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July 6th 2009
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SM & Mr. EdSM & Mr. EdSM & Mr. Ed

Hes hungry, poor thing
Oi gente,

We made it to Brazil.. Actually about a week ago- And now we are happily relaxing at my grandmothers house in my birth city, Londrina (that means little London). Its not that little though, and not really like London either for that matter. I may be biased, but I personally love it here. My family is enormous, and in line with the Brazilian stereotype, they are all incredibly welcoming and generous. I am having a blast introducing Stephen to favorite foods from my childhood, and reminiscing about the past. I think we are going to chill here for a couple of weeks. No jobs = no hurry right??

Anyway, rewinding to a week ago, we finally got the chance to visit Foz Iguacu. We took a hotel organized tour to the Argentina side, but to my Brazilian familys good-humored disgust we did not have time to do the Brazil side also. Theres always next time. The falls were really and truly breathtaking. They for sure win my vote for a Natrual Wonder of the World. The walkways on the Argentina side allow you to get incredibly close, and with the right wind, soaked to the bone. While
Foz 1Foz 1Foz 1

The throat of the devil, aka, the drenching place
the tour was a bit pricey (especially compared to stuff we did in Bolivia and Paraguay) it was definitely worth it to have the knowledgable guide, and of course assistance crossing the border into Argentina. I will favorably mention our hotel in Foz (Hotel San Remo- 30 bucks a night for a double room) because it was affordable, comfortable, and able to efficiently coordinate the tour from the agency that lives in the lobby.

(as they say at my grandmas church) Graca e Paz,


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Toucans at FozToucans at Foz
Toucans at Foz

we thought this was cool because we had never seen one outside of a zoo or cereal box
Our guide for the Foz tourOur guide for the Foz tour
Our guide for the Foz tour

He picked up this enormous red ant and let it bite his skin to demonstrate how the natives improvise stitches on a cut. For lack of a needle and thread, they let ants latch on and break off the body, leaving a row of heads as sutures. cooool

View from grandmas window
Londrina 2Londrina 2
Londrina 2

Sm in front of grannys building
Me and my cousin NicoleMe and my cousin Nicole
Me and my cousin Nicole

My family took us to a June festival at the club
My uncle and his buddies at the Meat ClubMy uncle and his buddies at the Meat Club
My uncle and his buddies at the Meat Club

He and his friends established a charity organization that bbqs meat to sell- proceeds go to the poor.
Meat club Motto- men only!Meat club Motto- men only!
Meat club Motto- men only!

The sign says ladies allowed only if over 90 and accompanied by a parent.
Brazilian favoritesBrazilian favorites
Brazilian favorites

My favorite brazilian snack is coxinha- filled with shredded chicken and cream cheese. YUM. And SMs favorite beer, Bohemia.

6th July 2009

I'm soo glad that you guys decided to go to Brazil! How nice to spend time with all the family, not to mention all the yummy food! Love the toucans, how cool is that?! SF- how old were you when you left Londrina? Enjoy your time there!
7th July 2009

I was only 6 months old when we moved to the US, but since then I have been back several times to visit and to live there. My Portuguese is passable, but I have the vocabulary of maybe an 8 year old!
7th July 2009

Home again, home again!
Sandra: Please give your Grandma a hug from me - she looks very well and it was good to see you all. Your cousin Nicole looks like you at that age! Continue to have a great time! Love, the other Grams.
7th July 2009

Meat club?
Deixa eu traduzir. Clube da Costela: Rib Club. I had some kind of Australian pale ale with my kangaroo steak yesterday. It wasn't very good. It wasn't even close to Bohemia. And it was like stupidly warm, which Bohemia would never be allowed to be.
6th August 2009

ok, still really jealous! thinking of you two...hope you are having a wonderful trip! xoxo, preet

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