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North America » United States » Georgia » Augusta April 14th 2014

I am watching the Masters Golf Tournament on TV right now. Big Bubba has a three stroke lead. The excitement seems to be missing. This tournament needs Tiger and Phil battling through Amen Corner on the back nine on Sunday. But here are some recollections of that fine day back in 2007 or so. I went to the Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National a few years ago. Augusta appeared to me as an old white ghetto, sort of backwards, and simple, with lots of old buildings, faded neon signs, and the typical food chains lining the business district. Camped in the middle of this simplicity and country style living, is the magnificent Augusta National Golf Course. Among its members are Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Boone Pickens, and Jack Welch. Since 1934, they have hosted The ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Acworth March 25th 2014

3/25/2014 - Headed home today. NO PLACE LIKE HOME, If you like camping then High Falls is a pretty park. We go a pull through for $25.00 large enough we did not have to drop the little truck.... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Jackson March 24th 2014

3/24/2014 - Today Aleta and Shelby headed for High Falls State Park, GA while Jack and Barbara are headed to Rebecca, GA. Shelby T and Aleta have heard a lot about High Falls, so on the way home we are going to check it out. Jack and Barbara have a friend in Rebecca, so are going to stop there for a visit. Will be a long day as it is 365 or so miles to High Falls. Shelby T stopped in Florida to cash in his last two of the 44 lottery tickets he received on their 44th wedding anniversary. Stopped for fuel at exit 201 in Georgia, Flying J. Had supper at Dennys there. Then went back to exit 198 to High Falls State Park. Not a lot of TV available, to cold to sit ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Hiawassee March 17th 2014

I am from Florida. It is warm most of the time. Our rain is usually a warm rain. My friend, Danny, and I made plans to go camping in North Georgia. I kept checking the weather. It was supposed to be in the 40s (°F) with a big chance of very light rain. I could totally handle this, right? From the comfort of my dry and warm home, I will tell you of our wet and cold, adventurous weekend of camping and chasing waterfalls. The first day of our trip showed real promise. With three hours of sleep, we left on time at 5:30am. The nine hour haul (or nap time for me) went smoothly. When we arrived at Enota Mountain Retreat in the early afternoon, Danny began to tell me about the waterfall we'd be ... read more
Day 1 - Our campsite.
Day 1 - Our dinner.
Day 2 - Proof that it was cold!

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta March 13th 2014

Atlanta, GA - After a smooth flight and a rocky landing in the crosswind, we made it to Atlanta in great spirits. The residents think we're half way of two flights done. After a quick lunch, we split up and a few of us are at the Delta Sky Club courtesy of our fearless leader. Good place to relax, charge up and get some internet access...and Garrett popcorn. Three and half more hours and then some serious flying. Jacob has homework...fiendishly writing to finish before we board so he can download it to his professor. Still waiting for Paul Chen to join us from SFO. Then we'll be the Magnificent Seven!!... read more
Jacob, Evan and Blake
Sky Club on the Ground


North America » United States » Georgia » Brunswick February 27th 2014

2/27/2014 - Got up this morning and rode to Savanah first to the Eighth Air Force Museum, Savanah River Walk and Speed's Kitchen. The Eighth Air Force Museum is definitely a good see. If around Savanah go to the museum. Had lunch at Sonic :-). Did the Savanah River Walk - very interesting, the old buildings, the small shops, the restaurants, and such. Earlier, Mike Paul had given Shelby T and autographed copy of his book, "Bridge Over Cedar Creek'. Very good read, Mike has a unique writing style where you feel as if you are in the story with him. Mike, Diane, and two of their friends - Steve and Vickie met us at Speed's Kitchen. If you are anywhere around Shellman's Bluff/Townsend, GA this is a must stop. The restaurant is several classroom trailer ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Brunswick February 26th 2014

2/262014 - Got up to rain this morning. Shelby left the grill out last night and we had a visitor of some sort. The grill was open, the grate turned catawampus, and the drip pan removed. Interesting guessing what paid a visit. Park has changed little since our visit in 2011. Rabbits and rabbit crossing signs gone now. The last time we were here there we many many rabbits running around the park. Shelby T read some today while Aleta worked on Branson's star blanket. Branson is our second great grandson to be. Aleta put on pork roast for supper and it was AWESOME!! We had ri... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Brunswick February 25th 2014

2/25/2014 - Left Laura S Walker State Park headed for Blythe Island County RV Park. Jack and Shelby rode back to Nahunta, GA to check out the smokers made by Lang's. Some very nice smokers there. Added to wishbook. Aleta and Barbara made a WalMart run. Had the neighbors, Mike and Diane over for a drink while we were grilling supper. Shelby T lost $200.00 today, believe the new bills were stuck together when he paid at the liquor store. Had grilled/bbq chicken, potatoes, and beans for supper provided by Jack and Barbara. Aleta crocheted until midnight. No Pics... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Waycross February 24th 2014

2/24/2014 - Started the day off with a walk in the RV park, picked up parking pass, and a walking stick with medallion. Went to Okefenokee Swamp. Took the boat and train tour - $53.50 for both Aleta and I. Went to WalMart for fixin's for Jalapeno burgers on the grill. Played cards now 2 to 2. Pics on phone and have not figured out how to get them to the computer. Sorry.... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Waycross February 23rd 2014

Left today for Waycross, Ga to meet up with Jack and Barbara Waldrop. Staying 2 nights at Laura S Walker State Park. Jack preparing supper for when we arrive. Arrived at the park at 7:30pm after stopping at Steak and Shake for lunch and getting somewhat lost at the park entrance. If you go there, the park is directly behind the sign for the park. You turn into the park, the road does not run through the park. Jack fixed hamburger helper and scali bread. Yum Yum. Played cards and women won 1, men won 1.... read more

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