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NORTH RIM OF THE GRAND CANYON Thursday, May 17th 8:20 and 59 degrees. Starting mileage is 26178. North Rim Campground. Valerie and I had decided that since both of us had been the South Rim many times, and since neither of us had been to the North Rim, we would visit the North Rim on this trip. Boy, are we glad we did!! What a difference there is in the two sides. The south side approach is covered with desert vegetation whereas the north rim is about 1000 feet higher and covered in forest. A person could be walking in the forest and just come to the edge of the Canyon with no warning at all. The Park roads run right along the edge of the Canyon so you have great views. On the ... read more
512-151 A view from  Bright Angel Point
512-152 Looking back toward Bright Angel Point
512-153 View from Bright Angel Point Trail (A)

Off before breakfast this morning for a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. A bit chilly this morning so had to put a fleece on, probably because we are still at 7,000ft altitude. The sun is out however and by 10am it will be mid 70's in the shade. We were supposed to be at the airport for 7-30am for an 8-00am flight, unfortunately our pilot did not turn up until 8-30am. We did eventually get going and after 10 minutes in the air we went over the rim of the Grand Canyon. A helicopter flight is the best way to view the Canyon (if a little expensive) but it is impossible to describe the scene.The Canyon is 250 miles long 14.5 miles across and a mile deep. It just leaves you awestruck at the scale ... read more
Colorado River from helicopter
Dinah on South Rim

We went to see the Circque de Soleil Love Show last night. It was FANTASTIC! Based on the Beatles songs, it was fast moving and dramatic with acrobatics, dance, skating and high wire sequences There was so much going on -on stage and above in the roof it was difficult to know where to look. We wished we could go back and watch it again tonight to check out any bits we missed. The costumes were part 60's and70's and part fantasy. I think the most amazing sequence was the high wire act to the song Lucy in the sky with diamonds when a girl dancer/acrobat swooped from a star spangled roof and danced/flew hanging from a bungy sort of rope. Truly amazing and totally indescribable. Bob kept knocking my arm and pointing, he was speechless. ... read more
Elk at Hotel

I will never forget my first view of Grand Canyon. It is so big!! There are Red to pink to grey walls that are all in perfect layers. You can not describe or photograph it. You have to experience it first hand. Two billion years of rocks set in perfect order, newest 250 million on the rim to nearly 2 billion in the bottom of the canyon boggles the mind. Thursday night we arrived late and we set up camp it was dark. Mather Campground was a little crowded but our spot was all by it self in a pine forest (perfect). On Friday, Debi and I descended into the canyon at South Kaibab trailhead. We descended 1000 ft in 1.5 miles (and then climbed up). The canyon is almost vertical in spots so the ... read more
Bright Angel
Grand Canyon
Looking up from the canyon

We spent the night at the Maswik Lodge on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The sunset over the canyon was magnificent and so much different than I remember as a child. The lodge was very comfy and Jane really liked how Eco-friendly the whole Grand Canyon Village was. All of the lodges and restaurants were completely set up to reuse, recycle and reclaim everything from water to trash. Fresh Grand Canyon Spring water was available everywhere and it tasted wonderful. We had a very relaxed picnic lunch along the rim the next day. The weather was clear and the views across the canyon at midday were even more spectacular. It was amazing how many foreigners were at the overlooks, at times it seemed like we were the only English speakers there. We forget that ... read more
Grand Canyon 003
Grand Canyon 010
Grand Canyon 032


So the trip to the grand canyon was remarkable for the hoover dam which was pretty cool, and for the stretch of route 66 we got to drive, and for the Arizona landscape in evening light. We stopped for a supper at this total route 66 bar called the Road Kill, yard all full of rusted car bodies and various old american things. Inside, stuffed animals and branding irons and dollar bills all over the walls and cieling. And then a blonde woman at the bar brings out this steel guitar covered in bronze flames and starts singing Niel Young. And then an old cowboy type sits with her, and together they played. It was so cool, there were just a few of us watching, Alex sang Cocaine Blues with him, it was just perfect. Fish ... read more

My very good friend Philip Wood once told me that while travelling you will have “wow” moments and he judged this by listening to people’s reactions as they entered a site. I trust Philip’s conclusion as he has also taught me to make some magnificent drinks – like a Negroni at the Winter Palace in Luxor. So with this in mind I think today may rate as a “wow day” although Philip may be less keen on my drink on hand as I write – a cheap can of Miller from the convenience store across the road. At present I am in a cabin situated in the woods that line the South Rim of the canyon. We have just returned from experiencing sunset over the canyon, which just reinforced the beauty of this natural wonder of ... read more
Sheriiff's Car

In the middle of desert and endless canyons, I saw a structure that just popped up our of nowhere. It was a lighthouse in the Grand Canyon. Maybe the Native Indians built this structure. Inside, it was filled with Native American's drawings. Pretty cool place to visit.... read more

Maybe because I traveled too much to get to Grand Canyon. When I saw the view of Grand Canyon, I was dulled from all the changing sceneries from the trip that spectacular view of Grand Canyon diminished. However, it was still a natural wonders of the wonder. I was amused in my thought that this place was once under the vast ocean. If you look at the canyon's layer, you can still find remnants of the sea shells and creatures.... read more

Monday 5th December Out to the airport by 9.30am to pick up a car and say fond farewells to Wendy and Peter before driving off on Highway 17 towards snowy Flagstaff! We were hoping the roads wouldn’t be too bad as there were reports on the TV of 4” of snow at Flagstaff! It soon turned into a beautiful sunny day, if somewhat cold and we soon climbed up another 2000ft to 4000ft and onto a high plateau! Quite a lot of snow in the shade and where the sun hadn’t melted it but the roads were very clear! Our first stop was Montezuma Castle, which is a high cave dwelling up in the rocks dating back to the Aztecs in 1100 AD. Had a wander around the short trail (the sky was soooo blue!) and ... read more
Montezuma Castle
Oak Tree Canyon

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