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South America
May 20th 2010
Published: May 20th 2010
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The Planned Breakdown

Basically just a quick breakdown of where we are going.

Fly out of Heathrow on 8th June
Land in Quito same day, spending a couple of days there, then heading north to the small market town of Otavelo where we wont be able to buy souvenirs (sorry kids) but will be able to buy clothes etc that will stop us looking like tourists maybe even a drum to play alongside the harmonica.
Then on the sunday we fly out to the Galapagos islands to see lonesome george and all the brilliant animals and scenery, staying there for 5 days.
Then fly back to Quito probs stay here between 1-3 days depending on if we like it.
On the road again after that to Banos in the southern part of Ecuador probs by a long long bus or train ride, from now on there is no time restrictions on our travel if we love it we stay if we dont we move on.
Onto Cuenca then where we will catch the international bus across the border to Tombres, Peru, the next bit isnt planned at all just wanna travel down the coast of Peru at leisure soaking up the sun and culture.
LIMA will be next which I am abit apprehensive about because I have heard mixed reports but what the hell!
After Lima comes another big event in S America the city of CUZCO, cant wait to see this city everything i hear is positive think we will be here a while!
La Paz and this is where i need to find my nerve because Death Road is shouting me and I need to man up!
After La Paz comes the Bolivian salt flats which I am sceptical about because at the end of the day isnt it just flat land for miles (hopefully better than that)
Gunna have to hurry along now because alot of you will be getting bored, after the salt flats we are going to cross the border at Carumba, then its rio, sao paolo, iguazu falls, travel down argentina and fly out of buenos aires.

Next new zealand where we plan on doing the whole camper van thing which should be fun!
Basically gunna travell across both islands making sure at some point we stop by Nevis so I can bungee (again if i have the nerve).
And most importantly have to visit the shire while i am out there!
Then fly out of Christchurch to Sydney and connect to Melbourne where we start our working holiday, everything for here on is a mystery but I will keep you all posted dont worry! 😱


20th May 2010

Alright nobhead mate?!
Death road and the camper van buddy mate, jealous much!

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