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Cycling the Netherlands

Has anyone done a cycling trip in Europe?
13 years ago, May 9th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #110489  
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I am thinking of doing a cycling trip in the netherlands and maybe a few of the boardering countries for about 10-14 days, has anyone done anything similar do you reccomend it?

I want to keep the cost as low as possible as well, I was thinking about 15euro a day, that would include camping fees, but not travel there so I would need to buy a ferry ticket.

I am not a very experienced cyclist, but I am in good health so thought it would be possible and I heard the terrain there is flat so thats a bonus.

So basically can anyone give me any advice, should I scrap this idea? Reply to this

13 years ago, May 13th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #110796  
Hello Louise 😊

The Netherlands seems ideal for cycling in, as most of it is so flat.

Also, they have good cycling paths, so it is safe. There must be a website which lists the best cycling routes and paths, so hopefully somebody reading will know of it and post it here.

I want to keep the cost as low as possible as well,..

In some parts of Europe, farmers will let you camp on their land for free. I heard they are generally open to this in Germany. Maybe it is the same for the Netherlands.

I am not a very experienced cyclist

Be sure to have a robust bicycle. I cycled around Ireland on a mountain bike and had no troubles, while a guy I met had a racing bike, which he had constant problems with.
Make sure your camping gear and whatever else you are taking is compact. Also, pack things in waterproof covers because getting your stuff wet, and then camping in a place where you cant get them dry again is unpleasant. The types of plastic bags you put your shopping in at a supermarket are good to keep things dry. Pack your stuff in several of these, and then pack these into your main bags.

...should I scrap this idea?

No reason for that. Lots of people cycle in Europe.

Though, if you stay at official camping grounds, you will be quite short of money, especially if you are not sharing your tent with somebody else. They can be quite expensive.

Mel Reply to this

13 years ago, May 13th 2010 No: 3 Msg: #110841  
Hi Louise,

I cycled a couple of years back in the Netherlands and it was a very nice experience (it's on my blog). There's lots of cycle lanes everywhere with good signposting. I had a countrywide map and never needed more detail than that because I could always find a sign for the direction I was going.

A sturdy tourer bike will be good. There are a lot of bike shops in Holland though so you should never be too far from help!

Regarding camping, I'd agree with Mell - this could be costly if you're looking at staying in campsites. I camped wild at least one night (in the sand dunes), but places to do this are few and far between because it's so agricultural. Some countries have lists of farmers willing to let people camp for free or a nominal fee - might be worth looking on line for that. I camped wild (i.e. on edges of fields) in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway too and the only place I had a problem with was Denmark, where it is most definitely illegal.

Final word of warning, it may be flat, but beware the wind! If you're unlucky you might have a headwind so it'll feel like cycling uphill all day!! Generally there's not much protection from the wind as its mostly farmland.

Have fun!
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13 years ago, May 15th 2010 No: 4 Msg: #110986  
1 posts moved to this new topic: gr8 expedition Reply to this

13 years ago, May 20th 2010 No: 5 Msg: #111396  
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That's such a good idea. And the two guys upstair are so warmheated! Just do it Reply to this

13 years ago, May 20th 2010 No: 6 Msg: #111407  
Hi guys,

I've plan a expedition walk around the world. I need a some information about road laws in europe because I,ll with mule with cart. So please guide me is it permited to enter in Europe with mule from Asia? becase its a first time an Asian is going to do something like this for peace, Love, Environmental awarenes, and also to save the flora and fuanas. The Europe countries which I've to walke through are followings. Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Solvania, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and then move to Morocco. Any body can guide me? I also need a copanion if some wish to start this gr8 expedition shold be most welcomed

Thanks Reply to this

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