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If you ever wondered what three guys would buy at the grocery store before starting a road trip, this is what we bought: Three two feet long sandwiches A pack of granola bars A couple bananas The biggest peanut butter format One sandwich bread One pack of cheap cookies 2L of water and orange juice Three donuts So, with what we thought was food for the next week. We sat in our rental car, A Chevy Aveo. We sat there for a couple minute eating what would become our favorite meal in the next weeks, peanut butter and banana sandwich. We were sitting in complete silence thinking about the same thing, how can we look sharp driving a damn Aveo. I can't remember when we left, but a couple hours later we were on the 93, ... read more
edge of the world.
one heck of a drop
The Grand Canyon

Sun, 3 June We left Jacob Lake, heading for the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We drove past the beautiful Vermillion Cliffs to the Navajo Bridge crossing the Colorado River at Marble Canyon. The river is a striking green color here as it passes through the red canyon. We saw rafts on the river and wished we were down there doing that. At Cameron we turned west toward the Desert View/East entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. After setting up camp in Desert View campground, which didn’t take long as there are no hookups, we went to Desert View visitor center and the Watchtower. After a few pictures we drove west toward Grand Canyon Village, stopping at several overlooks along the way. In the village we managed to find the kennel so Bob could make ... read more
Vermillion cliffs
Vermillion Cliffs
Navajo Bridge

Day 34: South Rim of the Grand Canyon Today was adventure day! We put Milo in the kennel for the day so that we could take the shuttle bus west from the Village. (They won't allow dogs on the bus) Kerry and Gena wanted to hike at least part way down the Bright Angel Trail and they wanted to do it while is was relatively cool - - they finally found the trail head and started down about 11 AM. Charlie and Bob stayed at the top to take pictures of them coming back up. While waiting, we got to see three condors, one of them in flight! Kerry and Gena went down the trail a little over a mile and came back up - - we figure that they went down about 1000-1300 ft vertically. ... read more
Condor in flight
Gena and Kerry
Trail at the end of their

We got to the Canyon at 11am. Perfect time to find a campground at Desert View. We went for a 8km (6 miles) hike. It was more than amazing!!! Not even pictures could capture this beauty! After the hike, we watched to sunset. And Blaise, the song goes "Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!" not "hey! DJ!" :D We miss you!... read more
All that's left of Blaise
Flinstone Camp
We met UMass Maxim and his sister! By accident! In the Grand Canyon!

We closed up the campers and left Bob and Gena’s rig and our camper at the campground in Glendale while we drove to Cedar Breaks National Monument. The road was a constant climb to over 10,000’. At the visitor center we got our first glimpse; a condensed version of Bryce Canyon, with hoodoos, wonderful colors and layers and great vistas of surrounding mountain ranges and valleys. The visitor center and overlook were at 10,350’, which left me feeling a little breathless. After taking tons of pictures and listening to a ranger tell us about the geology of Cedar Breaks, we drove back to get our campers and move on. We drove south to Kanab then on to Jacob Lake, first through lush green canyons, then high desert. After setting up at the campground at Camper Village, ... read more
Navajo Lake
They have an arch


Day 32 Part 2: North Rim of the Grand Canyon We drove to the North Rim and went first to Roosevelt Overlook, which faces east about half way out to Cape Royal. It was getting late and we wanted to get to the visitors center before they closed, so we turned around, went to Point Imperial, which also looks to the east. Then went to to the visitors center where Gena and Charlie got patches and stamped. Bob took the path out to Bright Angel Point - - his knees were vibrating big time! Narrow trail, narrow bridges with no guard rails, windy,and BEAUTIFUL, even in the late afternoon sun. Saw lots of deer on the way back to Jacob Lake.... read more
Sight from Bright Angel Pt
View of Grand Canyon
View from Point Imperial

NORTH RIM OF THE GRAND CANYON Thursday, May 17th 8:20 and 59 degrees. Starting mileage is 26178. North Rim Campground. Valerie and I had decided that since both of us had been the South Rim many times, and since neither of us had been to the North Rim, we would visit the North Rim on this trip. Boy, are we glad we did!! What a difference there is in the two sides. The south side approach is covered with desert vegetation whereas the north rim is about 1000 feet higher and covered in forest. A person could be walking in the forest and just come to the edge of the Canyon with no warning at all. The Park roads run right along the edge of the Canyon so you have great views. On the ... read more
512-151 A view from  Bright Angel Point
512-152 Looking back toward Bright Angel Point
512-153 View from Bright Angel Point Trail (A)

Off before breakfast this morning for a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. A bit chilly this morning so had to put a fleece on, probably because we are still at 7,000ft altitude. The sun is out however and by 10am it will be mid 70's in the shade. We were supposed to be at the airport for 7-30am for an 8-00am flight, unfortunately our pilot did not turn up until 8-30am. We did eventually get going and after 10 minutes in the air we went over the rim of the Grand Canyon. A helicopter flight is the best way to view the Canyon (if a little expensive) but it is impossible to describe the scene.The Canyon is 250 miles long 14.5 miles across and a mile deep. It just leaves you awestruck at the scale ... read more
Colorado River from helicopter
Dinah on South Rim

We went to see the Circque de Soleil Love Show last night. It was FANTASTIC! Based on the Beatles songs, it was fast moving and dramatic with acrobatics, dance, skating and high wire sequences There was so much going on -on stage and above in the roof it was difficult to know where to look. We wished we could go back and watch it again tonight to check out any bits we missed. The costumes were part 60's and70's and part fantasy. I think the most amazing sequence was the high wire act to the song Lucy in the sky with diamonds when a girl dancer/acrobat swooped from a star spangled roof and danced/flew hanging from a bungy sort of rope. Truly amazing and totally indescribable. Bob kept knocking my arm and pointing, he was speechless. ... read more
Elk at Hotel

I will never forget my first view of Grand Canyon. It is so big!! There are Red to pink to grey walls that are all in perfect layers. You can not describe or photograph it. You have to experience it first hand. Two billion years of rocks set in perfect order, newest 250 million on the rim to nearly 2 billion in the bottom of the canyon boggles the mind. Thursday night we arrived late and we set up camp it was dark. Mather Campground was a little crowded but our spot was all by it self in a pine forest (perfect). On Friday, Debi and I descended into the canyon at South Kaibab trailhead. We descended 1000 ft in 1.5 miles (and then climbed up). The canyon is almost vertical in spots so the ... read more
Bright Angel
Grand Canyon
Looking up from the canyon

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