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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 7th 2005

On Friday i made a huge effort to actually find a post box. went to like the main bank in Argentina, a massive massive ornate building in the centre of BA, i waited for my turn for 20 minutes, only to be told that i had bought the wrong stamps for England (id bought them from a woman in a random shop, she completely done me - 4 quid when it should have cost me less than a pound) I stomped off in a rage, made my way home in the freezing cold and rain. Not in the best of moods. But then me and Chris went to home Querubines, where we didnt exactly teach english, more supervised playgroup. We played jenga, two of the older girls threw themselves all over Chris, using him as a ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 4th 2005

As i lay in my bed, head in the bin, being violently sick, it dawned on me that im going to need time to get used to Argentine measures. We went out last night for Jos birthday, it was all going really well up until we went to a bar after the meal. Barmen here are extremely generous to say the least when it comes to alcohol. They like their drinks strong, with barely any mixer, sometimes none at all so you´re left drinking what tastes like pure alcohol. I swear, i only had three drinks last night, just three. Admittedly, i may have drank the last one a tad quick. I cant remember the taxi ride home, but i thought i was fine until i got into bed and my body decided that being horizontal ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 3rd 2005

zoooooooooooooooooooooooom, Buenos Aires, non-stop insanity! and they never scheduled a sleep break! Clubs that start at 2am, run till 7am, then new ones start at 8am and go till after midday...then its lunchtime, a steak for some and a well deserved bottle of water for others.....everyday of the week its the least we'e on a different rota to the mosquitos, they come out at night and we're nowhere to be found...and when we do slink into bed, its early afternoon and we missed them....did some sightseeing from the taxi's, and everythings a lovely hue of purple and greens, kinda like the trees of a friday night in Malahide Castle, to be honest! But today is calm, we are leaving for Puerto Madrin to see the Blue Whales give birth, if we're lucky, mind you, we'd ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 2nd 2005

So monday Adriana, one of the Argentine women who look after us, took me to a meeting at my Jewish school, School Beth. The head of English was a woman called Grace. She asked me questions about my cv, so i tried to make Canvasland sound as impressive as possible - theres only so much u can big up Hoopi club tho. Still, she got really enthusiastic when i said i wanted to be a Primary teacher - extra brownie points! After lunch i went with Lisa to a home for girls called El Pilar, we were literally dropped off at the door, shown the room full of 15 year old girls, and left to our own devices! Sat ourselves down with a couple of girls and tried to talk to them. at first they just ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 31st 2005

so my first full day i managed to fit in more culture than one of the lads who stays here has done in 5 weeks. he said that himself. Got up still pretty tired, then a group of us went to la boca - such a great place, exactly like all the pictures u see. We had lunch at a place where they danced tango next to you, so cool. of course being the girl i am i sat with my back to the show and managed to spill my dinner down me, so ended up with a crick in my neck and stains down my trousers. only me. so much tango in the streets, it was great. we saw this one old old man dancing with a young, slightly embarrassed looking girl. we all said ... read more
Puerto Madero


South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 30th 2005

Im here!!!!! sitting in the hostel, suffering ever so slightly from a mild hangover. Playing ring of fire with wine is never a good idea. So the trip over here was horrendous, i had 3 hours sleep in 2 days. flight from Newcastle was delayed an hour, then flight from Heathrow was delayed 3 hours due to the engine being broken (!) we all eventually got ushered onto the plane where we sat, without air conditioning, for another 2 hours while they continued to fix the bloody engine. We could have flown to Madrid and back again in all that time! So due to all this, we missed the connection to Buenos Aires, had to sit on a bus at Madrid for another hour, before eventually being ferried to a hotel (called Trype - rather apt) ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 29th 2005

hey guys.... time for another update!! well, last time i wrote i was learning about the cosmopolitian lifestyle. this time i want to talk about how i have personally grown the past two weeks... my ultime favorite song is "One" by U2. the last part of the song: "One love, one blood, one life, you got to do what you should. One life with each other: sisters, brothers. One life, but we're not the same. We get to carry each other, carry each other. One, one." just being here i have constantly been singing that part in my head. before it was so difficult to imagine a different lifestyle, different ways of doing the same thing. everyday i see and learn different ways of living. for example, here, i have learned how to eat differently. take ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Villa Gesell July 28th 2005

Estoy aca en gesell... preparando las ultimas cosas para largarme 15 dias a china! el lunes a la noche me voy por la linea aerea hasta washington, chicago y hong kong... desde ahi a pekin! proximamente mas del viaje de anto! Im here at my town (villa Gesell)... Preparing the last stufs to go for 15 days to china! on monday night im taking the airplane to washington, chicago and hong kong...from there im going to pekin! next more from the anto´s travel! PD: Sorry because of my bad english :( ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 27th 2005

hey guys.. well this week i have my spanish class all sorted out and i love it. my teacher is so good. the books that we learn from are quit shitty but my teacher explains things well and understands english. i have had a productive week so far. we did not go out nearly as much or stay up so late becuase we were all drained from last week. i finally did some sight seeing. i went to the casa rosada )pink house) like the white house , were the president work. i saw the balcony that evita and madonna spoke to the crowd. it is really funny becuase everyday down that street there are always protest. the locals are so use to it. the protests blocks a block and there are many people with signs ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 25th 2005

hey guys. as i am writing this, i feel guilty becuase i have not seen much of the city. i waste all my energy going to school and going out at night. i think once the brazillians leave (the end of this week) it will die down. it is hard to get a good night sleep becuase the mattresses are so thin and nobody really goes to bed until at least 3am. then i have to wake up around 8 15 for school. last weekend was coldest it has been this winter. i ended up going to a bar´and disco called sahara (egyptian theme) in the recolata. I definitly recommend. it has two floors the main one is samba latin rythm music while the top is current dance music. okay, here is my really embarrasing story. ... read more
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