Stranded in Chile

South America
August 6th 2004
Published: August 6th 2004
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Me and Amanda & Steve from ScotlandMe and Amanda & Steve from ScotlandMe and Amanda & Steve from Scotland

We sat here playing with the fire, drinking mate and setting off a few exotic fireworks that Steve had for about half the day before we finally flagged down a lift to Chaiten
Well what a day! This morning I crossed over to this little nothing town in
Chile called Futelafu thinking that there was a bus service to the town where the ferry
sails from to the Island called Chiloé... "oh no thats only in the summer" they
tell me on arrival - I'm going to have to hone my research skills
somewhat before making excursions like this in the future. and what made
it worse was that I'd already talked a Scottish couple into coming with
me so we were all kind of stuck in this little town in the middle of
nowhere, with nowhere to stay, no local currancy and no bank. Worked out
sweet though - after half a day making fires and eating a small block
of cheese and some biscuits I had
we managed to flag down a local guy with a ute and with a bit of
financial persuasion(a bit hard with Argentinian pesos when you're in
Chile) conned him into driving us the three hours to Chaiten from where
we can catch the boat to Chiloe. It was a beautiful drive, and we
arraived to a magnificent Chilean sunset and he dropped us off at a
hostel so we're happy. And we should be able to catch the 9:00 sailing to Chiloé tomorrow morning too so it's all good.

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A lake on the way to ChaitenA lake on the way to Chaiten
A lake on the way to Chaiten

The whole drive was really nice and this is just one of the many sweet views we got along the way

13th August 2004

A little hi from sweden..
Wow! It's beautiful in chile!!Sounds like your having the time of your life?! Me myself is right now working for two weeks with...hmm what do you call it...We take care of all the garden stuff where people live, not outside their houses but on the places that are everybody have access planting gras and cutting down small trees...Hopefully You understand what I mean =) It's a hard work so I have all this pain after working for somedays. But today is friday so I'm looking forward to a long weekend! I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do after these two weeks..but I'v been thinking of mayby go to Island or Norway to earn some money. I know a girl that have been in contact with a job in Island so mayby I can get something through her. Probably a shit job but You can earn some good money over there. I hope that everything is good with you and that you enjoy all the traveling!!Take care!Love/Amalia

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