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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney May 29th 2011

The abandoned skeletons of half finished houses litter the west coast of Ireland. They sit alongside hundreds of for sale signs, fire sale signs might be more appropriate. Each one a memorial to the great Irish experiment now lying in ruins like the occasional old abandoned castle you pass on the side of the road. 30 years ago Ireland began a bold experiment. It made a conscious commitment as a nation to invest in education. When Ireland joined the EEC, it had this ready-made workforce of highly educated young people. IT and other innovative companies and drug manufacturers set up or moved their European operations to Ireland. All looked rosy. UNTIL the financial spivs and the desk jockeys moved in. Average punters were encouraged to borrow beyond their capacity to repay on the promise of ever ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork May 15th 2011

Hey everyone, I'm back with more adventures and get prepared for the pictures 'cause they are amazing! I've done some really exciting travelling in the past two weeks, hence why I haven't really been keeping up with this blog as well as I should, but I promise to try my best! I've also been very busy with work since I finally have a semi-permanent full-time job and I'm fairly knackered by the end of the day to be honest. Yes I know I just used that Irish word; I don't have a goofy accent yet, but the slang is pervasive and slowly creeping into my speech haha. I also work with a very large group of young Irish people so I'm definitely picking up the lingo faster now, my personal favourites are "that's/you're grand", "deadly", "just ... read more
Malahide Castle
Random street
Blarney House

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney May 15th 2011

Hello from Cobh (pronounced ‘cove’) Ireland. We arrived this morning right on time, with a nice smooth docking. We had left a 6:30 wake-up call (that’s 12:30 the night before in St Louis) so we would have plenty of time to get dressed and have breakfast before reporting to the main theater for our half-day tour to leave at 8:15. Our guide was named Theresa but apparently the driver did not have a name. We boarded the bus just a few feet from the gangway and drove through the little town of Cobh. The bus drove alongside the River Lee and through the center of Cork. Since this is Sunday morning, traffic was light in Cork and we moved along quickly. We traveled through the central city, with the guide pointing out many places and providing ... read more
Janet checking woollen goods
Having Irish Coffee
Grand Princess

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork May 13th 2011

Alright, this update is something i should have done last night, but i was way too drunk to give a proper post :P Cork and I didn't get off to a good start. I couldn't find my hostel, even though i was sure i was in the right place (i was very close, if i'd expanded my search by a 1-block radius i would have found a sign pointing me further on), so i spent the majority of the first hour in Cork wandering aimlessly for a tourist information point that has relocated in the time since my guide book was published (2008 lol). I did end up finding my hostel at about 2:30pm, and the guy at the desk told me Blarney Castle (the real reason i'm in Cork) closed at 5p, and if i ... read more
Baloney or Blarney?
Blarney Estate's Rock Cove

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh April 2nd 2011

After a lovely sleep in Kilkenny at Auburndale and another delicious breakfast, we decided to head out to the Rock of Cashel. Since we got massively lost the night before in Kilkenny we decided to forego the castle and just move on. As we were driving through the Kilkenny – Cashel Scenic drive we came across a ruin of a church just outside of Rathmoyle on the way to Freshford. It looked just like a ruin from the side of the road – then as we got closer and looked inside, it had been in ruins for some time. A huge tree was growing right through the middle of it. It was also swarming with very large blackbirds. Just another example of how around every bend there is some sort of piece of history that is ... read more
The main entrance to the English Market
Downtown Cork
Watching Football


Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork March 3rd 2011

I went on a chaplaincy trip here a few weekends ago and it was so beautiful! Gougane Barra is an early monastic site where St. Fin Barre supposedly lived and Ballyvourney houses St. Gobnait's holy well! I haven't put anything up for a while, so hopefully I'll get pictures from Stockholm up soon!... read more
Clear Skies
Baby River

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork March 2nd 2011

My friends and I rented a cottage in Dingle a few weekends back. There were 11 of us in total and we went horseback riding Saturday afternoon and sat around the fire in the cottage watching movies like Top Gun, Mean Girls, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off in the evening. It was a really nice low-key weekend. There were very few people in Dingle. A lot of the houses there are vacation homes only used in the summer. It offers (much like the rest of Ireland) a very idyllic landscape. A lot of my pictures are from the shipyard that my roommate Hannah and I stopped in. I'm going to Dublin tomorrow for a Decemberist's Concert. I think its really ironic that a I'm going to see The Decemberists in Dublin, Ireland even though the lead ... read more
Vacation Homes
Quilted Mountain
Something I Found

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork February 13th 2011

OKAY! I finally got all my pictures uploaded and titled. I hope you like them! I went on a weekend trip to the Ring of Kerry which is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Ireland. We stayed in Cahirciveen at a great hotel and the food was amazing! The weather was very Irish -- it rained and was foggy the whole weekend, but what can you do? That's County Kerry in Winter! We also heard from a lot of local people who told us about life in the area. A farmer from Valentia Island told us about how he is turning some of his property into a tourist attraction. Farming is becoming less and less profitable, and tourism is becoming the main economic driver. We met Maurice Fitzgerald, a famous Gaelic Football player. He taught ... read more
Irish Wolfhounds
Peat Stack
Fuel for the FIre

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork February 1st 2011

First Weekend away from Dublin So this past weekend, Trinity sponsored a trip for the international students to Cork, Ireland. It is the second largest city in Ireland and famous for the Blarney Castle, the Blarney Stone, and the Jameson Distillery. We paid 80 euro and got our hostel, breakfast, the bus there and back, the bus to and from all our activities, and entrance to all of them so it more than paid for itself! We left Friday night and got there just in time to go to a local pub and get adjusted. I went to sleep pretty early though since I am still sick. Saturday morning we got up early, had breakfast, and headed out to Blarney. It was SO much fun! My friends and I walked around the castle, went exploring in ... read more
So pretty
Kissing the Blarney Stone
view from castle

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork January 30th 2011

I walked around the city recently to see what landmarks and scenes I could find. Cork is constantly revealing more and more beauty to me - all I have to do is step outside. I toured County Kerry (the country gem of Ireland) this coming soon! Also, I've started booking tickets to other fabulous places! Got my tickets to London and Munich! But that means I officially have to start budgeting, so any good tips on how to not spend money would be appreciated!... read more
Quiet River
Are All These Bridge Pictures Really Necessary?

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