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Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Locarno » Ascona April 9th 2014

Locarno, 30. März - 6. April 2014 Pünktlich mit beginn der Sommerzeit starteten wir am Sonntag den 30. März unsere Reisesaison 2014. Wie üblich führte uns unsere erste Reise für ein paar Tage in die Sonnenstube der Schweiz, in das Tessin. Wir fuhren am Sonntag bei herrlichem Sonnenschein gemütlich (ohne störende Lastwagen) via „Axenstrasse“ dem Vierwaldstädtersee entlang und durch den St. Gotthard. Den Tunnel passierten wir so zügig wie noch selten. Beim Südportal lag im Vergleich zum Norden noch viel Schnee. Diesen Winter hatte der Tessin ja jede Menge davon abgekommen. Doch je tiefer wir fuhren desto grüner wurde es. Auch die Temperatur stieg von anfänglich 12 auf bis zu 21°C. In Locarno stehen wir wie immer auf Campingplatz Delta. Nachdem wir unser Wohnmobil abgestellt hatten besuchten wir noch den Kameliengarten, welcher sich neben dem Campingplatz ... read more
Campingplatz Delta in Locarno
Im Tal blühen die Magnolien, die Bergspitzen sind noch schneebedeckt
Annemarie im Kamelienpark

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Winterthur April 3rd 2014

Hi all Bags packed and checked in; one nights sleep and we're on our way to the airport! Next update when were in San Francisco. See you all again soon ... Regards, FamEck... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Winterthur March 28th 2014

We're all getting ready for our long weekend in the USA. But, first things first. After Justin had gastroenteritis and had then passed it on to Noah, Corinne has now just spent the last three days in "bed". None the less, we're starting to pack, getting the house ready, organising a travel blog website ... The next update will most probably be, when we leave for San Francisco ... not sure if I'm looking to a 12h flight with a 3 3/4 and a 1 year old. But, no pain no gain. Regards, FamEck... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva March 10th 2014

Mardi 18 février : Départ de Kabul en direction d’Istanbul. Le vol décolle à 11:30. Regarder 2 films : Captain Philipps et Gravity. Arrive à Istanbul, j’ai 17 heures à attendre, Turkish me fournit la chambre d’hôtel. L’hôtel et la chambre sont correct, mais situe dans le quartier industriel de l’aéroport. Mon repas en terre turque sera un Burger King. C’est un peu drôle, il y a environ 16 ans j’étais venu à Istanbul et j’avais visite la Turquie, c’est comme si je revenais sur mes pas. Mercredi 19 février : Levé a 5 :00. Déjeuner de style buffet. Départ de l’hôtel à 6 :00. Arrive à l’aéroport à 6 :15. Formalités et vol jusqu’à Genève, OK. Arrive à Genève avec 20 minutes de retard à 11 :00. Mon ami et ancien collègue de la RDC ... read more
Geneve 2
Geneve 3
Geneve 4

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Arolla February 28th 2014

Surıye'de Barış: Cenevre İzlenimleri “Birleşmiş Milletler Syria Geneva Talks 2” ve “Cenevre Enstitüsü Görüşmeleri” Günlükleri Kısa Notlar Derlemesi – Birinci Bölüm Bir varmış bir yokmuş, Türkiye’nin en uzun sınır paylaştığı komşusunda dökülen kanın sınırı ve aramızdaki sorunun sıfırı yokmuş. Sıfırı tüketmiş insanlık… Öyle olunca, virgülün sağındaki sıfırın da anlamı yok! Sorular sorular... Arabuluculuk vazifesi kimindir? Onurlu çıkış için siyasi çözüm nedir? Suriye'nin kimyasal silahlarını uluslararası denetime açması sonucu 2. Cenevre toplantısının başlamasını da hiç mi hiç istemeyen büyük büyük birader aslında ne istiyor? Tekfirci terörist hangi mukaddes kavrama karşılık gelmekte? Mukavemet Ekseni’nde Körfez'e açılmakta olan İran ve Suriye’yi tehdit ola... read more


Europe » Switzerland February 28th 2014

It was a very short trip: 4 days I arrived in Bern in the afternoon and stayed at the Youth hostel close to the river. A very nice and calm place by the way. Then I walked randomly inside and outside the old city and saw almost all the famous monuments: the federal palace, the clock tower, the bear park, the cathedral, etc. I also took some beautiful pictures of the city from the rose garden and visited the Bernisches Historisches Museum (It has a very good collection!). I ate raclette and tasted the typical Mandelbärli. I also watched people playing giant chess in the streets. On the afternoon of the second day I took a train to Zurich and couchsurfed at a friend's house and felt so nice. I visited the old town of Zurich ... read more
Swiss francs
Bern 1
Bern 2

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich February 18th 2014

Well we arrived safe and sound after a turbulent flight from Sydney to Dubai which only gave us a smooth trip for about 4 of the 14 hours. Matt is happy, I know he told some of you that it was a success and no one was sick; however he forgot to mention I was actually physically sick and over the course of the flight took two failed sleeping pills and a handful of Xanax! Anyway it's all good and we arrived to our hotel feeling very familiar and safe. On our first day in Zurich we wandered around the main city, going to the Old Town and a few places we went last time we were here. We spent a bit of time just wandering down alleys we hadn't seen before and walking alongside the ... read more
My valentines - random fountain filled with roses
View from the Uetilburg summit

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich January 10th 2014

In my previous post I gave an overview of what it was like for me living in Zurich for 2+ years. I've now moved out, and will spend at least the first part of this year traveling. I have no plans to move back to Zurich. A few of my friends have asked me why, as on the surface, Zurich has a lot of nice characteristics, like high salaries, good working conditions, accessibility of nature, English being widely spoken. These factors conspire to give Zurich very high scores on the various algorithms used to define various quality of life / livability metrics. However, these reductionist metrics can't hope to capture je ne sais quoi aspects, such as the affability of Australian... read more

Europe » Switzerland January 1st 2014

Goodbye 2013... Hello New Year!! Hi everyone, hope you are all well and had an enjoyable Christmas... Before I start (don't worry it's a brief blog this time... trust me...) may I say - I hope 2014 brings you all the very best of all you wish for yourselves! As many of you will know I took a little trip back to Switzerland in mid-December, having never been there in the winter this seemed like a really good plan... And it was - although unfortunately tinged with great sadness and bad news, it was still super to see the snow and some good friends... Switzerland is as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer and as the ski season hadn't really kicked off, the transport - which is totally punctual and efficient regardless ... read more
Trains that run on time in the snow!
Snowy Wengen

Europe » Switzerland December 22nd 2013

This is my second Europe trip... Fist in London and now in Switzerland... we had landed at Geneva Airport and took the free buses provided... Unfortunately, we took the wrong free bus... hahaha... as we wait for out terminal to reach, someone i guess he's swiss but staying in Malaysia for a long period, he told us that we had took the wrong bus where we are in bus number 10 to Ibis Center when should take the bus 23 to other Ibis in Switzerland... so we got to get out from the bus and look for a take to go to the right destination... The guy helped us to call the taxi and the taxi arrived in 7 minutes later... from Balexert to our Ibis has cost us CHF41.20... So now I have learn that ... read more

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