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Recommendation in Majorca airport transfers?

I'm looking for a recommendation from some decent company.
27 months ago, April 23rd 2019 No: 1 Msg: #206932  

I hope you can help me.

In June, we have planned to travel to the eastern part of Majorca (Cala Bona) and we wanted to do without renting cars. We will be 8 people (4 adults, 3 children and a 10 month old baby).
I have found this company 89 Transfers <snip> and the truth is that the general appearance of the page I like. Maybe something not very reasonable to keep the same price for all places on the island, but currently the price works for me. I've tried to look for more reviews in forums, but I'm not finding anything. We'll probably end up booking there, so I'd update the topic again to share my impressions.

However, any recommendation is welcome.

Thank you in advance,

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24 months ago, August 1st 2019 No: 2 Msg: #207313  
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I can't tell much about 89Transfers, but I've used other operators in the past like Holidaytaxis and Taxi2Airport and they are affordable and reliable. I've checked some prices and for 8 people they start at around 45€/50$.

I wrote a review of Taxi2Airport <snip> not long ago, if you need more details.

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