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North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore November 4th 2013

I have gone back to school to get my Mates license. I will be spending the next two years between classes in Baltimore and working on Tugboats in the NorthEast. I will come out on the other end with my 1600 ton Mate of Towing License then get my Masters of Towing. I am attending classes at the Maritime Institute of Technologies And Graduate Studies, MITAGS, and obtaining my sea time aboard The Vane Brothers tug boats. The first three weeks of class we learned what to expect when we get underway and also all the ways we can loose limbs, burn up in a fire, drown, and die from hypotherma too! I had a two week "vacation" at home waiting on the Coast Guard to issue my documents, thanks to the governmment shutdown, and now ... read more
Fire fighting gear
Real deal fire fighting
After passing assessment

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore May 17th 2013

My day started at about 3:30 a.m. when I got up showered and got ready to head to the airport to fly to Baltimore Maryland to start my long awaited DM Diners cruise. I was able to make my flight with Southwest Airlines and left DIA at 6:00 am Denver time and got to Baltimore airport at around 11:15 AM. Baltimore time. I had to stick around the airport and wait for Marsha to come in as we were going to travel to the hotel together. Her flight ended up being about a 1/2 hour late but she finally made it safe and sound. We got our shuttle and headed to the hotel where we were going to stay for a couple of nights before actually leaving on our cruise. Our shuttle driver was very rude ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore October 22nd 2012

This was a stressful start to what will hopefully be an awesome adventure. I was so excited about my $140 one-way ticket- too bad they won't let you into Panama with a one way ticket. I sold part of my soul for a way more expensive one-way return flight, while my dad haggled with the Spirit Airlines reservation associate. But hey, I made it to my gate. Now I'm sitting at gate 13C next to an adorable little Indian girl with a puppy purse and cute little riding shoes... Nothing like little kids to brighten my mood:)... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore October 8th 2012

This morning we checked out of the hotel but left our bags there whilst we did some final sightseeing. We both enjoyed the tour of the Capitol building so much that we went back there again. We had a different guide and heard some different information and saw the old Supreme Court on this tour so we both enjoyed it. After the tour, we went through the Botanic Gardens beside the Capitol and then caught a taxi to the Spy Museum. This museum was great fun and had interactive exhibits and lots of things on display from lipstick guns to lock picking sets, to fake glasses. It provided information of basic spy techniques and also stories of real situations. After this, we caught a cab back to the hotel to collect our luggage and then ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore August 4th 2012

Kære alle derhjemme i kolde Danmark. Tiden går og vi har rundet en måned i staterne, og alligevel er der så lang tid igen. Vi er nået rigtigt langt på den måned, som har taget os fra sydens varme op til nordens... ja, varme! Vi sveder stadig i temperaturer på 30+, så alt friturefedtet render ud af os, ligeså hurtigt som det kommer ind. Sidste indlæg blev skrevet i Memphis, Tennessee, som føles pokkers langt væk allerede, selvom det kun er et par uger siden. Endnu et par uger som har budt på action og oplevelser, men heldigvis ikke flere bilskift! Faxe holder endnu, og han gør det godt. Efter nogle dage i Memphis gik turen til Nashville - Music City! Et nærmere kig på byen afslørede da også et væld af barer og musiksteder, der ... read more
Great Smoky Mountains
Smuk udsigt fra øverste etage.


North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore September 26th 2011

One thing that I learned early in my adjusting career is that every state produces wine, some good some bad. Lots of bad to find the nuggets of good. I’ve probably written about our wine tastings, well I try to buy wine from wherever I am for the next wine tasting. And so it is here in Maryland, I figured that if Virginia wines are good then Maryland must be ok too. I’d heard about a wine festival on TV, advertised that lots of Maryland Wineries would be there, lots of food and crafts. I thought it might be fun to do a wine tasting ourselves, eat some good food and buy some Christmas Presents at the craft show. As it turned out we were really late as I had claims in DC. Dolly went sightseeing ... read more
Inside the tasting

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore » Inner Harbor August 29th 2011

What a day that I hope to not relive any time soon! Last night was not good. I was really concerned about how today would work out so didn’t sleep well. Then the wine I’d bought was way too sweet and fizzy, YUCK! It was a Virginia wine but not a good one so I really couldn’t drink much. I had 4 appointments set up for today but 1st had to drive from Fredericksburg to Baltimore about a 2 hour drive. I left late so knew that although I’d be within the range I gave, I’d be later than I wanted. Fortunately, roads were not busy so I flew on my way and got to my first appointment on time. By afternoon I’d checked both of the bank accounts and my advance was not there. I ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore August 20th 2011

We had a lazy start to the day and Stacy was our tour guide to the sights and delights of Baltimore, what a lovely city, the harbour area was really pretty and we walked around and over to the old area with all its little cobbled streets and original houses etc. We heard the news from 1814 from the town crier!! And then potched around some of the quirky little shops before catching the water taxi back over to the harbour area. We then watched fudge being made (which involved lots of audience participation, singing and jokes) but didn’t get any as Howard was too tight to pay for it! We then managed to buy a sat nav for when we hire the car and we were all knackered so went back to Stacy’s for a ... read more
Lighthouse at Baltimore

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore August 12th 2011

After a fairytale wedding and a relaxing week at the beach with the McCarty/Link family - Brian and I started our journey to Australia for Honeymoon Part II. We left for BWI airport at at 4 PM to catch our 6 PM flight to LAX. The plane ride was uneventful - which I guess is the best possible type of plane ride to have! Upon arriving in LA - we had a couple hours to kill before catching the 15 hour 30 minute flight to Sydney, Australia. The only highlight of this lull was seeing the guitarist, Dave Navarro, in the airport. He's the one who wears a ton of make up and used to be married to Carmen Electra. Anyway, our flight to Sydney took off at 11:30 PM on Tuesday night. We flew the ... read more
Let the Party Begin!
First Dance

This morning started off with a breakfast of granola bars and milk as the hotel did not have complimentary breakfast. The full size refrigerator came in handy to keep a gallon of milk that we bought yesterday. After breakfast, we walked to our next hotel (just a few blocks away) and dropped off our luggage. The hotel hopping was necessary because of the various deals that popped up over the last month--sometimes you can only find certain days on sale. Our second stay is at the Mount Vernon Hotel near Baltimore's Washington Memorial. This was an exceptional deal as I was able to take advantage of Expedia's Best Price Guarantee . They had the hotel for $104.30/night, and it was $104.29 at Priceline. Because of this 1 cent difference, Expedia gave me a $50 voucher towards ... read more
Looking through the cooling towers
The coolest B&N

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