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Oktoberfest first timer

I would like some advice from those who have been, about what to do and to expect.
12 years ago, August 24th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #46566  
im looking for some experianced knowlegde of the festival. ive got accomadation at The tent but i want some of the down and dirty info about the whole deal. getting inside info really helped in pamplona so im after it again. any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply to this

12 years ago, August 24th 2008 No: 2 Msg: #46569  
Hello Robert 😊

Cool that you got accomodation and at a cheap priced place. Accomodation is not easy to get at that time of the year.

What type of inside information are you looking for? You will have to be a bit more specific than that.

Have you booked your table at the Wiesen? Hopefully you have been as forward thinking with that as you were with your accomodation because everything will be booked up by now.


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12 years ago, August 24th 2008 No: 3 Msg: #46589  
no ive booked nothing, because the were booked up already, but ill be there for over a week so i should be able to get into something mid week. i hope. im wondering, more or less, about the things you learn while you were there, i.e. what would you have done differently if you went back. what mistakes can i avoid. where shoould i be and when. im not really sure what to ask, only that i need to ask. i would appreciate anything you could tell me about it. thanks Reply to this

12 years ago, August 24th 2008 No: 4 Msg: #46591  
Well, the beer festival is just a prolonged heavy drinking session. People sit in their group at a table in the Wiesen and drink a lot. It will or wont be your thing. The Wiesen is the place to be during the Oktober fest. If you really want to get into it you could learn some German drinking songs. Then as the evening wears on you link arms with those at either side of you and sing these songs while raising elbows up and down.

There is no real trouble you can accidently get into in Germany. It is a very civilized country.

If you cant get a table at the Wiesen then give the heavy metal scene a try because Germany is the home of heavy metal. \m/
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12 years ago, August 24th 2008 No: 5 Msg: #46601  
Chances are you will not get a table at Oktoberfest but that should not stop you from going there because you can still get in a tent...however, you will need to get to the fairgrounds fairly early in the day and stand in line at one of the tents because they do let people in without reservations. You just have to be there early and preferably on a weekday. Weekends are packed and your chances of getting in are lessened. I've done this the past 2 years with no problem!! and have had a great time!!! I'm planning on going again this Fall but this time I will not take my cell phone, I lost it last year. I will take plenty of money because the dollar has lost value and the biers cost more!! About $8 to $9 each but it depnds on the brand.. Whatever you do, do not stand on the tables or get sloppy drunk where you can't stand up because YOU WILL get escorted out of the tent!!! Good luck!!!
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12 years ago, August 25th 2008 No: 6 Msg: #46649  
well the dollar is making some headway against the euro. not enough to get sloppy drunk though im afraid. what of the bier gardens? how do they compare? ill be there before it all starts to try and get a feel for it all. thanks, and keep the info coming. Reply to this

12 years ago, August 25th 2008 No: 7 Msg: #46656  

what of the bier gardens?

There are plenty of those and you can go to them at any time of the year. I recommend the ones in the English Gardens. Reply to this

12 years ago, August 26th 2008 No: 8 Msg: #46811  
The following thread may be of interest to those who do not yet have a table in the Wiesen.

Looking for 4 nice people to share a table Reply to this

12 years ago, August 26th 2008 No: 9 Msg: #46815  
thanks, ill sent them a message. Reply to this

12 years ago, August 31st 2008 No: 10 Msg: #47442  
Had no problems getting into a tent without a reservation when I went in 2006, and we didn't ever go too early either. A few tips, don't go on the merry go round style rides after a few steins of beer, don't be afraid to wack on the Lederhosen, learn the words to Robbie Williams Angels, they will play this song a lot!! Lastly, if you don't like beer, and you don't eat meat, don't go! Enjoy! Reply to this

12 years ago, September 1st 2008 No: 11 Msg: #47449  
I've been to Oktoberfest in Munich three times. We always went to the Paulaner tent. There are rides and games and other things to do at Oktoberfest as well. Just know that it closes at 11:00 p.m. because of noise restrictions in the city.

Our agenda has always been to first visit the Hofbrauhaus for 1 or 2 beers, and then off to Oktoberfest. If you have not yet found accommodations, you probably won't find any in Munich - you will have to find accommodations outside of Munich. Sorry, can't remember where we stayed!

Deanna from Canada Reply to this

12 years ago, September 10th 2008 No: 12 Msg: #48322  
N Posts: 1
I went to Oktoberfest last year.
My friend and I did not have any reservations for the tents and it was no problem going inside and finding a table to sit at and order food/ beer. The chicken and potato salad at the Hofrauhaus was amazing. It was so good that we went back to the same the second night. Some people try to take the beer mugs out with them but your bags can be searched at the door.

Make sure you look down so you don't step in vomit.

Have Fun! 😊

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12 years ago, September 10th 2008 No: 13 Msg: #48400  
N Posts: 2
mhhh i am from munich and all the years there was never a problem to get into a tent . even not when i was 13 . you only have to bee there early or you have to know someone working in the tent ^^ .
if you want i can help you get into a tent . its not hard if you know how to do it .
bud the best way to save money is to drink alcohol before you get there . then you will only need one beer to become drunk . many people do it this way .
in munich there are many biergärten . bud the best ones are nit in the center . go about 15 minutes away from the center and you will find some nice places . ^^ Reply to this

12 years ago, September 12th 2008 No: 14 Msg: #48531  
Nice, just some of the information I needed!


I'm sorry for this ignorant question, but...
If its Oktoberfest, why does it start in September?


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12 years ago, September 12th 2008 No: 15 Msg: #48561  
i suppose ill find out for sure when i get there, but ive heard it was to encompass anouther festival, and take advantage of the better weather in sept. plus the sooner the better! Reply to this

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