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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto April 30th 2005

So I'm setting up this journal with the plan to use it as a place to keep record of my adventures for the next four months. Right now, its my last night at home - training starts tomorrow, i'll be in toronto for a week and then off to Tamale. This is just a test entry to make sure everything's working... lets see how it goes :) ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto April 26th 2005

So it's the night before the big trip. I've just been visiting with my friend Adam and my family so far and the reality of this trip has really not set in yet. I'm almost sure that I'll wake up tomorrow and be back in Victoria. Aside from disbelief, there's definate anxiety. I know that my grandfather can't remember everything anymore and I know my family sees me as responsible for looking after him while I'm gone. But I'm not planning on limiting his activities. In fact, I see my main responsibiliy as making sure he rips it up while we're over there. If something bad happens I'll be there to help him out but otherwise I'm going as his friend. As someone who will respect him. I'm excited as well. I'm going to learn so ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto April 24th 2005

I have to admit that I felt a lack of enthusiam for this upcoming trip. Perhaps its because I've already been to Toronto, New York and Italy but there are always new adventures to be found in familiar territories. Albert and I went to the Royal Ontario Museum as it was free on fridays. There were decent roman, greek and egyptian collections but that seemed to be the highlight of the museum. I didn't see a lot of Canada's history (perhaps thats in another museum). One random thing I did learn, that I'll share to enhance your trivial knowledge, is that all people, at the end of the 1500s, ate with their fingers or with the knives that they carried as their personal possessions at all times (spoons were graciously provided by the host). It was ... read more
Distillery District

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto April 18th 2005

So here I am - four days in to my trip and I've enjoyed every second so far. There's so much to tell you all because there has been so much happening since we set off on Friday. I think I've done more things in four days than I would normally do in six months! Day 1: Flew from Heathrow to Toronto. Pretty uneventful flight and we landed about 15 minutes early. We were at our (very presentable) hostel by 4pm local time and we were in a room for four. We later met our first room mate of the trip, Kumar. That agternoon we went up the CN Tower where my fear of heights of heights was given a good test (I swear the tower was swaying in the wind...). Had a few beers after, ... read more
CN Tower
American Falls
Horsehshoe Falls 1

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 18th 2005

So, this site seems to work pretty well. Thanks for checking it out. I just finished cleaning up my e-mail account, and that got me thinking about how many connections we all have to other people, all over the place. I hope that this helps me maintain and strengthen some of the connections I've made, and that it helps me make some new ones, but mostly I hope its interesting and entertaining for y'all every once in a while. I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that I'll soon deposit my last paycheck, upload a photo of yours truly, and go to a party with my sister Stephanie...What a day! Oh yeah, I bought our bus tickets yesterday, for me and my brother Matt. We leave next Monday, Feb 21st. We'll go from Toronto-Detroit,MI -Cinncinati,OH -Nashville,TN ... read more


North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto December 7th 2004

Airline Tickets Purchased United Airlines Toronto=Chicago-Tokyo-Bangkok ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto December 7th 2004

We are back in Toronto and all considered, we had more fun than we anticipated. The heat in Bangkok and it's environs wore us down, as we prefer walking. This is the pace that allows us to absorb experiences of sights, sounds and smells. We decided not to go to the beaches of Southern Thailand. We slowed down to enjoy urban experiences. Tours were around Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Northern Thiland. Things we enjoyed in Bangkok 1) We stuck with Old Bangkok and once we adapted to the frenzy, we took the non air conditioned Canadian 12 cent or 4 Baht Buses. Do not miss the complexes of temples around the Golden Palace. We walked to it from the Khaosan Road area and took the bus back.Enjoyed a one hour Thai massage at the Temple ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto November 10th 2004

I am Dennis and my wife Celine and I are past our mid 50's; retired on a fixed income and this will be our first trip to Thailand and S.E. Asia. While raising our kids, we rarely left North America. For this first 22 day trip, we have 3 objectives: 1) Enjoy the cultural experience close to what middle class Thai would. 2) Stick with 2 star hotels, as long as they are clean and conveniently located. 3) Avoid burning rubber or running all over the country to touch as many tourist spots for the $ we spend. We picked United Airlines to fly Toronto-Chicago-Tokyo (Narita)- Bangkok. It was the least expensive at approx $1350 / person incl. taxes. However it includes 13 hour and 7 hour flight segments. Ouch! says our lower backs! We have ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 27th 2004

Well i arrived in Toronto what seems like forever ago, the airport was busy, my little sister was freakin out big time and we got attacked by a random taxi driver who grabbed my bags and bombed it to his car (with us in hot persuit may i add) Anyway we made it too our hostel bang in the mid of China town and i was blown away. It's one of the craziest places i've ever been. Millions of people, strange smells and the heat was killin me. After a few days i reckoned i'd settled in pretty well and had sussed out down town (which is awesome). I was gettin more impressed by the minute that i'd chosen to study here. Did all the sightseeing like the CN tower, a baseball game, shopping, Niagara on ... read more
Fiona  my little sister
The CN Tower
Best of both worlds

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 1st 2004

Pearson Int'l (YYZ) Toronto, CANADA 1 July 2004 (Canada Day) Our gateway out of Canada. Check In Checked my bag and managed not to give sarcastic answers to the check-in girl. "Did you pack these bags yourself?" -No, a middle-eastern guy did. Funny he knew exactly what to bring... Departures Saying goodbye to my family was painless and surprisingly devoid of saddness. I wondered if I was dead inside but soon enough I had to pass security. I think I was the only one not patted down - maybe you had to pay extra for that. If we were hoping for a good omen (which is unlikely) we'd have been dissapointed by the diabotical thunderstorm. Aparently flying a giant metal plane through lightning doesn't deter the budget airlines from timely arrivals becuase there was no delay. ... read more

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