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free tour guide walking around saigon for backpackers

free tour guide walking around saigon for backpackers
33 months ago, January 11th 2013 No: 1 Msg: #165070  
my name is jimmy. i am an english speaking vietnamese who happen to live near Pham Ngu Lao area and Bui vien Area , those are touristy places , i have been traveling around as a backpacker for few years. i met a lot of people and made a lot of friends . i understand saving money while traveling is a looked-for thing to any backpackers. As you know , Saigon is not really touristy place. therefore , a lot of backpackers only spend one day or two before they're headed to the north where they can gaze all the beautiful scenery , some of them might take a bus, some might motor up to hanoi on a Honda Win. so there's no reason to stay in saigon for more than 3 days when the Visa permits 30 days to stay in vietnam. You see , i traveled a lot , i miss my traveling time. so i decide to give every ENGLISH SPEAKERS a showing around saigon. it will not cost you a dime, except for your own bus ticket to get around the city which is 25 cent and food if you're hungry. I'm actually just a traveling companion, we go dutch on everything ( you pay your bills , i pay mine) . it is going to take half a day to walk around the city and ride the bus. if you want to go somewhere else, bring the lonely planet book, i can tell how to get there by yourself or we can go together .

here is my personal information :
you call me JImmy ( that's what all of my British friends call me) , i give up speaking vietnamese in order to speak english fluently. I am 26 year old guy who enjoy traveling , talking to english speakers. you can email me if you only stay in saigon for few days but still want to see around saigon, it would not cost a dime, on the other hand it might gain you a friend.
email : <snip>
facebook: facebook.com/lee.the.clown ( you can type my email on facebook search , you will find me)
make a reply to this post if you are interested
[Edited: 2013 Jan 11 11:14 - Jo Trouble:16935 - Email address removed - contact via private message.]
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