Photos from Canaima National Park, Guayana, Venezuela, South America

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Walking Under a Waterfall
First Waterfall
mini-IMG 6485
mini-IMG 6480
Boat trip to Angel Falls
Salto Sapo
On our way to the falls back in Canaima...5 waterfalls and the biggest one has a path behind it so we can walk right behind/under it!
This time we got to swim at the base of the falls...see us...look to the left of the waterfall for the itty bitty people!
Full of tourists hungry to get that shot of the top without the clouds...hurry the sun just came out and the clouds moved out of the way...get the shot!
Angel Falls
Photo 4
Que Bonita!
Angel Falls
parked on the rocks
the gang
The Angel Falls
Salto Sapo
Salto Sapo
View from the plane
View from the plane
View from the plane
The Angel Falls
Whizzing towards the falls on the first day
Street in Cuidad Bolivar
Devils Canyon
Top of Tepui
Dad, Sis and I at lunch stop
jasper falls
at angel falls
Canaima Lagoon
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