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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Stowmarket March 22nd 2014

Back home safe and sound - great trip.........but good to be back to our own house, looking forward to catching up with everyone.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Yoxford February 7th 2014

Peter and I flew from Bhubaneshwar to Mumbai on Sunday morning and were met by Parakram, the middle son. So lovely to see him again and, like his brothers, looked after me so very well. We stayed at his company's flat in an suburb called Khar West in Mumbai and were looked after there by two lovely chaps who cooked and cleaned and made great tea for us! We hit the floor running and immediately travelled down to the area of Colaba, the main touristy and sightseeing district on the waterfront where the Gateway to India and the Taj Palace Hotel are to be found. Two incredibly beautiful Victorian buildings. We hopped on the ferry to go over to Elephanta Island, and hours trip each way, a World Heritage site famous for its sacred caves and ... read more
Our apartment building in Khar West, Mumbai
Views from my room

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Stowmarket January 28th 2014

Couldn't find yesterday's start-up entry! But Rae assures me that it is there. Trying a photo this time...........guess that it should... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Stowmarket January 28th 2014

Obviously haven't got the hang of this yet.............seemed to lose some text in the last entry - should have read that the picture title ought to be "Maybe we need to start putting stuff in cases!?!". Only 6.5 sleeps now.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Yoxford November 2nd 2013

Hmmmm, Dylan a little reluctant to get up this morning. Do you think he knows he's about to go on a three month holiday to Auntie Sally's in Ipswich today?! Bless, going to miss him :-(... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Yoxford November 1st 2013

...... these lovely Trick or Treaters last night, sorting through a lifetime of old make-up and jewellery (I even found an original Biba eyeshadow - now that dates me!) or packing for three months travel? Had a beer whilst thinking about it! The jury is still out!!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Leiston October 21st 2013

.........when Sunday became a challenge! Sunday was trial packing day: loaded the case, weighed it, 21 kgs (allowed 23kgs), only problem was - there were no clothes in it!! Argh! Unloaded, jettisoned much stuff, reloaded, unloaded, jettisoned more stuff.... Still no hope. Retreated to Sizewell in the sun (sausage bap, chips, latte), returned home.......... still working on the conundrum a day later!! Ho hum..... Methinks 23kgs is not al lot for three months... is it???... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich October 15th 2013

When we arrived at the Suffolk Yacht Harbour (British spelling!) on the Orwell River we didn’t know how long we would be there, the weather was going to dictate that. Fortunately for us we met a couple that live on their boat here who helped us with getting oriented to what is here. Jenny works at the shop and was very helpful in organizing a visit from the Immigration/Customs officers to get us legally checked into the country. Two officers arrived, asked us a few questions, stamped our passports and we are now officially in the UK and can stay for 6 months. We checked the weather and found out that we would be here for a few days. This marina is not in walking distance to a town or any shops, but we found out ... read more
Do You Think We Might Be in the UK?
Double Decker Buses
The Lightship

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Yoxford October 11th 2013

Hello, it's your Christmas card a wee bit early! It is only just over 3 weeks now till I head off on my travels around the world and I do hope you'll join me along the way via this blog. Not sure if I will conquer the technology but hopefully I will manage some pictures and some words about the places I'll be visiting. You should get an email each time I put something on here. I am so excited but packing is proving to be a challenge - 23kilos doesn't seem a lot for 3 months! My first stop will be Florida on 4 November to stay with my dear friends Pauline and Nigel. So, watch this space! :-)... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Felixstowe October 8th 2013

Sometimes you just get lucky. Today’s plan (October 6) was to cross the North Sea from the Netherlands to the UK. We got up at 6AM for a 7AM departure. As is always the rule we started the engine to let it run for about a half hour before we left. Everything was, set, we were just about to cast off the lines when the engine stops. No strange sounds, just silence. We tried to restart, no luck. First thought was no fuel. Last night Bob had switched from fuel tank # 1 to fuel tank # 2. We thought that tank #1 was low & might not make it all the way across as it looked like we were going to have to do some motoring today due to light wind. When Bob checked the ... read more
North Sea Platforms
Container Ships Cross Here Too
A Closer Look

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