that I wanted to move into but they didn´t have any single rooms left so ended up staying at the hotel. The city and people here a great. There´s great food at really good prices and the city has a European feel about it, especially with the temperature only topping 15 degrees and a cold wind blowing most of the time. But there´s also lots of grand European style architecture and the people are really civialised e.g. the taxis don´t blow their horn everytime they see a tourist! Everybody dresses ... read more
San Telmo
San Telmo
Recoleta Cemetry

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires September 5th 2005

Pretty quiet week really, on wednesday we went out for Jamies last night, we drank in the hostel and only went to one bar, then came home and drank a bit more, but everyone was all together and we were all very merry to say the least, it was such a good night. Friday a new girl arrived, Chloe. We'd all been told she was 42, and were therefore kind of dreading her arrival, but in walks this 23 year old. Of course we all thought we were very witty saying how good she looks for her age. Friday night i went to see Sin City - very graphically violent, but good. On Sat we all got up and sat in our pyjamas with beer and crisps to watch the England game, then i went with ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires September 5th 2005

WEll I arrived and I have been so tired. The first day we arrived we got no sleep on the plane so when we got into to our hotel we Slept for several hours. Then got up and realized it being a saturday that all of the travel agencies were closed so we were unable to make arrangements to get to the other parts of the country. Woke up around 4 PM. So needed sleep. Still do. Finnally found a place that was open but air travel arrangements were not an option, So opted for a plan B. We arranged for a bke tour the following day of the city. This ended up being a perfect choice because the city is less busy on the weekends. Atleast as far as not getting yourself killed on bikes. ... read more


South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 1st 2005

I have tonnes of pictures that I need to get off of Gabi. In the meantime... I'll just put this one up of her at the wedding. Then I will go ahead and add photos of the Whales in Patagonia and the waterfall at Iguazu...... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 22nd 2005

Just thought id write and tell u all about my weekend, funny as it was. Saturday was the usual debacle, so most of sunday was a write off. We got in from the club at about 6am, then had to drag ourselves out of bed at 9 to go queue for a couple of hours for the free tickets for the Tango. I worked out that i had been awake for pretty much 24 hours. Went back to bed and got up again about half 2. We all lazed around in our pyjamas feeling shit till 7, then decided we really needed to get our arses in gear if we were gonna make the show. Went and had a burger in a little cafe place, then joined the block long queue to get in. The place ... read more
Little Pabs

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 20th 2005

this weeks been pretty shit with people leaving, Katy and Kaushal left, as well as Alice and Sarah. New girl Jodie arrived, shes a proper adult tho, 26 and a history teacher. We went out for Pauls last night at a lovely little traditional Argentine restaurant. Its one of those places that looks a bit dodgy from the outside, but when we got in, it was jam packed, not a tourist in sight, with the best steak ive ever eaten! Treated ourselves to their best wine - only for about 5 quid, but it would cost 5 times that in the uk. Got ever so slightly merry, me and Jo came home, decided to wake Chris up and dance on the tables in the hostel. Little Pabs was following us round looking very worried, but gave ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 14th 2005

The wine tasting was so good, gary brought us some excellent reds from this region in Salta, its only like 8 square hectars high in the mountains that produce this particular wine. its one of the best reds ive ever tasted. Sent Paul out to get me a couple of bottles the next day! School was good, i like teaching the older ones - their english is so amazingly good for 10 year olds, like better than out GCSE standard. Some new people arrived in the hostel - two south african guys, Brendon and Simon, two canadian guys Andy and Mike and their respective american friends Grace and Theo who arent actually staying in the hostel. We went out to a bar round the corner with them all, and got a little bit more drunk than ... read more
Us in Tigre

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 10th 2005

Sometimes i feel like i havnt breathed fresh air since i got here, theres so much pollution. When i travel on buses and taxis i genuinely fear for my life, buses leave centimetres to spare - i was on one which very nearly collided with a cement truck, which would have been quite messy. Paul, who's driven in Paris and London, says London is a gentle drive in the country compared to the chaos of BA! Just wanted to share the angst. Monday I went to school, got introduced to the teachers and kids, im giving them conversation practise for their actual exams - feels a bit too much like responsibility for their education if you ask me. That went ok, a bit boring as u have to repeat the same questions for each child, over ... read more

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