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Travel situation in Bosnia after the flood

How is the travel Situation in Bosnia after the flood
5 years ago, May 30th 2014 No: 1 Msg: #182147  
I would like to travel from Zagreb to Sarajevo by train in a few days and further on to Mostar and Dubrovnik. I heard that Mostar is not and Sarajevo not much affected by the flood. What about the connection from Zagreb to Sarajevo? Of course I will ask the people at the train Station in Zagreb, when I buy the ticket.
Best regards,
Thomas Wagner Reply to this

5 years ago, June 2nd 2014 No: 2 Msg: #182245  
Ok, I got the answer today in Zagreb: the normal Zagreb-Sarajevo train just goes to Banja Luka. Tomorrow I will check the bus-connection. Reply to this

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