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April 18th 2007
Published: April 18th 2007
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Just an update to let people know what I have been doing, since its been a while since my last blog.

To be honest, this is not my happiest blog because just as I say in the title, I feel like I have been spinning my wheels for quite a while here in Argentina. 3 weeks and 2 long busrides since my last blog and I can´t say I have much to report.

There have been some great things. My days in El Bolson were relaxing and chilled out. Mountain biking with two great girls I met in the hostel there, Leor and Yasmine, was the highlight for me because we spent the whole day laughing at our mistakes on the mountainbikes but ended the day with a spectacular ride down the road from the Indian Head rock (described accurately by Lonely Planet as looking more like a toothless hippie). I spent the rest of the time wandering the town, perusing the market, eating great food, learning to make friendship bracelets again, and lying in the sunshine. It was great weather and was a welcome break from trekking the weeks before.

Then there was the 30 hour busride to Bariloche. Not too bad, as I slept most of those hours, but long and exhausting. Day 1 in Bariloche was nice, I decided I would do a 5-day trek and I went to the store and purchased a few items I would need. The next day I was planning on biking around the lakes, and then I wanted to start the trek the day after.

Unfortunately summer sunshine suddenly turned to cold winter rains. Day 2 was spent inside the hostel (41 Below, I highly reccomend it) and mulling over what to do next, since the next 10 days were predicted to be rain. The hike was now out and Bariloche in the rain is pretty misearable as a place since the main attraction is the scenery around, which I could not see.

So I left the next day for San MArtin de Los Andes. The bus ride from Bariloche to San Martin via the 7 Lakes was spectacular, but I wish I had been able to see it without all the rain clouds hanging about. I spent 2 days in little San Martin before I realized it was just a smaller version of Bariloche. To be fair, the town is the most attractive of any town I saw in the Andes with nice wood architecture and the late summer roses were blooming in rose beds along the streets. It was very quaint and cute but the rain and sudden cold weather made the beautiful mountain surroundings difficult to enjoy.

So, I decide to move on once again, this time in a 20 hour bus ride to Mendoza. Wine country and warm weather here I come!

I did arrive, drink wine, and enjoy the weather, but then I realized that unless you are willing to shell out cash for a tour, or are an expert mountaineer willing to climb a volcano in the winter, there isn´t much in the way here of outdoor activities. I really wanted to meet some people who were trekking in the park, but the only guy I met was an american who already had someone tagging along with him (I stupidly did not bring a tent with me). I also met a Canadian but he didn´t seem to keen on trekking at high altitudes at this time of year.

So here I am in Mendoza after 5 days, and I can´t really say I have done much here. I am leaving tomorrow to spend 2 days in Cordoba, and then head north to Salta. Northern Argentina is very different from the south and hopefully this will be a welcome change of culture and scenery and I will get my enthusiasm back.

Till then! 😊

(sorry for the bad spelling, the spanish spell checker says all my words are wrong)


6th May 2007

crazy times
Glad to hear you are having fun. Sorry wine country was a bit of a bust. I've had a few of those experiences in Korea so far. It's hard to cut through the capitalism, but I guess it has its purpose. Hit me up with an email, let me know where you are at these days!
6th May 2007

Tori, you rock! All your travels are amazing. Good for you for having the courage to get up and go! How long are you in Argentina for?

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