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Angostura aromatic bitters was developed in 1824 by Dr. Siegert, who was living in the town of Angostura on the northern coast of Venezuela at the time. Originally it was used medicinally as a digestion aid, however over time it has gained popularity in soft drinks, cocktails, and other alcoholic drinks as well as a staple in Caribbean cooking. It has now gained world-wide notoriety and can be found in just about any bar or pub, actually I wouldn't be surprised to find out that many of you have a bottle of bitters laying about as well. But what I find most fascinating about Angostura bitters is that the recipe has been kept a secret for over 150 years. Only 5 people on the world know how to make Angostura bitters and the special combination of ... read more
All Aboard

We left the Carriacou Regatta and sailed back to Grenada and then on to Trinidad. We toured the US Naval Destroyer "USS Farragut" in Chaguaramas Trinidad.... read more
USS Farragut

Bake N' Shark is a local dish in Trinidad, and if you ask any Trini where to go to get the best bake n' shark on the island- they all tell you to go to Maracas Beach. Maracas Beach is not only one of the prettiest beaches on the island but is also the place where bake n' shark originated. So in our quest to experience the local culture and food, we decided to organize a trip to Maracas. Now there is nothing baked in a bake n' shark, it is all fried- so the name is a little confusing. The young shark is marinated overnight and fried up fresh to order and served in a doughy bake, which is fried bread. It is then served with lots of yummy condiments- like shadon beni and pepper ... read more
Panoramic View
Rain Forest
Maracas Beach

As the guide book says, "When Christopher Columbus discovered Trinidad he stumbled into a party, and the locals have been partying ever since." It is in fact home to one of the biggest parties in the world- Carnival! And is also the birthplace of both calypso and steel pan music. So in order to experience this aspect of Trinidad's culture we went to a panyard for an impromptu steel drum concert. But not just any panyard, we went to the All Stars Panyard, probably one of the most famous steel bands here in Trinidad. The All Stars travel all over the world, playing the big concert halls. And they are also the 6 time winners of the Panorama Competition here in Trinidad (which is the big steel pan competition at Carnival) and have won many other ... read more
Pan Music
Steel Drums
Rockin' Out

So far we have really loved our time here in Trinidad; the people are friendly, the culture rich in history, and the wildlife is amazing. Last night we went on a tour to see the giant leatherback turtles nest on the beach, one of the many great wildlife tours available here in Trinidad. And it was such an awesome night! We got picked up by a van at 4:30 pm and drove across the island to the Matura Bay Turtle Sanctuary. Matura Bay is one of the many beaches in Trinidad where the giant leatherback turtles come to lay eggs during the nesting season, which is June lst thru August lst. The beach here is a protected area and many hotel developments have been stopped because the bright lights confuse the baby turtles and are detrimental ... read more
A National Geographic Moment
Hard Work


We sailed the final leg of our trip down to Trinidad yesterday and are now safely tucked into Crews Inn Marina in Chaguaramas. We will be here for the rest of hurricane season, which lasts until November 1st. It sure feels good to be south of the hurricane belt, we no longer have to worry about tropical waves showing organization or low pressure systems forming off the coast of Africa (the first signs of dreaded hurricanes). And it was an easy trip here, smooth sailing with a bright moon, just a short 90 mile overnight trip. Luckily we had no problems as we passed the northern tip of Venezuela (which is an area riddled with modern-day pirates wielding machine guns, we have heard horror stories of cruisers running into problems here). We still can't believe that ... read more
Land Ho!
Jay at the Helm
Crews Inn Marina

We caught 5 tuna, a Dorado and a swordfish on our trip to Tobago. We saw a 400 pound Leatherback Turtle lay her eggs on the beach. The turtle crawled up on the beach, dug a hole in the sand, layed her eggs, disguised the egg location and then swam out to sea. ... read more

Well hello! I hope you are all well and here is the first update on my latest adventures. Will try to keep them less than dissertation length for this trip although not making any promises. The airport sagas I usually suffer from seem to be a thing of the past and they have become quite lucky for me of late. This all started with not being charged for having luggage 8kg over the allowed amount by a particularly kind check-in desk lady. The flight itself was pretty boring, saved from being coma-inducingly boring only by the three lovely Caribbean ladies sitting next to me chatting away in their beautiful lilting Caribbean accents. However, every so often they would give away the fact they probably lived in the UK by coming over all Eastenders, particularly when talking ... read more
Uncle and I
The Pink Palace
Liberally I tell you!

Hey everyone, Well I booked my flight and applied for my passport for my first big trip/first flight ever! I am headed down to trinidad & tobago for about a week come june and I could not be more excited!!! I am visiting a friend I have not seen in about a year now and I am so pumped about it. I can't wait to see the different site, eat the different food, and see everything from way up high! If you have been there before let me know what its like and I will def keep you guys updated! phil... read more

Uh, drug street? Not interested, thanks. So that's how my afternoon went. But let me give a brief rehash (oops, pun) of the week. My man Rohan has kept me well stocked with good food - goat roti and food from the Breakfast Shed, including callaloo, um, don't know what the rest of the plate was, but it was good. I think it included macaroni salad, pasta salad, salad greens, provision (cousin of cassava), big boney hunks of meat, plantain, rice, the list keeps going on... So in return, I took him out to dinner at Sweet Lime. Refer to previous postings to find out the full definition of Lime, but it means hanging out. Rohan is the taxi driver from before. In any case, all has been welcome diversions from the evil client of the ... read more

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