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June 9th 2010
Published: June 19th 2010
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I´ll start by letting everyone know that we arrrived safely. The strangest thing happened on our 2nd flight we got given our dinner which was stuffed pasta and very nice if I must say but sat next to the pasta was a metal knife and fork WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT!! I had to take offmy shows at the airport get felt up by a 40 year old spanish man, got my bottle of diet coke took off me and then they go and give me a weapon. As I haven´t been in the news you know I didnt use this weapon but I was tempted. Anyway enough of that rant the flights were good nice food ok looking air hostesses and no crying babies. It felt more like a holiday arriving at the airport as Antonio (didnt know a word of english) was waiting for us with his board, although we didnt have to entail the fly ridden buses, full of benidorm destined tourists like the typical british holiday!

The first thing that you notice about Quito is the size of the city Antonio told us that its population is 2 million people but think that was an understatement.
LENGTH. Quito is all about length it sits in a long narrow valley, I suppose think of rolling up the radius of London into a sausage roll and stretching it and you have something that resembles Quito.
I couldnt say a bad word about the Secret Garden (our first hostel) it has a lovely atmosphere and very friendly people, met a guy from California called Tom he reckons USA are going to beat us, pfft Americans always talking crap.
On the first day we woke up had breakfast which was fruit salad, omelette, orange juice, bread butter and marmalade which wasn´t bad considering it was only $3 (about 2 quid ) plus tea, coffee and fresh water on tap. We had our breakfast and then went to an introduction to the city which was in the computer rooms, they just told us the usual; don´t go out at night in Quito alone, be careful with taxi drivers trying to scam you etc etc.

Then we decided we would do the old town today and the new town tomorrow. There is a massive church near our hostel so we went there first to get an idea from the top where in Old town to go next, don´t think the locals were happy when i struck the out of commissioned church bells but its all fun and games. Right I guess i´m rambling now so i´ll finish off we finished at the church and walked the city people watching and soaking up the culture, stopped and had some nachos and a plate of chips which were the only 2 things we knew on the menu (from the pictures). Now just sitting writing this entry while i´m waiting for ecuadorian night to start at the hostel, local food, beer and music doesnt get any better than this especially with this view to accompany it.

Muchos Love


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