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21st January 2012
Scary Fer de Lance snake that could have killed me

Very nice picture
I must say that this is one of the best Fer de Lance pictures that I have seen in last few months. There are lots of great pictures we can find about other snakes like mambas, cobras, pythons, vipers etc but certainly not a great deal of Fer de Lance pictures. I am also glad that the snake didn't kill you because they surely can be lethal and that is why they are know as one of the most venomous snakes that can be found in South America. You can find more information about these snakes at
19th September 2011

Arrow Blenny
great picture!
From Blog: Part I: The Good
29th August 2011

Great photo!
You have some good diving photos. Looking forward to seeing more! ;)
18th July 2011

Excellent recap. Out of all of my dives the past few dives with you on Roatan are the ones that will shine the brightest in my memory. I look forward to reading your future posts.
24th July 2010

Wow! What a ride.
Hey Noellie, Sounds like an adventure some seedy areas, but for the most part you're safe. Been thinking of you, hope your travels keep you well.
19th July 2010

Ass Implants
Fez says his ass implants were worth every centavo. His best friend actually is a plastic surgeon in Cali.
13th July 2010

Yes, Calypso doesn´t claim to be PADI, they are a NAUI affiliated shop. We did shop around a lot and found these to be the best, but wound up with different divemasters that we talked to. The equipment was fine, just the second dive was sketchy. But alas, I´m still here so all is well!
From Blog: Hola de Taganga!
13th July 2010

Aussie Amigo
Hey Lila, very jealous that you´re going to Austrailia! My friend that I traveled with for a week is from Melbourne and raves about it. I also met some people from Sydney and Adelay. They said Adelay is really nice and a smaller city. Let me know where you guys go and how it is. Hopefully I will make it there next year when I´m on the East Coast. Hope to see you in August!!
11th July 2010

Aussie Friend
Hi Noel. Glad you hear that your trip is going well. As you know, some of the relatives are worried about you traveling alone. Doesn't sound like you've been alone much at all! We leave for Australia on Tuesday, July 13. From which part of Australia is your friend?
5th July 2010

Diving in Taganga
So sorry to hear your story, but my advice is to google first and check padi consumer alerts. The owner was expelled from PADI some years ago and Calypso is not a PADI Dive Center. Before going diving ask the license of the dive master or the instructor, probably your Dive Master was not even a a professional. There are very good dive shops in Taganga but if you keep looking for the cheapest you wont get good equipment, good people or good training and the chances of having an accident will increase. Good luck next time.
From Blog: Hola de Taganga!
2nd July 2010

you are hiliarious! I love your blog, trying to get my boyfriend to start one when he backpacks south america for six months in August. Do you use internet cafes or what?
2nd July 2010

Cartegena fun
Sounds like you are off to a great holiday! I asked Fez what to say and Fez sayz,(add accent here)" Tell her to have fun, she is in Columbia, no matter where she is, she is going to have fun." He has not been to Tayrona and does not know where is Taganga or ever heard of it before. Enjoy the hike and take lots of pictures. Thanks for inviting me to your blog... Can't wait for more!!! Fez and Steph
From Blog: Cartagena
7th June 2009

going to el salvador, nicaragua, honduras, gutaelmal
I am flying into san salvador in a few days. Is it safe to travel. What are budget travelers talking about in regards to safety? Some reports are good and others scary.
9th September 2007

Told ya to take that pepto bismol every day. Might have helped, might not.

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