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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 19th 2006

Presentamos...da da da daaaa LA CASA Hallö an alle! Na, was rockt so zu Hause? Wollten die Fotos vom Haus beim letzten Blog schon hochladen, aber wir hirsche haben die cd vergessen, deswegen holen wir das jetzt nach! Also, schreibt uns, kommt uns besuchen und vergesst uns nich ja!! Que pasa? Queriamos poner las fotos en el Travelblog anterior, pero como somos Tontas, nos hemos olvidado llevar el cd, por eso lo hacemos ahora!bueno, escribid, venid y no nos olvideis! Beeeeessssooooooooooooooos muy fuertes y grandes, muak muak muak y hasta pronto! ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 13th 2006

Guten tag, liebe familie, liebe freunde, angehörige und geliebte!! Also, wie ihr vielleicht jetzt schon merkt, macht Spanien einfach doof...muss an der luft liegen, oder an der sonne....vielleicht is es auch des weiss et nisch!! Gut, als erstes wollten wir uns kurz entschuldigen, aber echt nur kurz, dass wir seit 3 wochen hier sind und uns ja nicht wirklich, also echt nich wirklich, viel gemeldet haben! So, kurz is vorbei! Was gibts neues...? hm...fragen wir uns auch....! Als erstes haben wir mal n sau cooles kleines haeuschen in der naehe vom strand, ehrlich gesagt is es gar nich so sau cool, aber naja...wollen euch halt bissi eifersuechtig machen! Fotos vom Haus kommen im naechsten blog!hier schon mal eins von der terassen aussicht! Sind immer noch am Jobsuchen und am auf Antworten warten und den Rest ... read more
First Day

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 5th 2006

Well, we had a week-long break between the intensive month and the start of actual classes. This was two weeks ago... you know how it goes. And when I say that I was on vacation during our vacation time, I mean it in the most vacation-ey way possible. Our days in málaga were long but lazy...we laid around a lot, read, talked, ate, drank, slept... We took a bus (cheap), and it was only a couple of hours until we arrived. We stayed at Rincón de la Victoria, which is basically a little fishing town right outside of the actual city of Málaga. And it´s sort of confusing because Málaga is a province as well. Anyway, like i said, we had a pretty chill vacation. Our hotel was on the beach of the mediterranean, so we ... read more
the view
taking it in...
beachity beach

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga December 15th 2005

El Chorro: Steep gorges of Orange Rock, blue-skies and warm Spanish mid-winter sun, and a group of cave-dwelling climbers intent on celebrating life! I came to El Chorro to hopefully meet up with some climbers and get on the rock for a bit before my plunge back to cold-europe for christmas. What I have found is a scene that inspires and captivates, and one that I am not so eager to leave. Living in a cave in winter may sound like pretty tough going, but it really is quite comfortable. Our cave - one of about 9 - has doors, windows, a cooker, even a kitchen sink outside! It stays really quite warm day and night, and with the added amenities of couch, mattress and fireplace (with chimney) is a good one! Among the cave-dwellers here, ... read more
The Camino
Steep climbing

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga September 16th 2005

"Mei, wia de Zeit vagehd!" Nach 14 wundervollen Tagen voller Sonne, Wind, Meer, neuen Freunden, kiten, tanzen, schlemmen, surfen, schwimmen, entspannen, feiern, Cocktails uvm geht es nun weider auf in den Freistaat. Trotz Flug ist der Transfar ganz klar Tarifas Nachteil: 4,5h bis zum Flughafen Malaga mit Bussen, 34mins vor Abflug angekommen ("Puh!"), Flug hatte dann doch Verspätung und so kam ich dann gerädert von der Reise und meinem frischen hämorrhagischen gastrointestinalen Infekt (Marokko?) bei Dunkelheit und 10 Grad in München an. Wär doch ich nur dort geblieben ;) Das aufgegebene Gepäck ging verloren, wurde dafür am 4 Tage später an die Haustür geliefert. Für meinen Geschmack ein schier perfekter Urlaub! Um es mit den Worten des T800 zu sagen: "Ei will bie bäck!"... read more


Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga September 4th 2005

Bueno! Last week I went to a Salsa lesson-- the first one was free-- of course it was a ton of fun and I learned a lot but I rather be taking Flamenco lessons as it is actually a Spanish dance ... There were only 4 of us at the first Flamenco lesson- it was complicated but still fun. Anna is our instructor who doesn´t speak English and is very very very patient with us. She talks A TON and very much likes to tell us funny stories about people she encounters during her flamenco experiences. The steps are complicated, though, so I'll have to practice sometime before the next lesson so I don´t forget them. She said that someday the 5 of us will be able to put on all of the flamenco gear- dresses ... read more
bridget & me in Nerja
beach 1
beach 2

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga May 1st 2005

DAY 1 Sunday 1st May 2005 My Travel Web Page Now this was the first time I had booked a flight anywhere on the internet. It seemed so easy back in Vancouver to buy a ticket from Gatwick to Malaga on 46 UK pounds return. I booked In January for a May 1st flight. However, about a week after the booking was confirmed I cancelled my return date and chose another. An almost fatal mistake as I found out on my arrival at the EasyJet booking counter. Amidst a nosy throng of holidaymakers most of whom were lining up behind me, the ground steward said: "I have no listing for you sir. You haven't booked a flight for today." He said this in such an easygoing tone that It didn't register so I replied, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga December 5th 2004

I've finally left Blighty! I caught the Easyjet flight this morning at 7am, after spending the night at the Stansted Hilton. The Hotel cost more than the flight, although I did get a cheap deal by booking over the net. The plane arrived in Malaga at 10.50am. I've spent the day looking around Malaga, and got my dose of culture by visiting the Museo Picasso Malaga. Tomorrow, I´ll be catching the ferry to Tangier - so I´ll be saying goodbye to Europe and hello to Africa. This is my last day in Europe for some time! The centre of Malaga has some interesting things to see - its been a city since the Phoenicians founded it. It also looked very stunning from the plane when we were coming in to land; framed by mountains and the ... read more
Roman Theatre in Malaga

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga January 6th 2000

Costa del Sol The Place 3/10 The Nightlife 3/10 The local ladys 6/10 Tune of the trip - N/A After a hard few weeks work at the restaurant me and Ben worked at over Christmas we went sale shopping instead of getting the normal things we got a holiday to the Costa del sol,, only £100 problem was it left that night so we rushed home packed are bags and phones work on the way to the airport saying we where away that week,, lol,, how we didn’t get sacked I dint know,,, had a good week the weather was like spring time in UK , every morning we had a miller beer and got a scratch card with it apparently no one had won anything yet ,, but every day we won a prize,,lol,, we ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga May 12th 1997

There are beggars, and there are beggars. The reasons for begging for money are endless, and not really of interest for the people being bothered. But there are the kind of beggars that aggressively bug you for money or other valuables. They use an approaching "sales" technique, running all over the place asking for donations. Returning like boomerangs they tend to annoy the hell out of Everyday Joe. Then there are the beggars who stand still on a street corner, sit on a staircase, etc, with a little container in form of a hat, bag, or whatever where people can toss them a coin. The Man with the Cats is a schoolbook example of the latter type. Standing across the street from the little bar, on the same spot on the same staircase. Every day of ... read more

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