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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 27th 2005

hey guys.. well this week i have my spanish class all sorted out and i love it. my teacher is so good. the books that we learn from are quit shitty but my teacher explains things well and understands english. i have had a productive week so far. we did not go out nearly as much or stay up so late becuase we were all drained from last week. i finally did some sight seeing. i went to the casa rosada )pink house) like the white house , were the president work. i saw the balcony that evita and madonna spoke to the crowd. it is really funny becuase everyday down that street there are always protest. the locals are so use to it. the protests blocks a block and there are many people with signs ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 25th 2005

hey guys. as i am writing this, i feel guilty becuase i have not seen much of the city. i waste all my energy going to school and going out at night. i think once the brazillians leave (the end of this week) it will die down. it is hard to get a good night sleep becuase the mattresses are so thin and nobody really goes to bed until at least 3am. then i have to wake up around 8 15 for school. last weekend was coldest it has been this winter. i ended up going to a bar´and disco called sahara (egyptian theme) in the recolata. I definitly recommend. it has two floors the main one is samba latin rythm music while the top is current dance music. okay, here is my really embarrasing story. ... read more
the door
view from the window

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 23rd 2005

well guys, i made it to buenos aires. i can not believe that i have been here for a week. time went by so fast. the city is wonderful. sure it does suck that i gave up my summer to go to winter and try and learn spanish, but honestly i could not be happier. i am staying in the middle of the city next to the congress building. in my residence hall, hay muchas personas from everywhere. there are probably about 22 people living here. mainly brazillians from sao paulo or rio. there are also three english girls (one of them just graduated at the top of her class at oxford), one girl from luxembourge, one guy from germany, one irish, and then 4 other americans. they are all so nice and we are one ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires June 27th 2005

Hola de Buenos Aires! Yes, I am still alive and well, in the Paris of South America. I´ve been here two weeks and have had lots of adventures, even though they´re not quite what I envisioned... But that´s life, huh? Finally found an apartment, which was more of a struggle than I had imagined in the first place. My aunt and uncle were my life savers, negotiating and helping us find the PERFECT apartment in Palermo, right by the botanical gardens and other beautiful parks, which is where I had originally opted for. I really love it- it is quintessential Buenos Aires chic and authentic, which I think offers more than Recoleta with its Ritziness. But this is just my personal opinion. Keyboards here are possessed - i´ve resorted to typing with two or three ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires June 26th 2005

My three weeks here in Buenos Aires seems to have flown by. It seems like only yesterday that I left Melbourne and the six months I´ll be spending in South America doesn´t seem like the huge amount of time that it first did. My life in Buenos Aires revolves around Spanish classes at the moment. I´m enrolled in a school in the city, in one of the main streets. After a brief test (which I flunked) they slotted me into the ´Basic´ level. I´m studying with a Korean girl (Heain), an American girl (Maddie) and another Australian girl (Georgia). The classes have been really great and I´ve got a lot out if it. I´ve progressed from saying single words to saying full sentences. As a result, I've decided to stay on in Buenos Aires for another ... read more
San Telmo
San Telmo
San Telmo


South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires June 15th 2005

The time has been flying by and I will be moving out of my apartment in less than a week. My next stop is Peru, maybe Bolivia (if their political situation continues to improve and the roads remain open), and then Brazil and the south of Argentina. I'm going to miss Buenos Aires but am excited to continue my travels and see some more of South America. It's beginning to feel a little more like fall here as the temperature begins to drop, and it has been raining the past few days as well. Apparently the winters here in Buenos Aires are similar to Southern California winters, and never really drop below 50 degrees. I've finally discovered how the people are not starving by the time they go out to dinner at 10 or 11pm. In ... read more
Palermo viejo park

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires June 10th 2005

I have arrived safe and well in Buenos Aires. My plane flew in at 5pm on Monday night. I couldn´t see anything coming in because the air was so thick with what I thought was rain. It turned out to be the humidity. When I took my first breaths outside, the air was thick and smelt spicy, like cigars. This could have been because I was walking in the smoke trail of someone actually smoking a cigar, but I thought it was very romantic. The air now doesn´t actually smell that romantic, just the usual smell of any large city; exhaust. My shuttle bus took me to the ´Milhouse Hostel´ where I stayed in a dorm for the next three nights. The hostel was nice and clean (which I have since realised I didn´t appreciate enough ... read more
Casa Rosada

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires June 10th 2005

Leaving South America remained a very abstract concept until I sat down on the plane for my flight from Quito to Lima. It all became very real at that point and I relaxed, happy to deliver myself into the care of the flight crew. I love flying but this would be a bit of a test, even for me. Due to some naïve decisions, made with the help of my travel agent over a year ago, I was looking down the barrel of fifty hours in transit. My flight had been booked with the requirement that I arrive and depart the continent via Buenos Aires. The only problem with this plan was the fact that I finished my adventuring in Quito, Ecuador - about as far away as you can get from the Argentinean capital. So, ... read more
Galapagos Cow
Way back in Bolivia
Cusco Bar

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires June 7th 2005

Hola, well after an extremely smooth 11 1/2 hour flight we landed in Buenos Aires early afternoon. Had stunning views of the snow laden peaks of the Andes well above the clouds as we passed over. It was 26deg on arrival, the 1st fine day in over a week. Passed thru customs ok, and then took a taxi into the city to our Hostel. Now I thought Italian drivers were crazy, but this guy who spoke as much english as we spoke spanish, only knew one speed and thought the road was his!!!!!! Spent the afternoon wandering the city along narrow sidewalks and avoiding the crazy drivers on the road. The Plaza de Mayo is the central area and home to too many pigeons. Viwed the Pink Presidential Palace and the balcony from where Evita used ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires June 6th 2005

Thursday After getting home from work eating quickly and packing my bag, Jennie accompanied me to the bus station near the house to get on a TurBus to Santiago to meet up with Emi. It was a shorter day at work due to the protest that was taking place, therefore I was able to get ready and head out for the weekend adventure with Emi a little earlier than planned. I arrived at Pajaritos and took the metro to Baquedano (sp) and thought I was on the right track getting to Dave and Brian's apartment until I couldn't remember what exit to take out of the subway station. Emi had first offered to meet me at either the bus stop at Pajaritos or at the stop by Dave's apartment, but I was convinced I could ... read more
The Pink House
Not Sure
Argentinean Pride

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