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Middle East » Turkey September 22nd 2006

Turkey is a country that completely captivated my soul and stimulated my senses. Out of the some odd 25 foreign countries that I have been to in my life, Turkey is by far and away my favorite. Within its borders lie everything a traveler could want. The west is full of beautiful beaches, amazing archaeological sites, and plenty of opportunities to party the night away. As you cross over to the eastern part of the country you discover an undiscovered treasure full of a very rich and exotic middle eastern culture (Turkey boarders Syria, Iraq, and Iran). However, the area is void of any type of tourism and tourist leaving the culture and daily interactions real and the traveling a true experience. I have never had such an authentic experience . . . i was seeing ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk September 22nd 2006

Well we managed to not only wake up on time to pack but early... wýth time to have a morning coffee (instant unfortunately) and enjoy an almost warm shower... Downside was in our relaxed departure Ez managed to leave his glasses behind (Well I assume thats where they are, as to the best of my knowledge theyre not in my bag! Very calm and uneventful hour and a ½ ferry ride... arriving in Turkey at about 10.30ish... Very excited as we saw the turkish looking landscape and structures appear ýnfront of us, only to arrive in Kusadaki to be in for a bit of a shock... We were met by a guy from the place we'd half thought about staying at - Goldern Bed Pension, to be escourted by his nephew to our room (We dont ... read more
All roads lead to Rome... well almost
Empress Lex...
Lex finds an animal to touch...

Middle East » Israel » West Bank September 22nd 2006

The day I met Mary was a usual warm middle eastern summer day. The air was dusty even though the sky was dark blue competing with the intense yellow-brown of the sunscorched palestinian scenery. I didn't sleep too long that long morning since the Mu'azzin summoned muslim residents of the old city to start the day with the obligatory salAt, the morning prayer which usually starts before dawn. After the prayer call I tossed and turned in my bed and eventually I decided to get up and have a cool morning shower before having a look around town. Impressions were magical and amazed me over and over. It became noon and I decided to take a trip to the other side of the "wall" that separates the palestinian territory the westbank from the rest of the ... read more

Middle East » Turkey September 21st 2006

Although we were geographical “right next door”, it took us 2 days to reach Bodrum, Turkey, via ferry from Sifnos Island to Siros Island to Kos Island to Bodrum. We thought island hopping our way there would be fun and since the ferries traveled at night, we could save some money on accommodations. At 3 PM, we rode our scooter down to the Sifnos dock and turned it in, a little worse for wear. We had several hours to waste before the 7 PM ferry to Siros so we sat in an internet café and watched the restaurant owners bring in their umbrellas as the wind swiftly began to pick up. The three weeks we spent on Sifnos had been beautiful with blue skies the whole time, so we joked about the approaching storm and how ... read more
Entering Bodrums Harbor you pass...
I'm envious that we don't have one of these markets in Tucson.
The picture says it all.

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 20th 2006

Well, a travel update I believe is required! After a minor panic that an accident on the M4 might make me late for my flight (in fact I was still about 4 hours early - be prepared thats the motto!) we successfully jetted off to Dubai on the 11th as planned. Any top tip to anyone doing long haul flights, was well impressed with Virgin Atlantic, good old richard branson providing us with lots of goodies and films and alcohol, brilliant stuff! So, after 7 or so hours watching CSI and other random films we arrived to meet our lovely host Simon and his wife for a spot of brekkie before back to their apartment for a looooong sleep. Sleep became a bit of a theme for the week to be honest, because one thing about ... read more
On an Abra!
The Dhows on Dubai Creek
At the beach...for a change!


Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait September 19th 2006

I hope someone read that title and freaked out…... I have been on my little journey for about 3 weeks now o an update is well over due. So, everything is going……. (drumroll) really rather well. I will sum up some basic stuff/events in a few witty-ish bulletpoints: - 45 degrees weather does feel quite normal after a couple of days, I play football sometimes in the midday heat - "Mad dogs and Englishmen" etc, but you get used to it. As long as your're downing 3/4 litres per hour of sport everything seems OK, only collapsed once during sport activities. - Have joined lots of clubs to keep myself busy and sporty (lack of alcohol DOES actually make you more active - I always thought that was a myth). Clubs including Tennis club, local footy ... read more

Middle East » Turkey September 19th 2006

heading further down the West coast I got to a place called Selcuk, which has some old Roman ruins near by in Efes(Ephesus). they were great, and I haven't been to Rome yet so it was nice to get a taste for Roman Architecture. then I cut across through the centre of the country to a place called Pamukkale which was fantastic! they have something in the ground that causes a white sulphur deposit to spill out over the land and it's formed some natural pools. nice to check out more small town Turkey too, the kids here are so cute!... read more
kids from Selcuk
drying their peppers
like I said - everyone smokes!

Middle East » Israel » West Bank » Bethlehem September 19th 2006

So this is sort of a blog within a blog, as it details my daytrip into Bethlehem from Jerusalem, however I figured that since my last blog dealt with Israel, and Bethlehem is clearly not an Israeli city, I should do it separately. I was somewhat nervous about going into the West Bank, given the political situation in the Palestinian territories, however the security situation was stable at the time that I was there, and given that this was probably the best chance I would ever have in my life of seeing Bethlehem, I decided to go for it. Anyway, for those not familiar with it's location, Bethlehem is in the West Bank, just south of Jerusalem. And while people's definitions may vary slightly of what constitutes the West Bank (the Old City of Jerusalem is ... read more
Church of Nativity
Inside of Church 1
Inside of Church 2

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai September 18th 2006

Took a 1 hr flight from Bodrum to Istanbul, then took a 4hr flight from Istanbul to Dubai after a 6 hour wait in Istanbul, which thanks to the HSBC VIP lounge went by very fast,- arrived in Dubai at 12:35am. Kent, an old univeristy friend, was there to pick us up and before we knew it we were cruising down Sheikh Layed Road. When one thinks of Dubai, the Palms and the World projects are first on peoples mind. However, that is just the tip of the ice berg. Dubai is like no other place we have ever been. It is the fastest growing city in the world with a current population of 3 million but its goal is to have 9 million by the year 2010. The temperature is close to unbearable - mid ... read more
Big Red Dune
Billboard of Major Burj Dubai Project
Jumeirah Beach & Burj Al Arab

Middle East » Turkey September 18th 2006

Turkey is the first Muslim country that I've been to, and so far I like it. I think they've still got a bit of work to do before they'll be a part of the EU, but there are a lot of cool things to do and see here for sure. 2weeks wasn't nearly enough time for a decent look around, but I saw quite a lot and got out of there with out buying a carpet so I did allright. I started off with a few days in Istanbul, then headed over to the West to check out Gallipoli and all the ANZAC stuff. I really enjoyed that, and even got picked up by a couple of Turkish guys who showed me all the spots, bought me a t-shirt, drove me back to Gallipoli and bought ... read more
typical Turkish breakfast
Turkey in a shop window
wonky old houses

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