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April 28th 2007
Published: April 28th 2007
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Forwards and BackwardsForwards and BackwardsForwards and Backwards

The salt flats from Bertha´s side view mirror
(Note: I did have a massive detailed description of my time in Salta typed up but the internet in Tupiza is CRAP and I am stupid and lost it. Sorry its so short but I am too lazy to retype it)

I would definitely characterize my travel style the last few weeks in central Argentina as ¨city hopping¨and to be honest it left me a little travel-weary. But the city of Salta was a welcome change. The food was cheap (3 peso milanesas from Hugos sketchy street stand), the architecture was beautiful (even more impressive than Colonia to the south in my opinion) and a good place to see some of the stunning scenery in the north of Argentina (like Southwest USA on steroids).

I spent the first few days wandering around the lively markets, eating cheap cheap and good good food (1 peso for a slice of cake in the market), and doing the usualy people watching. Fortunately I ran into two friends who I met in Mendoza (Ness the Brit and Jeff the Canadian). I rented a car (about US $20 a day plus fuel) and we spent 2 days exploring some of the amazing landscapes
Painful shotPainful shotPainful shot

the salt flats are like concrete, but its was worth it
around Salta. It was gorgeous. Check out the pictures.

Day one was spent on a vomit-inducing but stunning drive from Salta to Pumamarca. We got a hostel in the tiny but incredibly touristy town and then drove to the Argentinian salt flats for sunset. Gorgeous. We ate amazing food in the little town, hit the sack, and then got up early to head out the next day.

On day 2 we drove south to Salta again, and then south on the road from Salta to Cafayate. If you ever get the chance to do this trip I HIGHLY recommend it. It was amazing, gorgeous, awe-inspiring, and every other word to describe something that visually takes your breath away.

I returned afterwards to Salta, saw both Jeff and Ness off, and then spent the day nursing a case of food poisoning. The next day I caught an early bus to the border of Bolivia.

Additional photos below
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Bertha on a bridge on the road from Salta to Cafayate

When we turned around to head back to Salta, this is what we saw. Stunning!

There were a lot of ¨Jesus Christs¨ on this trip. People have a fondness for large ones placed on hills here.

Lovely mountains on the road around Pumamarca.
Cactus and Crazy LandscapeCactus and Crazy Landscape
Cactus and Crazy Landscape

On the road from Salta to Pumamarca

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