La Quinta & Mbatovi- Paraguay

South America
June 29th 2009
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Jumpin Jack FlashJumpin Jack FlashJumpin Jack Flash

The guide who came with us said the horses didn´t have names- Who doesn´t name their HORSE? I name my PLANTS for cheesessake. So I named mine Jumpin Jack Flash, or Mind Head for short.
Hello again!

I am going to try and make this blog happen tonight, but I am uncertain if it will because the internet connection here is very sloooow. Anyway, we just got done with our long weekend of ¨rural tourism¨at the La Quinta farm set in the hills of Paraguay. As I suspected, it wasn´t so much rural as it was a resort, but no matter- We still had a good time.

Heres the skinny: The grounds are beautiful as well as the wilderness scenery. We chose the place because we were told it was the farm with the best food, and indeed the food didn´t dissapoint. We ate like kings 3 meals a day. (one novelty I was especially pleased with was the concept of dessert with EVERY meal, including breakfast! Oh yessss). All of the veggies came from their own garden, and everything else was extremely fresh and well seasoned. Can´t ask for more than that. That said, it was good that we had some books to read and a deck of cards, because other than short horsback rides and all the ping pong you can handle, there isn´t much to do. Which is kind of what we were looking for, so it was ok. Now, day one, walking through the grounds, we noticed that there was soft adult-contemporary wafting in the air... As if there were hidden speakers on a motion sensor, the music would start upon our entry into a given area- Even outside in the middle of the garden. I expected any minute to hear a robot voice saying ¨welcome to Mind Head.... welcome, to Mind Head¨. Since there wasn´t a great deal to do around there, this small joke turned into our grand theory about how the Hoteliers were really cultists using Enya to wear down our senses so that they could eventually turn us into clay pots that would adorn the grounds. (see picture of what we believe to be the last guest of Cabana D). Of course, none of this has been substantiated since we are in fact still human and NOT ceramic pots.

On Sunday, we went on an excursion outside of Mind H.., ahem, La Qunita, to Mbatovi Wildnerness preserve. There we took part in a 3 hour Eco adventure course. This involved hiking down into the forested creek bed, climbing across wire bridges through the tree canopy,
THIS was on my LEG!THIS was on my LEG!THIS was on my LEG!

Whilst in the La Quinta rec room, engaged in a fierce cribbage match, I Sandra, felt something crawly on my leg and looked down at THIS huge hairy thing situated halfway up my calf. I hyterically shooed it off and then took a picture of it in case I needed to show it to a doctor or something. (it didn´t bite me)
a zip line, and rapeling. It was pretty fun but nothing too challenging between you and me. I like my eco adventures scary and dangerous! This was very safe, and tame. Also affordable at about 20 bucks a pop (10 percent discount for staying at La Quinta).

We are now in Ciudad Del Este which sits on the border of 3 countries (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay) to explore Falls Iguacu.



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Rapeling Down CliffRapeling Down Cliff
Rapeling Down Cliff

Ok I admit, I was a teensy bit nervous at first.
SM on the Zip lineSM on the Zip line
SM on the Zip line

We are proud, he conquered his fear and flew 120 feet above the forest floor! Didn´t have much of a choice, but he did it :)

3rd July 2009

La Quinta
I'm so glad you guys made it Ok to Foz do Iguaçu without turning into that pot in the garden! ah ah. Scary spieder! Great ride in the zip line. Keep blogging, look forward to it every day. mom
1st August 2009

Good job flicking the spider away. He looks like he means business!

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