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Looking for a Travel Buddy in Australia April 2017

I'm a luxury travel writer and will be traveling to Austalia for five weeks in April. Looking for a cool travel buddy to join with me on the trip.
7 years ago, March 12th 2017 No: 1 Msg: #200038  
I'm a luxury travel writer and will be going to Australia to write for several luxury magazines. I will start out in Sydney for a week, head north to the Bluesfest in Byron Bay then to Melbourne, then Tasmania, then to Adeline area to cover the Vineyards and Kangaroo Island.

I will be mainly doing features on luxury hotels, fine dining, and other experiences such as vineyard lodging and dining reviews.

I'm looking for someone cool to travel with. Lodging will be covered as well as most meals which would be covered by the hotels. Any travel expenses such as flights or other out of pocket you'd need to cover. Preferably this would be another travel writer and or photographer. Reply to this

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