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Eating cheap(ish) in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an expensive city. These places can help to make it cheaper.
5 years ago, May 2nd 2015 No: 1 Msg: #190541  
B Posts: 19
De Stadskantine.
Van Woustraat 120. Tel: 020 7741847
Open Mon - Fri 08.30-22.00. Sat & Sun 09.30-22.00
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The word canteen maybe doesn't conjure up the best image - food standing for hours under hot lamps, school dinners, and institutions. Think again! This is tasty, good food for a good price. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. A place to go for a quick meal, a healthy take away, or when cooking inspiration is lacking.
Dinner - one meat, one fish, and one veggie dish - one price - Euro 8.85.

Eat Your Heart Out. Huiskamer Restaurant.
Jacob van Lennepkade 410. Tel: 06 483 773 50 (Marleen) 06 439 869 64 (Mieke)
Open for dinner on Tuesday evenings. Private functions catered for at any tim

Intimate atmosphere, a large space with one huge table that seats twenty-two - you're free to chat with other diners or not - and an open kitchen. You can see dinner in progress, and should you want a closer look, you can literally stand by the work top, stove - whatever. Marleen and Mieke do everything to put guests at ease, introduce themselves, and chat. (English also spoken). A meat or veggie main course are offered at Euro 12.50 and desert is an additional Euro 3.50. Restaurant quality food at very reasonable prices. Eat Your Heart Out also offers a loyalty card, which entitles you to a free drink or desert after five visits.

InStock. The Albert Hein food waste place! Polonceaukade 9. (shortly moving to a new permanent location). Tel: 06 22 21 51 58 Open Thurs/Fri/Sat. 18.00-23.00 Sun brunch 11.00-15 Informal, friendly place with a great ethos - trying to educate people about food waste. Food is creative, imaginative and tasty. Three courses for Euro 20.

Einde van de Wereld. Eating on a barge! Javakade 61 on board the Quo Vadis. Tel: 020 419 0222 Open Wed & Fri only from 18.00 - when the food's gone it's gone! A big plate full of simple, decent no-frills food. Meat dish Euro 8. Veggie plate Euro 7. Dessert 2.

MKZ. Wash up your own plate! 1ste Schinkelstraat 16. Tel: 020 679 0712 Open Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. Necessary to call in advance - between 14.30-18.00 Unbelievable - a three course meal for Euro 5! (Drinks extra). What's the catch - none! It's straight forward food, large helpings too and all vegetarian. You pay your money when you go in, and they shout out when the food's ready - you go up and fetch your own and wash your plate afterwards. A busy place with a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Marits Huiskamer Restaurant. More Restaurant than huiskamer! Andreas Bonnstraat 34 hs. Tel: 020 7763864 Open Friday & Saturday Vegetarian, local, seasonal food. Inventive. Creative. Good. No menu - but different options are offered every month. Three course dinner p.p. Euro 29.50. Four course dinner p.p. Euro 36.

De Culinaire Werkplaats. Food as an artwork! Fannius Scholtenstraat 10. Tel: 06 546 46 576 Open Friday & Saturday 18.30-23.00 Fun. Provocative. Playful. Beautiful, arty food with a theme, experimenting with texture, colour and taste. Not exactly a restaurant, the food is served, but you take your plate to the washing up area, and help yourself to wine and water. Only drinks have a fixed price - for the food, you pay what you think it's worth. No credit cards accepted.

De Peper OT301 Overtoom 301 Tel: 020 412 2954 Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday. Call between 16.00-19.00. Food served 19.00-20.30.

Zaal 100. De Wittenstraat 100. Tel: 020 688 0127 Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 18.00. Making a reservation is a good idea - when the foods gone, it's gone. Three course menu. Starter Euro 1. Main dish Euro 6. Dessert Euro 1. Reply to this

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