Santa Fé and general thoughts

South America
September 29th 2012
Published: September 29th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

We had quite a relaxed week back in Playa, with some spanish lessons and a lot of freetime. We all want to see as much as possible from the venezoelan livestyle considering the dangerous circumstances. So one afternoon we took the bus to a village called Santa Fe, from which everyone here sais it's not worth to see it! The city is quite dirty and looks desorganisated. The livestyle is just very different from ours. They keep everything simple, like for example sell things they have just on the street, cut hair under a umbrella ore even offer manicure on the street. The streets were darkbrown, lots of rubish and dirty water everywere and it also smelled bad. But i liked seeing it, and they've still almost every house painted in different colours, even if they're not finished with buliding. At the beachside they selled fresh caught fishs, moussels, small sharks,... We walked a bit in the sand observed and whistelled after by a lot of locals. In a really cute restaurant directly at the beach we had some seafood and drinks. The keeper was warm and friendly and not in any way anoying like others are. As we went back we saw a little market with thousands of people waiting in a queue. We asked someone what they're doing and he told us that you can buy food there very cheap. This is all organized by Chavez, the actual president. He tries (obviously in manipulating ways) to get the votes for the election on the 7.october. People here told us a lot of things which went wrong under his power. As he was elected 14 years ago, he closed every company involved in tourism and invested a lot to prospect for oil. A lot of people got unemployed by then an the tourism sector died. One of our spanish teacher had his own office which got closed under Chavez name and now he's teaching without actual allowance. And that's the destiny of a lot Venezoleans. Meanwhile Chavez makes a lot of money with the oil buisness. It's incredible, a full tank here (around 30liter) coasts 2bolivars! For one swiss frank you get 7 bolivares! There's nothing else you get for 2bolivares! So for example a can of coca cola coasts 4 times the amount of a full tank! I simply can't get used to that thinking! There's an other candidate next to Chavez, called Rodrillez. He promises the people that he will fix the electricity, that there won't be any breakdowns. Therefore he want that stors always have random stuff like milk, salt, farin,.. Not like now that there is what there is. People say he's a realist and Chavez an illusionist. But it's going to be hard for Rodrillez. Cause a lot of people are afraid that they lose their house and job when Chavez find out that they didn't vote for him. And therefore all the people who work in his section and who have power are of course on his side.. He's bad for the development of the country but smart reaching what he wants... Anyway it's interesting to hear people from different places talking ablut him..


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