Up and dressed now

South America
August 22nd 2012
Published: August 22nd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

It's only 11am here. I'm up and dressed waitIng for Emma to do her make up.... Might be a while!!!

Feel so much better. Bit Of a head ache... Like a lingering hang over.

So peaceful here....occassional news from home which is never great. .... I put a bet on for my dad which has not come in.

Emma feeling much better... So far.... We managed to break the toilet as we both wee for England as we attempt to drink litres of water to help with altitude. Those of you that know me well will know I don't cope with liquid quantities well! But I've got to do it to survive here.

It is totally gorgeous. Makes me hanker for my ex pat days..... Perhaps I should explore an overseas teaching job? ... Also some gorgeous kids around.... Feel a tad broody! Could be the light air is making me think fuzzy!

Laters... Off for a cookery lesson. How perfect could this get?



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