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South America
July 26th 2010
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Hospital GoodnessHospital GoodnessHospital Goodness

Can´t say I recommend getting sick in Puyo
So quick update since I have the luxury of seeing a computer during the week. I am in Puyo (closest town to my project) but unfortunately it was for unfortunate circumstances. After yesterday´s bus ride in pain and last night´s lack of sleep due to gut issues, I finally gave in and decided to try Western medicine...or the closest thing I can get to it.

Monica, a friend from volunteering, offered to come along thankfully and after an eventful 4 hr journey here that was supposed to take 1 we finally made it to the ¨good¨hospital in town. I got right in which was nice, and they hooked my to an I.V. using less than sanitary procedures. I had to sit for about 3 hrs waiting for it to finish and my test results to come back. Turns out I did have parasites, amoebas to be specific. I got some meds and hopefully will feel better soon enough. Note to Noel: do not drink out of rivers no matter how convincing the tour guide may be. Lesson learned.

I´ll spare details on here, but if you want the full and rather amusing story I will be happy to tell it another time! Photos will be posted when I finally find a computer with the right plug-ins.

P.S. If you don´t have Facebook, you haven´t seen my video from jumping off a bridge in Banos. Awesome experience and it really makes me want to bunjee! This was technically different, as you go into a swing after falling instead of bouncing back up. Hopefully I can post the video here, too.


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